Now Available: Forbidden Cravings

Forbidden CravingsPublisher: Ai Press
Genre: M/M; Gay Romance; Twins
Series: White Tigers – Prequel
Series Order
Length: Novel (Word count: 51925)
eISBN: 978-1-937796-35-8
ISBN-10: 1937796590
ISBN-13: 978-1937796594
Cover art: Les Byerley

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Some cravings will not be denied, no matter how taboo…

Due to popular demand, Mod and Tatou, the hot identical twins who are an integral part of the White Tigers series finally have their own story told. On the surface, they’re mischievous and funny, good friends and a comfort to their fellow White Tigers when they go through life’s trials and pains. But there is more to these two underneath their gorgeous exteriors. They had their own path to the White Tiger, a path fraught with difficulty, self-criticism, challenges and struggles. After all, they couldn’t be in love with each other, want no other in every way possible and not feel conflicted right? So when the opportunity arose to practice the spiritually erotic path of the White Tiger in Tokyo, a place where they hoped to “cure” themselves of their problem, they jumped on it.

However, as they both learned, the heart loves who it loves and they will be faced with the ultimate decision: give the heart what it wants or face the possibility of an unfulfilled yet “normal” life where they are acceptable? Now that they’ve had a taste of heaven, they might just not be able to give it up!

**Content warning: If “twincest” makes you uncomfortable, don’t read this book.