Fantasy Thief

Fantasy ThiefPublisher: Red Sage
ISBN 978-1603104999
Release Date: July 1, 2010

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Oh no! Someone has stolen Lynn’s diary right out of her purse on her desk when she wasn’t looking. The worst part is, in this diary she’s written down her kinkiest fantasies and desires. She’s so mortified she could just die. Until…

A masked stranger appears out of nowhere, promising to fulfill every sexual fantasy she’s ever had. Suddenly, having her journal stolen is turning out not to be such a tragedy. However, if she finds out who her gorgeous, sensuous, fantasy-fulfilling mystery man really is, will she feel betrayed or forgive him just enough to fall in love?

Bad boy turned stockbroker, Takeshi, has harbored a secret lust on his assistant for a while now. To him, she’s the perfect woman- sexy and sweet. However, her man-picker is broken and the dud she’d been engaged to broke her heart. She doesn’t seem interested at all in getting involved again. Breaking his vow to be a good boy, he steals her diary right out of her purse when she’s not looking and what he finds inside gives him the perfect idea to seduce her.

The plan is perfect, until the unexpected happens – he falls madly in love with her. Now he’s faced with a dilemma: reveal himself to Lynn and risk her hating him or try to win her over out in the open. And then, what if she’s in love with the masked stranger and not with him? Whatever happens, he’s risking everything to have what’s in his heart…

Read an Excerpt

This time, he has me tied down, wrists and legs. Not tightly enough to hurt but enough that I can’t move. A blindfold covers my eyes and I can’t see a thing. But I can hear him breathing, feel the warm tickle of it against my skin. The bedding underneath me is silky and soft against my naked body.

“Lynn,” he whispers, “I’m going to touch you, just how you like it.”

The mere sound of his voice sends ripples of pleasure through my whole body. He knows just what I want and he’s willing to do it all, even though I’m in his power. My pussy is throbbing and I can feel that it’s already getting really wet—

The loud click of the ladies’ room door made Lynn’s heart jump. She lifted the pen from her journal and closed it. Work wasn’t exactly the best time to be writing down her sexual fantasies, but the inspiration had hit just at ten o’clock and well, writing about the fantasy man who brought her body to the ultimate heights of bliss was a hell of a lot more interesting than writing monthly reports for the control freak stockbroker she worked for. Well, one of the stockbrokers she worked for. Sandra was a control freak. Takeshi was actually quite pleasant. He didn’t ask for monthly reports to be sent to his clients when they were already receiving statements that showed all their holdings and activity. Takeshi actually called them all personally once a month to follow up on them whether they had a small amount of money with him or not.

And wow, she was actually spending a great deal of mental energy comparing Takeshi to Sandra this morning.

She sighed and stood up from the closed toilet seat. It was probably time to get a grip. Before Paul had “come out” those three months ago, she hadn’t written a word…though she’d had the urge many times. Nor had she run circles in her head about Takeshi’s virtues as a boss as compared to Sandra. There were probably more productive ways to vent the heartache and regain her confidence in her womanhood. After all, the fact that Paul wanted men wasn’t a commentary about her desirability. Was it?

Back in the office, Lynn poured herself a cup of coffee in the break room and went to her desk. She set her bag down next to her computer terminal and sipped her coffee while she stared blankly at the screen. Whispers of heat still spiraled through her body, especially between her legs. The fantasy image haunted her mind. Her naked body tied down, helpless under this man’s touch and kiss. He was so gentle, so teasing, like he knew her from the inside out and only cared for her pleasure…The image had just popped up there, unbidden, perhaps a product of what she’d been reading but just as likely from something else…


Lynn looked up.

Sandra, dressed in her latest designer suit, a strangely checkered pink and beige get-up, stood by her desk. “I need to talk to you about setting up a wire from Belgium for John Hoffenberger.”

Lynn suppressed a sigh. Of course only Sandra would ask her to do a wire converting US currency to Euros in the middle of monthly reports. But Hoffenberger was Sandra’s biggest client and the commissions she earned from his account made up the bulk of her income.

