Enter the Hero…

Secrets Vol. 25SECRETS Vol. 25: Wicked Delights
Publisher: Red Sage
ISBN-10: 1603100059
ISBN-13: 978-1603100052
Genre: Sci-Fi/Futuristic, Bondage, Capture
Length: Novella
Release Date: December 1, 2008

Each story is a light and quick, and all are filled with plenty of hot sex. Readers will have a good time since there’s something for everyone, from contemporary to paranormal.
— 4 Stars, Romantic Times BOOKreviews

Sedonia Gullione offers readers an excellent story with lots of Martial Arts. This imaginative story is sure to please readers. —Review Your Book.com

I love Sedonia Guillone’s stories and this is the first m/f work of hers I’ve read that didn’t feature the Dragon/Tigress concept. It does feature a very hot Asian hero though, and I loved both Kass and Lian. They’re strong, sympathetic characters who complement each other perfectly. I’m not one for futuristic stories but this was great, romantic and sexy and full of action. 5 Flutes. — Cocktail Reviews

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In the year 2073, Kass and Lian have been sentenced to perform as sex slaves. Their crime: wanting to escape the Confederation and live in freedom. Forced to make love for their audience, the secret love they harbor for…and from…each other…blooms. The passion between them only fuels their desire to escape. In the face of complete slavery they formulate a plan for escape, and wait for their one chance to be free again. This time, they’re determined nothing will stop their escape to Paradise: with each other…and their lives!

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He hovered over her. The muscles of his arms flexed as he bent closer. His obvious erection strained the front of his loincloth and his warm breath caressed her skin. He reached out.

Kass yanked backward, away from him, but she could barely move an inch. She clenched her teeth and stared at him.

His hand remained over her and he pressed his fingers to her bare shoulder, his touch surprisingly gentle.

She yanked back, halted again by the bonds. Her breath came in short hard gasps as her second dream was crushed. Strange men had already seen her naked and one had pawed her. And now another one was about to take her virginity. None of them, Lian.

The man slid his fingertips down her bare arm. His touch was like a trail of fire against her skin.

Against her will, her body responded. A warm tingling sensation erupted wherever their skin made contact. She fought back hard, thrashed around to avoid his fingertips. Nothing worked. He kept his touch on her arm, squeezed it gently in his hold.

That aching pulse in the juncture between her thighs intensified, blended with the continuous drumbeat. At twenty-one, she’d never known a man’s sensual touch or kiss and with each passing second, her body awakened more, made her painfully aware of a near lifetime of unrequited desires and needs.

He trailed his fingertips back up her arm. The sensitive skin at the inner juncture of her elbow tingled from the warm touch. She pulled back, against her cuffs, horrified at her body’s response.

As if sensing the budding of desire in her, he skimmed the palm of his hand across her breasts, over the lacy material and heat zinged through Kass’s nipples. A surge of anger heated her blood. Damn Lian. If he hadn’t tried so hard to get them to escape, maybe they wouldn’t have gotten caught. They’d still be together. She wouldn’t be here, forced to submit to another man.

Not that Lian had ever promised her anything.

The man leaned over her, a bit closer, and the masculine heat and scent of his body invaded her. She tilted her head back to avoid his simmering blue gaze. His fingertips slip over her mound, grazed that most intimate part of her over the thin panel of lace.

She fought the hazy pleasure that threatened to saturate her. He was seducing her, she realized. He wasn’t forcing her, damn him. He was making her want him, coaxing her body to relax and her sex to become slippery. Preparing her body for his possession.

When she dared to glance at his face, his hungry gaze was riveted on hers. The drumbeat mingled with their heavy breathing. She pulled back again, thrashed around, but he continued to touch her, caressed her over the negligee, first one breast, then the other.

Kass closed her eyes again. Guilt and desire warred inside her. The only comfort her conscience had was that Lian had never told her he loved her, never promised her anything.

The man reached under the black lace and slid his fingertips across her stomach. Kass’s traitorous body tingled and relaxed under his sensual caress. Her body seemed to have its own will and its need for touch, for satisfaction overwhelmed her. In that moment, the physical pleasure offered comfort. Her desolation over Lian had something to take its place.

Gingerly, he pulled open the lace tie on the negligee. His fingertips brushed her skin. She caught her breath. The filmy material fell to each side, completely revealing her body, naked except for the tiny covering of lace thong.

He groaned softly and knelt over her. His erection tented the white cloth of his tunic and Kass’s resistance slipped several more notches. She felt a wild desire to see the cock underneath it, to feel it fill her. Her body tensed and pulled in its restraints.

His fingers hovered an inch above her stomach then he touched her again. The pads of his fingertips sent warm shudders through her flesh. His touch remained gentle, seductive, and her disloyal body ached for more.

He slid his fingers upward, slowly traced the undersides of her breasts. Her breath hitched as he closed one hand over her left breast and squeezed it softly, gently pinched the nipple between the lengths of his index and middle finger.

Tingling fire pulsated through her nipple with each tiny squeeze. The sensation traveled down between her legs, weakened her, made her sex ache with want. Instinctively, before she could stop herself, she arched her back up into his hand, her eyes closed.

As if hearing her command, he lowered his face to her other breast and took her nipple into his mouth. The warm moist swirl of his tongue over the sensitive skin was a more pleasurable sensation than she could ever have imagined and the bud tightened.

She moaned softly, strained against her bonds. Her hands now ached to roam over that muscular body, to explore the ridges and hardness with her fingertips, and close her hand around his rigid cock. That male part had always been a mystery to her and the frustration of not being able to reach under his loincloth was both teasing and maddening.

He tugged sensuously on her nipple while his hand left her other breast. He skimmed his fingertips down her stomach toward her sex.

Kass pulled in a breath and lifted her hips slightly. Her control slipped. Her needs took over and she whimpered, encouraging him.

He answered, slid his fingers under the elastic of the thong, raked his fingers softly through the patch of curls on her mound and teased his fingertips up and down her slit.

She moaned again, her legs fell open, aching for a deeper touch. In her mind, she imagined it was Lian who touched her and she no longer cared that there were other eyes behind the glass, feasting on the most intimate parts of her body.

He centered his touch on the engorged nub of her clit and rubbed it in tiny circles. She moaned again and bucked her hips softly, demanding more. Heat swirled through her loins, and her juices coated his fingertips.

Suddenly, a loud bang echoed through the room. She gasped and her gaze shot in the direction of the door, which now swung wide open. The man pulled his hand away from her sex and sat up, looking to see what had happened.

Kass caught her breath. At first she thought it was a ghost, a trick of her mind. The heated blood swirling through her body concentrated in her heart, which gave a sudden leap of joy in her chest.

He wasn’t dead.

He was here.

Standing in the doorway, dressed in the same kind of scanty loincloth as the other man, watching her, his dark eyes blazing, was Lian.