A Captain for Evangeline (Part Two)

A Historical Short Story
Menage a Trois (M/F/M)

I knew by the mischievous gleam in my husband’s eye that he had special plans for me this evening. Although he sat placidly in his chair by the fire, sipping his after dinner port, his demeanor communicated to me that he would reveal his intentions before long.

As for me, I sat across from him on the settee, quietly attending to my needlework, my own calm exterior belying the sensual pulsing that had already sprang up in my loins. The firelight glinted on my husband’s raven hair, offsetting the strong planes of his cheeks and jaw. I had only to think of the raw male power coiled beneath his white shirt and black dinner jacket and trousers, to experience a frisson of pure raw lust. The erotic sensation radiated upward, into my belly, stirring the deep, wild longing that Lucius Bramwell had stirred in me from the moment we’d met two years ago on his clipper ship.

“Samuel,” Lucius addressed our dinner companion and my husband’s long time friend from Oxford, “I’m so sorry to be losing you to the New World. You are my oldest and dearest friend.”

Samuel Worthing, a handsome man in his own right, bowed his head of chestnut hair. “I feel the same, Lucius, but there are railroads to be built and civilizations to raise from the dust.”

“When does your ship leave, Mr. Worthing?” I asked, making an effort to engage in polite conversation. Meanwhile my nipples tingled and pushed against my corset. I sensed Lucius’ mind churning, thinking up the next erotic task he would have me perform for him. He had made it one of his life’s works to unleash the full power of my sexuality and knew the exact ways to do so. His dedication fueled the already burning passion between us.

Mr. Worthing sighed. “In two days’ time, I’m afraid.”

I nodded, not looking up from my stitchery. “That is quite soon, I agree.”

“Which leads me to something I’ve been considering, my dear.” Lucius’ voice held meaning and conveyed to me his disreputable intentions without words. Once again, I sensed that my beloved husband had considered my deepest needs and fantasies and was preparing to draw them out of me.

I looked up at him, captured by the devilish gleam the firelight cast in his chocolate-hued eyes. “Yes, my lord?” I asked softly, setting down my needlework. My heart pumped madly in my chest, waiting for his next words.

A grin curved his sculpted lips and he leaned forward in his chair, casually holding his port glass. “I have thought up a going away gift for our friend, one that will send him off to the New World in a most memorable way.”

The tenor of his voice sent a thrill shooting right up the slit of my sex and I immediately felt the dew of arousal collect and seep into my drawers. I cast a quick glance at Mr. Worthing who had sat up straight in his chair, intrigue deepening the azure hue of his eyes. “And what is that, husband?”

Lucius looked right at me, his dark eyes glinting like I imagined the fires of hell would glint. “You, dearest.”

My cheeks infused with heat and my breasts surged as if Lucius held an invisible chain to them, which he yanked to send shards of heat through them. My nipples hardened without even needing his touch.

“Lucius, you can’t be serious.” Disbelief mired Samuel’s voice.

Lucius looked at him, his grin widening. “Ah, but I am completely serious. My dear Evangeline would love to bring you to the heights of pleasure before you take your leave of us forever.” He turned to me. “Wouldn’t you?”

I nodded. “Yes, my lord,” I breathed in a voice thickened by desire.

Lucius rose from his chair and stood over me, winding his fingers into my hair. “That’s a good girl. My Evangeline will do anything I ask of her.” His large fingers worked the pins out of my hair, letting the tresses tumble about my shoulders. He proceeded to trail his touch across my cheek and over my lips. Whenever he did this, my reflex was to take one of his fingers into my mouth and suckle it madly. In spite of Samuel’s astonished presence, I did precisely this, unable to contain my arousal. I murmured in satisfaction as Lucius’ finger pulsed against my tongue, rousing my hunger for his erect shaft to do the same between my legs.

“Isn’t she beautiful, Samuel?” Lucius crooned like Satan tempting an angel.

I felt Samuel staring at me and cut my eyes at him sensuously. Once again, Lucius had unleashed the wild, lustful bitch lurking in my soul.

“Yes, Lucius, she is.” Samuel’s voice had fallen to a husky tenor, trembling with desire.

“And she will do anything for you, even on her hands and knees.”

Samuel’s breath caught loudly and I saw him go visibly weak.

Lucius pulled his finger from my mouth and bid me to stand. “Undress for us, darling,” he said, his voice silky with promise, yet firm, in control.

“Yes, my lord.” I lifted my hair and turned my back so that he could undo the long row of buttons on the back of my dress.