Oh well. Another night working until at least seven. Good thing the only people waiting at home for her were her housemate Andrea and the cat. Paul wouldn’t be there to grumble. He had someone new—Thomas, his name was—to worry about. “Of course.” She stood up and followed Sandra into her office.

Takeshi watched Lynn follow Sandra into Sandra’s office. His gaze stayed riveted on Lynn’s ass, outlined to perfection in the clingy skirt she was wearing. When she disappeared behind the closed door, he forced his gaze back on his computer screen, trying not to think about what that ass looked like out of the skirt. Creamy soft swells of flesh that melted into firm thighs. She just looked soft.

He raked a hand through his hair. How long was he supposed to think of her as his assistant and not as a woman? Especially now that she was on the rebound, emanating heartache and sexual loneliness with just about every step she took. Not that she was trying to. She just did. And who could blame her after that asshole Paul dumped her for a guy? Takeshi had suspected it for a while, especially at the last get-together Lynn had at her place. And now she was free. Free to find someone who’d appreciate that satiny skin, rosy cheeks, her mango-sized breasts that teased his imagination through the silky blouses she always wore. How many times had he imagined what her nipples might be like? Tawny or rosy-pink? Large? Perfectly round? How tightly would they pucker when he licked them?

He shifted in his seat in an attempt to take pressure of his threatening erection. Best not to think about it. The attraction wasn’t mutual anyway. Lynn seemed to have a thing for the unavailable guys. Not that he’d been available either. He hadn’t been interested in any one woman since Nakia had left him a year and a half ago for another guy. He’d really been in love with her and it had hurt. But you couldn’t go on indefinitely, not taking a chance again on the best thing in life.

He looked up again. Lynn was still in Sandra’s office, but her purse sat on her desk, the zipper undone. The sides gaped open and he could see the corner of the floral print of that journal she was always writing in lately. He suspected it was a creative outlet for her since her breakup. She was amazing actually, handling the end of a serious long-term relationship and remaining the loyal, efficient, incredibly reliable assistant that she was. He needed to tell her more often that her abilities and hard work were what had allowed him to have the success he was in this business. Even now, when things were so hard in the market.

So many times lately, he’d seen her hunched over that book, either at her desk or in the break room, her pen scratching furiously over the manilla pages. He couldn’t imagine what kind of stuff she was writing down but her rapt attention had certainly piqued his wicked curiosity.

Like an itch he couldn’t scratch, his curiosity nagged him. If she hadn’t been pretty, he probably wouldn’t have given it a second thought. But Lynn was a good-looking woman. She always wore her blonde hair in a neat bun, but it looked pretty long and he’d entertained quite a few fantasies where she let it down and the silky length of it curled down over her bare breasts. And she had a nice smile that lit up her blue eyes. Clear pale skin and soft dusky lips, not too full, but enough to make him want to taste them.

His cock twitched again in his trousers. He tried to force his attention onto his screen before he got a hard-on that leaked. Fantasizing about Lynn was really the wrong direction to go in. Lynn was his assistant. A colleague. A sort-of friend. There was a line you just didn’t cross. Just because she was hot. And just because he liked her. Respected her. Even…admired her at times…

He glanced at Lynn’s desk again from his open office door. His curiosity was wicked, potent, made him feel as if an oni had possessed his body and was forcing him to contemplate the crime he was contemplating.

Takeshi rose and picked up his empty coffee mug. Lynn’s desk was on the way to the break room and the place was relatively quiet. People around here were so involved in the financial world, they wouldn’t even notice.

He poured his coffee, heart pounding. No. They wouldn’t notice him. The quiet hard-working Japanese guy who sat in their midst, fantasizing about his assistant while he scratched his way up the ladder. Wouldn’t notice him slowing down by Lynn’s desk, or see his hand dip down, over the low divider that gave her a false modicum of privacy. He’d done a bit of pick pocketing in his youth back in Tokyo, just for dares and had gotten pretty good at it. Until his conscience had caught up with him and he’d gone straight. Well, apparently, his skills were still intact.

