The Type of Love that Lasts

A Contemporary Short Story

“Oh darn!” Marni exclaimed when she flipped the switch to the garbage disposal and nothing happened. She turned to her twelve-year-old daughter, Jenny who sat at the breakfast table, picking at her waffle. “The disposal’s busted, Jen,” she said.

Jenny looked up from her mangled breakfast and shrugged. “Call Dad. He fixes everything.”

Marni nodded as she turned to pull out the eggshells she’d just thrown in to put them in the wastebasket. Her body had tensed at Jenny’s mention of Tim, and a pulsing started between her legs as she remembered what happened last time he’d had come to do work in the house.

She looked over at Jenny who had just finished her cereal and was getting up from the table. Jenny handed her the plate with its syrupy remains. “Did you take your typewriter off the coffee table like I asked?”

“No, Mom. I forgot. I’ll do it when I get home.”

Marni sighed. “All right. You know Dad and I will get you a computer if you want.”

“No thanks, Mom. I like my ancient typewriter.”

“Ancient! I used that typewriter when I was your age. I’m not that old!”

“You’re from the 80s, Mom. You’re old.”

Marni chuckled, grateful for an intelligent, witty daughter who did not give in to technological advancement. “Do you have your ballet slippers with you?”

“Miss Jones is sick, remember? I’m coming home on the bus.”

Marni smiled and shook her head. “Sorry, sweetie,” she answered. “I keep forgetting.” She leaned over and kissed her daughter on the cheek. “Have a good day, okay?”

“You too, Mom.” Jenny picked up her backpack. She headed toward the door. “And please don’t fight with Dad like you guys always do.”

Marni gave her daughter a sympathetic look. “I’ll try. You know it has nothing to do with you, don’t you? We just don’t get along.”

Jenny looked down. “Yeah. Bye.”

“I love you,” Marni called just before she disappeared out the door. Marni turned and rubbed her eyes briefly before she began to wash the breakfast things. She felt sad for her daughter who kept hoping her parents would get back together. Truthfully, she and Tim wanted to. They’d been high school sweethearts who’d never imagined anyone else for each other.

But something had happened. Maybe the pressure of Tim’s plumbing business. They’d begun fighting. They’d gone from best friends to oil and water in less than a year.

There was one area of life, however, where they were always compatible. They were each other’s type. Marni loved Tim’s muscular body and Tim loved Marni’s abundant breasts. In spite of herself, Marni smiled. Her body heated as she remembered when Tim had come over to show Marni how to drain the hot water heater. Tim had always been brawny and good-looking and was wearing a plain white t-shirt and jeans. He knew she always loved him in those simple things and before they knew it, Marni had gone onto her knees, unzipping his jeans, releasing his swollen veined shaft. He moaned as she rubbed his erection between her generous tits. Then, right there in the laundry room, he’d lifted Marni onto the washing machine, lifted up her skirt and yanked down her panties to feast on her dripping pink musk, first with his tongue and then with his cock.

Marni finished washing their breakfast things and went right for the phone.

Tim pulled into the driveway of their craftsman’s cottage around two o’clock. Marni heard the engine from upstairs and went down to the front door. She opened it and caught her breath. Every time she saw Tim, from when they were sixteen, she felt as if the Fates were smiling on her. She merely had to gaze on Tim’s broad shoulders, muscular chest and arms, and her body ripened, stirring and moistening in secret places. Marni tried not to stare, but she always had. Tim had deliciously soft-looking brown hair, short around the sides, a little longer on top, with great sideburns.

And he’d worn his t-shirt and jeans. The devil!

The appreciation was mutual, Marni could see, by the way Tim grinned back at her, his green eyes raking over her blond hair and ample breasts whose soft white flesh spilled out the armholes of her tank top. Tim even always liked her hips and thighs, which she, herself, felt were a bit too generous. “Good day, Ma’am,” he said. “You got a sink that needs fixing?”

Marni stood aside to let him in. “Yes,” she said, playing along. “This way.” She closed the front door behind them and led Tim to the kitchen. She gestured to the sink. “It was working fine until this morning,” she told him. “Then it just went dead.”

“That happens.” He put a large hand down the disposal.

Marni watched the muscles in his arm flex as he fished around inside the sink. Guiltily she felt her nipples tightening against her tank top and the pulsing quicken between her legs. She struggled not to let his effect on her show as she leaned casually against the counter.

“Nothing wrong in here,” he muttered, concentrating all his attention on his work. He withdrew his hand. “Let’s have a look underneath. He opened the cabinet doors and knelt down.

Marni peered over his kneeling frame, enjoying the view of his back muscles straining against his t-shirt.

Tim reached underneath the sink, examining all the connection hoses from the sink to the disposal unit. He put his finger under the unit itself, looking up at her with a lopsided grin. “Did you try the reset button?” he asked.

