31 thoughts on “White Tigers Fanlist

  1. Discovered the series through Yin and Yang in Fabulous Brits. Had to have them all. Result – hooked! Waiting impatiently now for No7. Keep on writing.

    • Thank you so much, Sheena. I am really thrilled and happy you wrote to tell me. I will put you on my priority list of people I email personally to tell them when the next one is ready.
      Best, Sedonia

  2. Have to saw your white tiger series I have read and reread many a time. I was just curious are you going to continue with the story. In the way that the “twins” get a story or two? Anyway regardless love this series. :grin:

  3. I thoroughly enjoyed the White Tiger series thus far, and am slowly working my way through them all! Ms. Sedonia, you are a very talented & versatile author :)

  4. Hello, Sedonia!

    Another fan of the White Tigers series here. I’m so glad there’s actually Asians in gay erotica being written, it adds an extra touch of exotic that’s a pleasure to read.

    As a native speaker of Japanese though, I’d highly suggest double-checking/editing/research on the random Japanese phrases and honorifics that are used in the stories. Some of them are used… incorrectly. They don’t detract from the stories luckily, but it goes make me wince reading those lines sometimes.

    • Hi Miya – thank you so much for the letter. I apologize for the lateness in this reply. I wrote an email but at the time I was having email problems and think it didn’t reach you. Since you wrote this I’ve done more learning and research on your suggestions. I hope that you’ll find I have improved. I don’t want to make such mistakes on something so important. And thank you again for how supportive you are. Sedonia

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