The Completeness of Celia Flynn

The Completeness of Celia FlynnPublisher: Ai Press
Genre: Menage; M/M/M/F; Historical
Length: Novella
eISBN: 9781937796167
Cover art: Les Byerley

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One woman. Three men. A lot of pleasure to be had. But can she allow herself to have what she craves in her heart and soul?

One afternoon in Robert’s barn, Celia got her first taste of erotic passion with him and Freddie and Patrick. But “nice” girls don’t give their body to even one man outside of marriage, much less three, no matter how brawny and deliciously masculine they are. And no matter how much they love you. The abundance of eroticism frightened her away and she attempted to live a quiet life, acceptable to her mother and to society, if not exciting or true to her own heart.

No sooner had she done so, however, than the war took all the young men from the village, including her acceptable fiancé. Two years of loneliness make Celia realize how much she needs and loves the three men she once ran from and vows that if life gives her a second chance, she’ll take it. When her prayers are answered and Robert, Patrick and Freddie return, each needing the love only she can give, Celia gives it, body and soul.

Publisher’s Notes: This book contains sexual content that may be offensive to some readers: m/m/m/f ménage and has been previously published.

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Chapter One
Ballykillmarrick, Ireland, 1913

As she’d done a thousand times in the past seven years, Celia lay back on the straw, enjoying the feel of Robert’s dark head resting on her stomach. She watched him leisurely twiddling a piece of straw between his teeth. Freddie and Patrick were on either side of her, their heads close to hers.

Yet somehow, this time, something was … different. Her heart pumped harder than usual and her blood ran like liquid fire through her veins.

There seemed no better way to spend her nineteenth birthday than here in the abandoned barn of Robert’s family’s farm, staring up at the rafters, surrounded by her three best childhood friends.

Except that something was happening to her. The sensation of it was like falling. Only she was lying on her back.

She reached out and touched Robert’s dark hair. It was so soft under her fingertips.

“Mmm, Ceil, ye’ve an angel’s touch,” Robert murmured.

Celia’s breath caught softly. The feel of his hair under her fingertips resonated deep inside her, stirring deep vibrations between her thighs. She lifted her hand from Robert’s head as if he were on fire.

He seemed not to notice.

She glanced to either side of her. Patrick held his notebook, deep in the act of composing a new poem. All his poems were about her, she realized with a blinding flash. So blind she’d been all this time. His sandy brown hair invited her touch as well. She resisted.

And Freddie, to her other side, had just a few days ago described to her his ideal woman. She hadn’t registered what he was saying then, but the description of a slim willowy girl with pale freckled skin and waves of dark long hair had fit her to perfection.

None of the three lads, now in their twentieth years, seemed to be on the search for girlfriends, always content to be with her. Nor was she looking, either. She was never happier than she was with her three friends.

Friends! What were they then that they caused her to feel this way? These sensations ripped through her body, making her want each one of them in her arms, inside her, their lips against hers?

She felt suddenly surrounded, not by her playmates, but by grown men. The pulsing between her legs rose to a pitch and her breasts tingled, her nipples tightening. She suddenly wanted Robert to hold her and kiss her, to explore her with his hands and mouth. In fact, she wanted the same from Patrick and Freddie.

Fear gripped her in that moment. Her skin prickled with its icy touch and her heart set to rioting in her chest as she realized the truth. She loved all three men. They were her life. Terrified, Celia wondered if Freddie or Patrick or Robert had noticed her crash into womanhood. Her breasts rose and fell heavily with her ragged breathing, and she sought desperately to recapture childhood.

Suddenly, the fact that she’d been waiting for them to wish her happy birthday went from being an annoyance to a lifesaving topic of conversation.

“All three of you forgot my birthday, it seems,” she said in a tight voice. Robert sat up, looking at her sheepishly. “Oh, Celia. I’m so sorry! Was it today? I’ll make it up to you, I swear.”

Freddie sat up now also. “I’m sorry, too, Ceil.” He was equally as sheepish.

Celia sat up and looked at Patrick, who had now risen up on his elbows. He regarded her shamefacedly. “You should have given us warning. We would have been prepared.”

