What should readers know about your books before they buy them?
I write in both the m/m (man on man) and m/f (man on woman) genres. The most important thing I try to convey in the sexuality is a combination of tenderness and heat. I want my books to arouse but also be fulfilling for the heart.

Are any of your books interrelated and do I have to read them in order?
All of my vampire books are interrelated. They each stand alone and don’t really have to be read in order with maybe the exception of Darelle’s Trinity and Valmont’s Trinity, which picks up where DT leaves off. However, for readers who prefer either genre without the other, no problem reading them alone.

Do your books have a HEA (Happily-Ever-After)?
ALWAYS! Life has so much suffering in it already that I want my stories to work out.

What are your heroes and heroines like?
Each one is different in terms of personality, likes and dislikes, etc. However, the one common thread is that they’re loving, sensitive, loyal, the women are caring and passionate and the men are HOT!!!!

What do you hope readers take with them after reading one of your books?
Well, aside from having felt like they got a good read, I want them to feel good about romance and the possibilities between people who love each other.

What do you hope they will understand about romantic fiction and/or about you?
I hope that people will understand the romantic fiction can be about the joining of body and spirit, that sex and pleasure between people who love each other is one of the most wonderful experiences ever! As far as understanding about me, I guess if what I said before comes through in my writing, readers will know that I feel that way.

When’s your next book coming out?
Dec. 06 – The Bite Before Christmas anthology (Loose Id) with Laura Baumbach and Kit Tunstall; Jan. 07 – Tao of Love III: Kiss of the Twin Werewolves (Loose Id); Feb. 07 – Print: His Beautiful Samurai (Torquere Press); later in 07: Darelle’s Trinity (Ellora’s Cave)

You’ve also penned stories as Vivian Hart. Are these books still available? Well, Heart of a Sorceress (Liquid Silver Books) was originally written as Vivian Hart, but my alter-ego is retired so she had me put Sedonia’s name on the cover. The same with The Completeness of Celia Flynn (Loose Id) and The Lion’s Lover (Loose Id).

When will be the next book in your Tao of Love series released?
Tao of Love III: Kiss of the Twin Werewolves (Loose Id) is coming out in Jan. 07.

How many books have you planned for your Tao of Love Series?
So far four in total. TOL IV: Ace in the Hole, is in progress and will be m/m with a sexy Tibetan vampire, Tenzin Gayatsu (whose name comes up in all my vamp book) and a kick-ass immortal heroine, Lily Tan who resists Tenzin for a long time, but even she finally succumbs to his sensual skills!

What’s the Tao of Love series about?
The Tao of Love series is an interconnected yet stand alone series of books that explores the relationships between sensuality and spirit, each in its own unique way. I was very inspired by erotic romance author, Jade Lee’s Tigress series (Dorchester) in which she incorporates the practice of the sexual Tao and of the White Tigress/Jade Dragon with the development of a romantic relationship. When I read her books, I felt a connection to those elements since I am an avid reader of Lao Tzu, the ancient Chinese philosopher who originated the writings of the Tao.

What’s the Heart of a Vampire Series about?
The Heart of a Vampire series centers on Darelle Mimieux, the priestess of the Coeurs-Eternels sect of vampires, and Valmont Lascaux, the world’s oldest vampire who sires her. Both books are ménage stories and are some of the hottest writing I’ve done in terms of getting into scenarios of man on man ménage, voyeurism and scenes of orgies.

How many books have you planned for your Heart of a Vampire series?
So far just these two books. However, like I explained, all my vampire stories are interconnected so if you like the characters in the Heart of a Vampire series, you can find related characters in other stories. I enjoy the world that I built in these books, which also include immortals and werewolves, and so I’ve kept the stories in that same world where the characters sometimes meet up.



Where do you get your ideas?
I get my ideas from several influences. The inspiration I get from the man in my life whom I love so much and is a sexy hero to me. And then the story lines come from things that interest me like samurai films, kung fu films, scenarios that I draw from everyday life where I ask myself. “What if this happened?” Like seeing a waitress working in a diner and wondering, what if she were working late at night on Christmas eve…etc. hence A Werewolf for Christmas. I also lived on the rocky coast of Maine for several years where there are many interesting people and beautiful landscapes. That setting inspired many of my stories as well.