His fingertips closed on the corner of the book. He didn’t break a step as he tucked the thing under his arm and strode to the break room, poured a cup of coffee and returned to his desk. He slipped the book into his brief case, sipped his coffee and started clicking away at the keyboard.

Though his heart pounded mercilessly and he could feel the sweat in his armpits, he typed away, wearing his poker face, the one that didn’t know a thing about who had stolen something right out of Lynn Miller’s purse while it sat on her desk…

* * * * *

Oh. My. God.

Lynn’s cheeks burned as if someone had poured gasoline on her face and lit it on fire. Her heart pounded wildly and her hands shook. She stared into her purse, at the cruel absence of her journal.

This can’t be happening.

She’d picked the bag up to rummage for a breath mint and immediately noticed the increased lightness of her purse. Holy crap! While she’d been in Sandra’s office, someone had actually reached into her purse and stolen her journal. Fighting to keep her breath normal, she looked up and scanned the office around her.

Nothing out of the unusual. People at their desks, on the phone, tapping into their computers, walking around, the buzz of quiet voices. Her heartbeat sped up, a rapid thrum in her breast. Who here could possibly be a thief?

Her gaze lit on Takeshi, seated at his desk in his office. He almost always kept the door open and his desk faced out onto hers. Takeshi was on the phone, his head bent over his desk, deep in conversation no doubt with a client. He worked so hard that he may not have noticed anyone passing by.

Her breath caught. Could he have? No way. She dismissed the thought with a heavy spike of guilt. She’d known him for several years now, at least well enough. And he looked about as straight-laced as a guy could, always perfectly groomed in suits and ties, his short ebony hair brushed to a perfect shine. He was a decent guy, easy to work for, generous with the thank-yous and the praise for her invaluable work.

And…he was cute. Nondescript when you first looked at him but then definitely cute if you kept looking. He had clear golden skin and soft full lips. His dark almond-shaped eyes had a gentle glow in them too, kind of paradoxical for a man who worked in a field which required ambition. And ambitious he was. He’d moved to Boston from Tokyo six years ago when he was twenty-four, worked crazy hours and went home. He’d had a serious girlfriend for a while but then the woman broke up with him and there wasn’t anyone else as far as she knew. She figured he mention it if there were.

As if sensing he was being looked at, Takeshi looked up and their gazes locked. He smiled at her and waved then went back to his phone call, dark head bent again.

Lynn heaved a deep breath and continued to gaze around the office. She couldn’t pinpoint anyone and sure as hell couldn’t ask.

She rolled back in her chair and peered under her desk, in case the book had fallen out somehow. Not there. Damn.

She rolled in again and set her purse aside. How the hell was she going to concentrate on monthly reports when someone out there, only God knew who, was reading her innermost private thoughts and fantasies? There were things in there she hadn’t even told Andrea about, like that fantasy about two men at once, one kissing her and fondling her breasts while the other one went down on her…

Oh! Lynn rubbed her forehead. This was a really bad time to be getting a migraine.

She took several deep breaths then got up to refill her coffee cup. Served her right for keeping the journal with her at work and writing in it so conspicuously. She continued to breathe deeply until her heart didn’t pound quite so horribly. After all, what was the worst that could happen? She could lose her job? No. In this firm, you had to go really far to get fired. A journal full of sexual fantasies wasn’t going to be her undoing. Besides, she was only writing the things down that lots of women thought about these days. The worst that could happen was whoever read the journal masturbated to it. Lynn hadn’t even written her name or phone number in it.

At least she could hope that was all that happened.

* * * * *

Shimatta! Lynn Miller was a wild woman.

Takeshi raked a hand through his hair and sat up straighter. Elbows on the kitchen table, he held Lynn’s journal in both hands and turned the page. Once he’d been able to shove his guilty conscience back enough not to chicken out, he’d started reading the second he got back to his apartment.

How much time had passed he didn’t know. The container of vegetable fried rice from Chow’s Cantonese Takeout downstairs had gotten cold, shoved aside while he read page after page of sexual fantasies. Lynn had quite the imagination. Not to mention she was horny as hell. No wonder about that. Her sex life with Paul must have been nearly non-existent.

