White Tigers Fanlist

If you love the series, please let me know by signing here. If anything special happens, contests, promotions, etc., you’ll automatically be entered to win something special. Thanks so much for your support!


31 thoughts on “White Tigers Fanlist

  1. Hi Sedonia,
    I loved all the stories around the White Tigers. Very erotic and intense!
    Since this series is so wonderful I bought all available titles as printed books. Is there a chance to have “Sudden Surrender”, “Fabulous Brits” and “Sudden Heat” as printed copies as well in the near future?
    Thanks for a short answer in advance – Nico

  2. Hello Sedonia,

    I have read books from your other series, and kept putting off reading one of these. When I finally bought the first one, I was hooked! Slaps self for waiting so long :mrgreen:

    Once I finished the first I had to go purchase the others and practically devoured them. So, waiting…erm impatiently… :wink:for the next one

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