When he’d finished, he let the garment fall to a taffeta pool around my legs. Without hesitation, he pulled the laces of my corset, letting it fell away so that my breasts, swollen and aching to be licked and suckled and handled by two pairs of hungry male hands could tumble free.

Lucius then returned to his chair and sat, along with Samuel, watching me divest my body of camisole, drawers and stockings until I stood completely naked before them.

Their gazes raked over me, passing over my breasts, the rosy tips hard with longing, down my stomach to my mound of curls. Between my thighs, my sex ached and pulsed with the driving need to be filled.

“Come here, Evangeline,” Lucius commanded.

I did as he asked and was rewarded with his strong hand smoothing, palm down, across my breasts and belly and then, my buttocks, squeezing the orbs of pale flesh with unconcealed lust. He reached down and spread open the fleshy lips of my sex, slipping two large fingertips between the slick folds. At the intimate contact, his face darkened with hunger. “Ah, Evangeline.” He turned his head slightly in the direction of his friend who now sat enthralled by the sight before him. “My wife’s cunt is like a silk glove, soft and slippery and always ready to be filled.” He sheathed his index and middle fingers deep inside me, pulsing them in and out until I moaned, supporting my weight with a hand on his shoulder.

He pulled his fingers out, coated with my musk and rubbed them on my nipples, shooting waves of pleasure through the already hardened peaks. He closed one large hand around my breast, squeezing it firmly. “Now, Evangeline, let our guest have a taste of your delicious gifts.”

My chest heaved with the labored breathing of arousal and my lids were heavy over my eyes. “Yes, my lord,” I breathed.

Lucius released me and I stepped over to Samuel’s chair, kneeling down before him.

He looked at me wide-eyed, his face flushed with desire.

I picked up his hand and placed it over one of my breasts, pressing his palm down on it, moving his touch in a tight circle. “Touch me,” I whispered. I closed his fingers more tightly around the swell of flesh before lifting my hand away.

Hungrily he groped at my breast, squeezing it and, growing bolder, taking my rosy nipple between his thumb and forefinger. The devil seemed to take him in that moment for a lustful gleam stole into his eyes and he pinched down harder on my nipple, looking into my face for a reaction.

I obliged him by moaning. The mingling of pain and pleasure drove the moisture to seep from my sex and I tilted my head back, my eyes fluttering closed.

Samuel reached out and did the same to my other nipple, now clamping both of them in his strong grip, showing me that he was, indeed a kindred spirit with my husband in the way he possessed a woman.

“More, Evangeline,” Lucius ordered from his chair.

Obligingly, I reached for Samuel’s trousers, undoing the buttons and pulling them open.

He lifted his hips for me so that I could slide them down to his knees and then do the same with his drawers, freeing his large erection.

His cock sprang forth from its thick nest of hair, a member as commandingly thick and veined under satiny skin as my husband’s. My mouth watered at the sight and I leaned over, capturing his engorgement in my eager mouth.

Never am I happier than when inhaling the musky scent of man and tasting him as he fills my mouth or sex. I slid my wet mouth up and down over his cock in a rhythmic motion, my sex pulsing madly and my spirit soaring.

Samuel wove his fingers into my mass of curls, pulling my face more firmly against his cock. The ridge of its head grazed against my tongue in the most delicious feast and I reached underneath the shaft to the heavy sac, covered in crisp hair, running my fingertips over the firmness. He moaned loudly, bucking his groin against my motions.

As I suckled him in a frenzy, I felt another pair of hands grasp my hips. The touch was commanding and hungry, yet I knew it so well.

Lucius had removed his own clothing while watching me pleasure his friend with my mouth and knelt behind me, poking the head of his rock hard erection into my now drenched sheath. He rammed into me with the most satisfying thrust, sheathing himself inside me until our bodies bumped together. His hands closed around my breasts, squeezing and kneading the nipples madly while he drove in and out of me from behind.

His hot mouth pressed fervent dewy kisses on the back of my neck, alternately laving the tender skin and nipping it like a rutting beast. With his left hand, he reached down between my legs, finding the hard nubbin of my desire and rubbing it lightly yet vigorously.

My mind and body swirled with the sensations of a man’s cock filling my mouth while another man’s filled my sex. Lucius’ fingers on my clitoris only increased the tidal wave of pleasure. The tiny ring of muscles in my sex gathered heat and clenched suddenly, the world exploding in a blinding fury of sparks.

Droplets of Samuel’s seed had begun to leak from the tip and I gobbled them up as my orgasm shuddered through me.