His cock stirred in his slacks. The head rubbed against his briefs, reminding him that it had been too long. He shifted to take the pressure off and kept reading. In this fantasy, Lynn had two guys at once. One was kissing her and playing with her breasts while the other one ate her. Her descriptions were vivid, engaged all the senses, and made him hard enough to cut diamonds.

Absently, one hand left the book and undid his belt buckle. The pressure had built up too much not to get relief. He opened the button and zipper on his trousers and lowered his briefs. His cock sprung out hard and ready, already leaking at the tip. “Down, boy,” he muttered as he leaned back and palmed his cock.

Takeshi closed his eyes and let the descriptions Lynn had sketched come to life in his mind. He stroked the length of his cock and groaned at the feel of his own hand against the hardness. It would do for now. He hitched a soft breath and pictured himself kissing Lynn, one hand closed around a soft breast. He tasted her lips and squeezed her breast, pinched the nipple gently between his thumb and forefinger until it tightened to a nub from his touch.

He imagined that it was her soft hand stroking him, sliding down to his balls and kneading them in her eager palm. He pictured trailing his kisses from her lips, all over her body, sucking her nipples and then finally reaching the moist hot core between her thighs. What was her scent like down there? When he tongued her in his mind, her pussy tasted sweet and delicious. When he feathered his tongue over her clit she wiggled and moaned, pushed her open cunt harder into his face, demanding more. When she came, her cries of pleasure rang in his ears.

He gasped. The cry of pleasure had been his own. The pressure exploded, released with an intense jolt and milky warm cum coated his hand. He wilted back against his chair and listened to his own heavy breaths. Damn, Lynn had gotten him riled just from the stuff she’d written. He couldn’t imagine what she’d be like in real life. Hopefully just like the woman on the pages.

Takeshi heaved a deep breath and sat up. He wiped off his hand and sat, trousers open, staring at Lynn’s journal. Before he’d jerked off, the thought had flitted through his mind that once he’d drained off the pressure, he could quietly return the book when she wasn’t looking and let it go. But now, in the aftermath, he found his curiosity piqued even more strongly.

He got up, closed the journal and slipped it into his briefcase before going to take a shower.

Actually, if he was honest, it was more than curiosity. At least, after having tapped off some of his excess libido, he could see that. Something about the candidness of Lynn’s fantasies, the unfulfilled desires and needs she had, stirred him. There was a longing in her words that tugged at him, made him feel that she deserved to have some satisfaction.

Not to mention bold. She didn’t come off as bold in the office. Lynn was a hardworking non-gossipy sincere person who was always courteous and friendly. But now that he knew what she’d been writing, her private scribbling was actually some kind of bold creativity. There was a sensual, lush, delicious woman lurking underneath. The kind of woman he admired.

He’d always been pretty intuitive. Growing up in the constantly tense demanding atmosphere of his parents’ home, he’d had to either shut down completely or become extra sensitive to survive. He’d not been able to shut down.

So here he was, Mr. Sensitive.

Takeshi showered. For a long time he stood under the hot spray, let it pound his skin while he wondered at the strange longing that now tugged at him.

Why was he suddenly so intrigued with Lynn? He’d fantasized about her secretly for a few months now, but he’d never felt the need to…

An idea hit him. He opened his eyes and turned the shower spray off. He had the perfect idea, the way to explore her and she him without her even knowing who he was. Then, if it worked out? Great. If not, no loss to either of them.

His heartbeat sped up again and energy trilled through his body. He felt a bit more awake, as if he’d been sleeping all this time.

He snatched a towel from the bar and started to dry off. How the hell he was going to do this, he didn’t know. But he’d always been a resourceful guy. If he’d managed not to get caught by the Tokyo police during his pickpocket days, he could manage to fulfill every one of Lynn’s fantasies in that journal and not reveal his identity.

Couldn’t he?

Yes. Yes he could. He knew enough about Lynn from chatting with her that she lived around Harvard Square and took the morning train into downtown every day. He was already up pretty early to do his kata before getting ready for work.

Yeah. He could do it.

And tomorrow morning wasn’t too soon to begin.