The Delightfully Wicked Punishment of Takashi Yamashita

TrystPublisher: Ai Press
Genre: Gay erotica/Menage a trios/BDSM/Historical/Samurai
Length: 3,000 words (Short story)

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Takashi, the most accomplished archer in his unit, accidentally spies on the secret love tryst of his commander. He wants to pull away and not invade Masaru’s privacy but the erotic pull is beyond even a samurai’s highly disciplined skill. However, because he remains where he is, the two lovers catch his intrusion. Takashi is caught and must be punished for his crime.

What happens next is beyond Takashi’s wildest, most erotic dreams…

Publisher’s note: This story is previously published and has been extensively revised for re-release with Ai Press.

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Takashi fought to keep his lip from trembling as cold sweat poured over his forehead. It was bad enough how he’d behaved, but to act like a sniveling coward was worse. “No, Masaru-sama. I have no excuse.” He bowed his head.

The commander was quiet for several moments and all Takashi could hear was his own blood pounding in his ears.

“Well, Yamashita, in spite of the fact that you are a decent samurai, you must still be punished for this infraction.”

Takashi kept his head bowed. “Yes, commander.” When he looked up, he was surprised to see a wicked gleam in the commander’s eyes.

“Gyousei, release him.”

The warrior-monk obeyed immediately and Takashi nearly fell over to the ground. He caught himself and sat up, trembling as he waited for what the two men would decide to do. When he dared to look up, he caught Masaru and his lover exchanging a look. Both pairs of eyes now gleamed with that wicked look. A few more breath-stealing moments passed as Masaru and Gyousei carried on some sort of unspoken communication, the kind such as passes between two souls who are so deeply connected not even death could separate them.

A tiny smile quirked at Masaru’s lips. He gave a small nod and the next Takashi knew, Gyousei’s strong hands were on him again.

Gyousei yanked his kimono back off his shoulders then ripped at his sash which slid off and dropped away with the kimono. Then those same thick fingers did the same with Takashi’s loincloth, yanking it away until Takashi was completely exposed to his captors’ eyes.

Just as quickly, the yamabushi stepped back, leaving Takashi on his knees, like a dwarf between two giants. Before looking down, he caught a glance of the commander’s front, a large erection pointed into the air. Takashi’s heart pounded, sweat dripped down his chest and back. Confusion made his mind swirl. What was to become of him now?

In the silent moments that followed, he knelt in seiza, sitting on his heels, hands on his thighs, head bowed, waiting for his punishment.

Gyousei chuckled. “Masaru, you never told me you had such an aesthetically pleasing samurai in your command. Small and wiry with muscle. Pleasant, indeed. I think I shall enjoy punishing him very much.”

“As shall I. On your hands and knees, Yamashita.”

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