I intended to bring Samuel to completion with my lips and tongue, but Lucius pulled me away and laid me on my back on the rug. “Spread your legs, Evangeline. Let Samuel gaze on your glistening, swollen cunt.”

I did as he said and Lucius whispered his hand over my stomach, looking at his friend whose chest heaved and whose erection still sprang straight up, fully engorged. My saliva gleamed on the purplish pink skin, renewing my throbbing desire.

“You want to taste her, don’t you, Samuel?”

Samuel dropped from the chair to his knees before me, nodding, his gaze riveted to the pink, moist flesh of my sex, open and glistening before him.

To my delight, he reached out, spreading the fleshy lips apart and lowered his face to the crevice between my thighs. His hot breath caressed the swollen inner sex, stoking the already raging inferno in my loins. The first swipe of his hot tongue over my clitoris caused me to cry out, and I arched my pelvis, thrusting it into his face.

Above me, Lucius grinned wickedly and bent down, capturing my mouth in a deep proprietary kiss. His tongue mated with mine, devouring my mouth with raging hunger. No matter how lustfully he took me and whatever he commanded me to do, he could never hide his affection or passion for my soul. His kiss revealed it always.

He pulled his mouth from mine and proceeded to devour the delicate skin of my throat with hot moist kisses, not stopping until his fevered lips encircled my nipple, biting and tugging on it wantonly.

The sensation gripped my body, sending a chain of heat into my loins where Samuel’s lips and tongue had taken hold of my tender nubbin and now suckled on it furiously. Two of his large fingers slipped inside my swollen passage massaging it as he worked my clitoris.

Once again, my world crashed into splinters of heat, an orgasm ripping through my sex. My fingers clenched into Lucius’ dark hair. His mouth never left my breast, laving the nipple heatedly to prolong my orgasm.

When my body went limp, Samuel raised his face from my sex, my cream glistening on his chin and lips. A glaze of lust covered his blue eyes and he moved up until his hips were between my legs and he had sheathed his cock in my slippery heat with one thrust.

Lucius raised his face from his feast on my breast and sat back, watching his friend possess my body. A grin creased the planes of his cheeks and his dark eyes gleamed with satisfaction. “Touch him,” I heard him rasp.

I reached down, grasping Samuel’s hard buttocks, pulling him deep inside me, my legs spread as wide apart as I could.

He groaned as I squeezed and rubbed his hips, tracing my fingertips up the muscles of his back. Before I knew it, his body twitched as it neared completion. He jerked forward several sharp movements inside me before he pulled out, rubbing his cock, his seed pulsing onto my pale stomach. He then braced his hands on the floor, panting, his body gleaming with the perspiration of sex.

“My turn,” Lucius said, taking hold of my legs and turning my body toward him. He lay on top of me, sheathing his cock deep inside me. I breathed a satisfied sigh. No matter how many times Lucius made love to me, the moment of his penetration was always glorious.

I closed my eyes and pulled my legs back, pulling him deep inside me with my hands on his buttocks. The muscular globes flexed deliciously in my palms and Lucius moaned in my ear as he slid in and out of me hungrily.

Glancing up at Samuel, I saw him watching us, a similarly satisfied grin on his lips. I smiled at him and ran my fingertips along his thigh. At the same time I gave my attention back to my husband, running my other hand up his back, delighting in the feel of hard male muscle pressing against my fingertips. I nipped at his earlobe and breathed in his musky aroma. I raked my fingers through the heavy mat of dark hair on his chest, loving the feel of him, the smell of him and everything about him.

Bridging my body with his hands on the rug, he rose up, gazing lovingly down at me while he thrust inside me with gathering speed. His darkly flushed skin told me he was close to his own climax and obligingly I clenched my vaginal muscles, squeezing his shaft as hard as I could.

He groaned and trembled, his seed pumping inside me. Gently he collapsed on top of me, our bodies hot and dewy. The air around us smelled enticingly of sex.

The three of us lounged, naked, on the plush rug by the fire. Lucius held me in his arms while Samuel stretched out beside me, one hand toying pleasantly with my hair.

“Lucius, I can’t thank you enough,” Samuel said. “Tonight has been a gift I will never forget.”

Lucius grinned like a Cheshire cat while he caressed the swell of my hip like it was a precious treasure. “All your gratitude should go to Evangeline. It is she who is so generous and agreeable, so lush and beautiful. My goddess.”

Samuel’s hand closed gently on my upper arm. “Thank you, Evangeline.”

I smiled and returned his gentle touch while I snuggled closer to my husband. “You’re most welcome.” I breathed a sigh of contentment as I always did after making love with Lucius. One always feels content when one has found heaven on Earth.