How many books do you usually write a year?
I would say that I average about five a year. I’m very fortunate to have a found of storylines bubbling up in my mind that keep my fingers flying over my keyboard.

What do you like most about being a writer?
Several things. I love being able to work at home and do something that I truly love. I love to write and I LOVE writing erotic romances.

How much research do you do and how do you do it?
The amount of research I do truly depends on the story. For example, my Beautiful Samurai series at Torquere has required extensive research because I’ve had to learn about samurai and samurai culture as well as the culture and setting of modern day Tokyo. For other books where I’m in a more familiar setting or in paranormals where I make the rules, there is little to no research needed. Mostly I use books and the Internet to find the information I need.

In which genres do you write? Do you consider writing in other genres, too?
I write in ménage (mmf), paranormal (including vamps and weres), contemporary (m/m and m/f), multi-cultural and a bit of fantasy. Of course, most of these genres overlap in my books.

Are you a Romance author or an Erotic Romance author?
Definitely and EROTIC romance author. It seems to be my nature to want to write much more sex and more explicit sex than the traditional romance. I also prefer using direct language like cock and balls rather than secret nest, male hardness, etc.

Why do you write as a woman Gay Romance?
Well, first, I find the idea of two hot guys being together incredibly erotic. I love describing the male physique and imagining the scenarios in my books, so that when it’s two men together, I just have a great time writing. The other aspect, and more serious, I’d say, is that writing m/m romance has been a healing experience for me emotionally. I grew up with a gay father and his leaving the family to be with a man was a trauma. It took me a long time to understand that it wasn’t homosexuality that had hurt me but my parents’ not being able to work things out that hurt me. Feeling free to explore fantasies about man on man has been healing and liberating for that very reason and now, I just am hooked!

Does reader’s feedback help you with your writing?
Is feedback something that is very important to you? When I receive praise from a reader, I float! It’s always a joy and inspiration to hear from a reader that they enjoy my books and that they’re a fan of my writing. Feedback is important in the sense that it’s an occasional inspiration, but it’s not important in that it doesn’t decide whether I’ll continue writing or not. I LOVE to write and there seem to be people who’ll enjoy the stories I tell. If my work is not to someone’s taste, I totally don’t take it personally. It’s just not for them. There’s a seat for every ass in this world. Lol!

Any advice to aspiring writers?
Yes. First and most important: write the things you love to write about. Don’t force yourself to write about things because you want to please an audience. Nothing kills inspiration faster than trying to please at the expense of what’s true in your heart. Second, for a writer who wishes to get published, the first point still counts and then it’s crucial not to give up and take rejection letter personally. If there are constructive elements to the rejections that can help to improve your writing, take them to heart, but otherwise, keep plugging away and perfecting your craft. A good critique partner is invaluable – someone who will be honest with you about your writing but not brutal and who will encourage you all the time.



How did you get started? How did you become a writer?
I’ve always had the impulse to write fiction, even when I was a small kid. I started to pen my first romance novel when I was sixteen and creative writing was my favorite class. I just didn’t have the confidence and discipline to site and really work on my writing until I got into my present relationship over eleven years ago.

What made you choose romance as your genre?
I didn’t choose it. It chose me!

What was your first story being published?
My first erotic romance published was The Maiden’s Voyage at eXtasy Books back in May 2004. That was one of the most exciting moments for me, seeing my work up there in lights!



Who is Sedonia Guillone?
Sedonia Guillone is my sensuous alter-ego who loves to spin naughty delicious love stories.

What kinds of books do you read and who are your favorites?
I read erotic romance and mystery. I love Sherlock Holmes as well as the new series by Laurie R. King in which Sherlock Holmes meets the young Mary Russell – they fall in love, marry and solve mysteries together. I love them! I also enjoy the mystery series by Eliot Pattison whose stories takes place in China and Tibet. The detective Shan Tao Yun he created has been an inspiring element in some of my stories. I enjoy the erotic romances of Jade Lee, the wetern romances of Maggie Osborne and the romantic suspense of Karen Robards very much. In the literary genre, I love William Barrett, Mary Renault and Saul Bellow.

What do you do when you aren’t writing?
I cook, read, watch martial arts films (especially Jet Li) and samurai film by Akira Kuriosawa, especially Seven Samurai which I ADORE!!!