Celia swatted his arm. “I can’t believe you!” Her cheeks burned with her indignation. “I’ve never forgotten any of your birthdays! In ten years of friendship, not once. And this is what it comes to, then, eh?” She looked again at Robert, whose sheepish smile had turned to mischief. A funny tickly feeling fluttered in her stomach. She looked from one man to the next, seeing they all wore the same mischievous look now. A tiny smile teased the corners of her lips. “What’s going on, then?”

Robert’s dark eyes flickered in the others’ directions just before the three of them burst into raucous laughter. They jostled Celia gently around, tickling and tumbling her until her hair was mussed and her face flushed bright pink. Finally, when she was nearly breathless, they stopped and let her up.

“We had you going there for a bit, didn’t we?” Patrick said, laughing.

“Come now, Ceil,” Freddie said. “You really think we’d forget?”

Celia, feeling sheepish herself, smiled as she picked bits of straw out of her messy hair. “I’m sorry. I should have had more faith. But we’d been here forever, and no one said a word!” Robert grinned and poked at her ribs. “It wouldn’a worked so well, now, would it, if we had?” Celia crossed her arms protectively over her ribs as she laughed. “No, I suppose not.”

Robert reached into the pocket of his trousers and pulled out a small box, which he handed to her. “The three of us chipped in for this. Freddie got it in Dublin.”

Celia fingered the small red velvet box, the kind that came from a jeweler. “What’s this?” she asked in a whisper as her heart began to jump.

“Go on, Ceil,” Freddie urged. “Open it.”

Gingerly, Celia lifted the lid, catching her breath when she saw what was inside. A delicate gold chain with a heart pendant nestled in the satiny folds of the box. “I can’t believe it!” She stared at the lovely charm, her heart feeling fuzzy and sweet in her chest. “It’s so beautiful!” She looked up, her gaze passing to each man’s face. They were watching her expectantly.

“Do you really like it?” Robert asked.

“I love it! Thank you!”

“Put it on, then,” Patrick said.

Celia smiled. “All right.” Delicately she lifted the necklace from the box. Robert reached out and offered to help her. She lifted her hair up while he fastened it at the nape of her neck, his fingertips brushing her skin as he did so. Celia shivered lightly at his touch.

She let her hair down and touched her fingertips to the gold heart now resting against her dress, just under the hollow of her throat. She smiled at them. “Thank you all so much,” she said. “This is the most beautiful present I’ve ever gotten.”

“I’m glad, Ceil.” Freddie leaned over and embraced her.

In Freddie’s arms, Celia felt the change again, that acute awareness of her three masculine companions. Freddie felt warm and strong in her arms and a strange, languid weakness came over her.

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Sedonia Guillone never fears to take on topics that upright society might frown on. This tale of a young Irish girl and her three male best friends, growing up in the rigors of a very strict society with rigid religious and moral stipulations will incite, enflame, and inspire any reader. Celia is an appealing and very realistic heroine, and any woman ought to be overjoyed to have loyal {and sexy} friends such as Celia’s Robert, Freddie, and Patrick. The name Sedonia Guillone on an ebook has become a prime indicator of great stories and scorching, out-of-the-ordinary, sensuality. THE COMPLETENESS OF CELIA FLYNN is no exception to this rule.

4 1/2 stars, Annie, Euro Reviews


What an utterly moving and sensual book. THE COMPLETENESS OF CELIA FLYNN is a satisfying and tender story. While I love ménage stories, this one grabbed at my heart and hung on tight. Most women would have been scared to death in Celia’s shoes, and while that didn’t stop her from loving her men, I admire how she handled the talk and looks from other people. Sedonia Guillone grabbed me with this story and I look forward to reading more of her poignant historical novels.

4 Blue Ribbon, Natasha Smith, Romance Junkies


This was a beautiful book that was as sensual as it was touching. Ms. Guillone spins us a haunting tale of innocent love, trembling desires, regret of lost time, and rediscovering the true joys of life. I fell in love with the characters as the plot kept my fingers turning the pages. Definitely a great book to read when you want a little escape from reality that focuses on being true to yourself.

Jasmine Vallambrosa, TCM Reviews


THE COMPLETENESS OF CELIA FLYNN is a wonderfully written touching story of unconventional true love. The childhood friendships that blossomed and grow into adult sexual commitments touched my heart and soul. THE COMPLETENESS OF CELIA FLYNN was interesting, touching, heartwarming, sexy, and will keep you on the edge of your seat. I read this book in one sitting. I couldn’t pull myself away from the characters or the environment that Sedonia Guillone created. I highly recommend THE COMPLETENESS OF CELIA FLYNN to anyone even if historical is not your genre of choice as the book concentrates on the relationships and not the time period they live in. The sexual chemistry between these characters will weaken your knees and send tingles to forbidden places.