Marni slapped her palm to her forehead and rolled her eyes. “Oh geez!” she exclaimed. “I can’t believe it! I completely forgot!”

Tim chuckled and stood up, turning on the faucet and then the switch to the garbage disposal. The motor churned and hummed perfectly. “Voila,” he said, flipping off the switch and the faucet.

“Tim. I’m sorry I had you come out here for nothing.”

Tim leaned back casually against the counter. He looked at her, studying her again as he’d done at the front door. His gaze came to rest on the cleavage of her ample breasts, clearly visible above the neckline of her top. “I don’t know if it was for nothing,” he said, his voice noticeably huskier than before.

Marni knew her hardened nipples were beginning to poke mercilessly through the thin material of her shirt, but she did nothing to try and hide them as his gaze raked over her. The pulsing between her thighs had accelerated into throbbing. No doubt her cream was gathering in her pussy, which, she could feel, was swelling with need against the crotch of her panties. She began to feel a bit dizzy from the rush of blood through her body, a headiness like wine that made her reckless and bold. “Can I get you something?” she offered. “I was about to make some coffee.”

Tim tilted his head and grinned at her. “All right,” he answered. He leaned against the counter, watching Marni as she took out the filters and put one in the basket of the coffeemaker.

Marni took the carafe to the sink, brushing against Tim as she leaned over to turn the faucet and fill it. He didn’t move away and Marni heard him catch his breath as the side of her large soft breast touched his arm. She poured the water into the machine and replaced the carafe, aware of Tim’s presence close by.

As she pushed the button to start the brewing, Tim was suddenly behind her, gently but firmly pressing the length of his body against hers. Marni sucked in her breath, her eyes fluttering closed as he rubbed his groin against her buttocks and slid his hands around to cup her breasts in his large palms. She leaned her head back against his chest, breathing heavily as he squeezed her breasts, brushing his thumbs over her already taut nipples. She could barely suppress a load moan when he began pressing whispery, moist kisses on the side of her neck. “When does your husband get home?” he murmured against her soft skin.

“He’s here now,” Marni whispered, her body rapidly melting under his touch and kisses. His breath was sensuously warm on her neck and Marni could smell his aftershave, a spicy, earthy scent she happened to love.

“Oh yeah? Where?” Tim reached his left hand down Marni’s stomach to the button of her shorts. He undid them and slid his hand downward, into her panties. His fingertips grazed the curls of her mound before seeking the warm moistness of the pink cleft between her thighs. Marni let out a small moan when he pressed lightly down on her sweet spot and began to rub it in slow, sensuous circles. His right hand still cupped her breast, kneading the large pink tip between his thumb and forefinger. Marni let out soft cries of pleasure, gripping the edge of the countertop for balance.

“You’re so wet,” Tim whispered huskily in her ear. “Your husband must not be taking proper care of you.”

Marni leaned back against him. He was rubbing his erection against her buttocks while he played with her. “We’re separated,” she whispered back. “I don’t see him much.”

Tim nibbled Marni’s earlobe. “Maybe you should get back together.”

“I’d like that. But we fight so much.” Marni suppressed a moan.

“So you fight. Making up can be sweet.”

Marni moaned. “You’re right. I’ll get back together with him.”

“You’ll make him a happy man. Now let’s go where I can lay you back,” he said. “I want to eat you.”

Marni caught her breath at his words. “All right,” she said raggedly. Tim let go of her so she could lead him out of the kitchen, through the dining room, into the den. The sofa there was wide and cushiony, but Jenny’s typewriter sat on the cushion. “I told her to move it,” she whispered.

Tim grinned as he put his hands on her shoulders and gently pushed her down onto the cushions next to the typewriter. “We have plenty of room.” he said. He reached for Marni’s shorts and pulled down the zipper.

Marni lifted her bottom and slid off her shorts and panties at once, spreading her legs wide under Tim’s hungry gaze. Her tawny bush of curls was now saturated with her cream and her pussy was throbbing and swollen with need.

Without hesitation, Tim put his hands under Marni’s buttocks, lifting her pelvis upward, and then buried his face into her wet heat, licking and suckling the slick pinkness with great enjoyment.

Marni moaned from the intensity of Tim’s warm tongue on her clit and she reached back to unhook her bra, freeing her heavy breasts so she could play with her nipples while he ate her. The concentration of pleasure was blissful, and Marni felt a climax beginning to build under Tim’s mouth. Bit by bit, the coming release mounted, and when Tim gathered her desire between his lips and sucked it harder, Marni’s sex exploded with an orgasm, deep, delicious tremors that shook her, causing her to moan loudly.

Tim expertly licked the musky pinkness until the last shiver passed through her and Marni’s body went limp with satisfaction.