4 1/2 Kisses, Tara, Two Lips Reviews


THE COMPLETENESS OF CELIA FLYNN is one of those books that proves that love is love no matter if it is between two people or, as in this case, four. The facts interjected throughout the book of Ireland during the WWI era are striking and very realistic. The emotions are relayed in such a way that the reader feels them right along with the main characters. I savored reading about the distinctive personalities of each of the men, and the little things Celia loved about each one of them as well. Refreshing, engaging and highly sensual, Ms. Guillone has written another winner. An original story that deserves multiple reading sessions!

4 Cups, Regina, Coffee Time Romance/Karen Find Out About New Books


I never thought I would ever classify a MMMF nontraditional novel as sweet and romantic but with this book I seem to use those words when describing it. Ms. Guillone has a great talent at creating a believable story out of a seemingly unbelievable storyline. No matter how many women may dream of more than one man in her bed the likelihood of three – and they all are honestly fine with sharing – is unrealistic in the truest sense of the word. Yet, Ms.Guillone made this scenario seriously real, loving and heartfelt. I enjoyed the conflict that happened between Celia, her mother and the four men in her life. I feel in retrospect that Celia did need to find another man and live the accepted, conventional life to realize where her true heart and desires lay. The war added a bittersweet punch to the story where nothing would easily be triumphed over with her three loves even when they returned to her. The emotions brought about through Celia and her three men coming home were quite deep and gave a greater credibility to the story. There are some surprises in the story that seem brutal yet necessary. A touch of the paranormal also brings on added insight into Celia’s relationship with her mother and how everything that is meant to be, is meant to be no matter how unconventional. The erotic scenes in this book are varied, erotic and quite loving. This is a very well written book with characters that are unique and endearing and a storyline that is enjoyable and memorable. This is another winner by Ms. Guillone who has perfected the art of the unconventional scenarios and making them romantic and believable.

5 Cupids, Marina at Cupid’s Library Reviews


THE COMPLETENESS OF CELIA FLYNN is a touching story. You can feel the love this young woman develops for her three friends. Your heartstrings will be pulled when Celia pushes them away as she listens to her mother’s words and not to her heart. I found myself completely engrossed in THE COMPLETENESS OF CELIA FLYNN! Ms. Guillone weaves a magical tale as these four individuals make their way to back to each other. The sex is hot and the emotions run high. You’ll really love THE COMPLETENESS OF CELIA FLYNN.

Klarissa, oyfully Reviewed


THE COMPLETENESS OF CELIA FLYNN is a coming of age love story that is poignantly told. I felt everything that Celia felt as she went through her life in this book. It’s a beautifully written story of the innocent love that turns to passion for Robert, Freddie, Patrick and Celia. That the four of them grew up together and found an overwhelming love for each other that transcends traditions of the time makes for an unusual story.

The sex is steamy, absolutely molten as it brings you along for the shattering moment of realization; by making love with each of these men, as well as all of them together, the bond strengthens so that it can’t be broken. It’s something every woman would hope to find. Not just one man who loves and touches every part of her but three men who feel this way. They become a family in their own right and Celia learns to become a woman with these men.

If you enjoy a good love story, one that touches your heart, this is the book for you. It isn’t a traditional love story, but takes you to another place and time filled with promises of what love can be if you want it hard enough. Love like theirs only grows stronger as they realize what they mean to each other. This was an incredible story that makes the person feel a range of emotions. It went straight to my heart.

4 Stars from Erotic Escapades


The pages of this book sizzle and burn. The night of seduction Celia’s men have planned for her is a true joy to read. The sex is hot, hot, hot! Yet, the author does a superb job of demonstrating the emotions of desire, commitment, and love each man has for Celia, as well as the love Celia has for her three men. Ms. Guillone has done a wonderful job of leaving the reader breathless!

If you haven’t read the first book, THE COMPLETENESS OF CELIA FLYNN, you might want to read that first. It will help for a better understanding and enjoyment of this wonderful book.

5 Hearts from The Romance Studio