Marni lay back, her breasts heaving from the intensity. She looked through heavy lids at Tim who was grinning up at her, his chin glistening with her cream as he unbuckled his jeans and slid them down. At the sight of his swollen, veined erection, Marni felt her desire stir again, and eagerly opened her legs to accept him between them. She pulled his t-shirt off so she could run her hands over the muscles of his back and chest as he slid easily into her wetness.

Tim kissed her, exploring her mouth deeply with his tongue as he humped her in long, slow thrusts. He gathered her breasts in his large hands, squeezing them together, grinning with pleasure at how the delicious orbs of flesh filled his palms. “You have the most beautiful tits,” he said huskily as he continued to thrust and grind against her.

“Thank you,” Marni breathed.

Tim lowered his face to her large, dusky pink nipples and closed his mouth over one, sucking it to tautness again before doing the same to the other.

The pleasure of his mouth on her nipples sent a jolt of heat through Marni, right down into her sweet spot and she felt another orgasm begin to build. His cock filled her deliciously, rubbing in all the right places.

“Your husband must love these tits,” Tim breathed between licks.

Marni moaned. “He does,” she whispered, arching her back to push her breasts harder against Tim’s mouth. She felt her climax gathering more rapidly with each passing moment as all the pleasure concentrated on her nipples and in her pussy heightened to an overwhelming pitch. She opened her legs as wide as possible as Tim ground against the tightness. Before she knew it, the muscle contracted, sending delicious waves through her womb and she moaned loudly. She could hear her cries of pleasure echo through the house.

When she was able to open her eyes, she looked up at Tim. He was grinning at her, his face glowing with perspiration. His green eyes reflected his thorough enjoyment of Marni’s lush body, and her the feel of his cock inside her. “You’re a goddess,” he whispered.”

Her skin was all pink and flushed and her large breasts shook with each of his upward thrusts. He groaned when she smiled back at him and gripped his buttocks with tight fingers, pulling him as deeply into her as she could, tightening her pussy around his cock. She squeezed and bucked her hips in rhythm with his thrusting. He knew he wouldn’t last much longer if she kept doing that, which she did, massaging his hard length with her wet sheath.

Marni saw by the contortions of Tim’s features and the sudden tightening of his jaw that he was about to come and pulled on him as tightly as she could. In seconds, he gave a load moan and pulled out of her, stroking himself as he came. Marni watched with pleasure the milky white fluid pulse out and spill onto her stomach, reveling in the incredibly erotic sight until Tim’s seed had all drained out. Then she smiled and lay back languidly as Tim collapsed beside her, breathing heavily.

“That was great,” he said between breaths. He turned over and put a large hand on one of her breasts, fondling it lazily.

Marni turned and smiled at him. She, too, was breathing heavily. “I love you.” she said.

Tim kissed her. “I love you, Marn. Please don’t wait until something breaks again.”

Marni reached over and touched his cheek. “Don’t worry,” she said. “If it does, you’ll already be here to fix it.”

Tim laughed and rested his face against the creamy soft flesh of Marni’s breast. There, on the sofa, they rested while their breathing returned to normal.

Soon the clock on the mantle of the fireplace struck three and Marni thought about how she had another hour and a half before Jenny got home. Just then, she heard the back door in the kitchen open. “Hello?” Jenny called out.

Marni sat bolt upright. “Oh no!” she cried, scrambling for her clothes. “It’s Jenny! I forgot she was coming home early today!” Marni grabbed her tank top and slipped it on, then fumbled with her shorts, buttoning them with trembling fingers. There wasn’t time to put on her bra so she shoved it between the sofa cushions just as she heard Jenny come out of the kitchen. There was no time to get Tim out of the house before Jenny found them. She glanced at Tim who had gotten himself dressed and looked at her. “Just be calm,” he told Marni.

Jenny appeared at the door to the den with an apple in one hand and several cookies in the other. She was looking at the two disheveled people on the sofa. She smiled. “Hi, Daddy!” she said. “I knew you were coming to fix the sink. You and Mom haven’t been fighting, have you?”

Tim laughed. “Hi, sweetie,” he said. “Your mom was just… showing me your typewriter.”

Jenny frowned as she took in the sight of their flushed faces and disheveled clothing. “That’s gross,” she said. Then she shrugged and took a bite of her apple. “I have homework,” she said with a mouthful of apple.

“Okay, sweetie,” Marni answered. “I’ll call you when supper’s ready.”

Jenny nodded and turned away. Marni and Tim could hear her bounding up the stairs to her room. Then they looked at each other and laughed, falling into an embrace.

“If typewriters could talk.” Tim said.

Marni laughed and reached out to stroke her husband’s hair. “This one would have a lot to say. It’s been around since the beginning of us.”

Tim put his arm around Marni’s shoulders and leaned in to nuzzle her golden hair.