Men of Phuket: Tongue-Thai’d

Tongue-Thai'dPublisher: Ai Press
Genre: Romantic Suspense; Contemporary; LGBT (M/M);
Series: White Tigers 3
eISBN: 978-1-937796-52-5
Cover art: Les Byerley

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Ryu Miyazaki is a White Tiger, a man skilled in the erotic arts. His kisses and caresses can make men see twinkling lights in the midst of ecstasy. But when Taro Suzuki, one of Tokyo’s fiercest yakuza wants Ryu as his personal pleasure slave, Ryu’s mentor sends Ryu into hiding. Thailand is too damn far away from the life Ryu has always known and everyone he loves, but with his life in grave danger, he agrees to leave, only to be delivered into the hands of Agent Nat Phoenix, one of the sexiest men he’s ever met. Agent Phoenix is the role model for Ryu’s own boxing career, and one who’s been the subject of many a sexual fantasy. Phoenix is so hot that Ryu begins to think hiding away in Phuket, Thailand with one of his heroes might not be such a hardship. That is, until Phoenix proves to have a certain rough edge – sorely in need of Ryu’s special skills…

From their first meeting, middleweight boxing champion-turned cop, Nat, can’t believe he’s turned on by a man with hot pink dyed hair, nose ring and full body tattoos. In the face of doing his job, he’s determined to ignore his fierce attraction to the exotically beautiful Ryu. His job is to protect the guy from a fierce crime lord, not jump into bed with him. But Ryu exudes a sensuality that rouses Nat’s most gnawing desires as well as coaxes him to unearth and heal a secret grief he’s harbored for nearly a lifetime.

As Ryu’s expert lovemaking skills uncover Nat’s deepest secrets, Ryu, too finds himself growing vulnerable to the ex-champion’s masculine strength and emerging ability to love. Accustomed to being in control in bed, Ryu’s heart is following his body into love…

With the shadow of a psychopathic mafioso looming over them, the price of losing newfound passion is almost too high for either Nat or Ryu . It’s going to take more than skilled fighting and courage to survive. Even if they do, Nat has learned some things about Ryu that could frighten away a lesser man. How far will Nat be willing to go to keep the man he loves?

Note: This books has been previously published by Total-E-Bound.

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Nat sighed. “Look, I’m sorry we have to be crowded in together.” Why he felt suddenly so apologetic, he didn’t know. He was just trying to do his job. “I’m going to have a cot. The bed is all yours.”

The guy nodded, still with a beaten expression. “As long as no one hurts me, I’m fine with whatever.”

A strange shiver passed through Nat’s chest and down his arms. Was Miyazaki referring to him? “No one’s going to hurt you. I’m trying to help you. Maybe you don’t understand that.”

Miyazaki looked down, as if he were studying his boots. Head to toes the guy was an image from a fashion magazine, and it was hard to picture him dancing around in a boxing ring, landing punches and taking them. “I understand protection.”

Nat’s heartbeat sped up slightly. “Good, because that is precisely why I’m going to ask you to let me cut your hair.”

Miyazaki’s eyes went wide. That damnable look of panic flooded his soft features. “No. I told you, I can’t.”

“The nose ring too has to go.” Nat steeled himself against Miyazaki’s expression. Whether the guy was being manipulative or not didn’t matter. Bottom line was he was acting stupidly and against his best interest. “You stick out like a sore thumb.” He took a step closer and saw Miyazaki wince. “You can’t rely on a hat. Especially if you’re going to be training. It could fall off. You need to blend in a bit.”


Nat suppressed a flash of anger. “Yes. Or you won’t leave this room. You can stay holed up in here until I hear from Tokyo that you’re free to leave.”

“That’s fine with me. I don’t want to go anywhere.”

Nat crossed his arms. “Giving me an attitude won’t help you. In case you haven’t learned that.”

Alarm passed over Miyazaki’s face. “I’m not trying to give you an attitude. I swear.” He glanced away and then back. “It won’t matter about my hair anyway. I have…tattoos. You can’t cut them out.”

“Tattoos can be covered.” He gestured toward Miyazaki. “I don’t see any on you now.”

“Under these clothes, maybe.” Miyazaki’s hands went to the buttons of his shirt. “But I can’t wear jeans in the ring.”

Tingles ran down Nat’s arms. “What are you doing?”

“Showing you what I mean.” Miyazaki’s fingers worked open his black shirt and the material fell to each side. With a quick yank, he slid the shirt off.

Nat stared. Loog ga ree. Son of a bitch. ‘Tattoos’ was an understatement. Miyazaki’s whole torso was a canvas of color and design. For a moment, Nat’s mind blurred. All he could see were swirling patterns of leaping white tigers across Miyazaki’s chest, ribcage and abdomen. Nat pulled in a breath. Heat erupted in his armpits.

Miyazaki stood, watching him, his arms at his sides. The rounded muscles of his shoulders too, were inked, the colors reaching to his carved-looking triceps. “See?”

Nat swallowed hard. He hadn’t meant to notice the v-shape of the other man’s torso or the lean perfection of his wiry musculature. If it hadn’t been for his soft facial expressions, Miyazaki would have been the picture of a tough fighter. He was small, a welterweight, but like his face, his upper body was perfect.

Nat cleared his throat. The lubrication needed to speak seemed to have dried up in the last few seconds. “You can wear a shirt when you go outside,” he managed to say. “No big deal.”

Miyazaki didn’t answer. Instead, he began toeing off his boots then undid the button and zipper of his jeans.

More electric heat zinged through Nat’s body. What the hell was this guy doing?

Before he could even turn around, Miyazaki had shucked off his jeans and straightened again. “It won’t work.” He pointed down.

Nat wanted to close his eyes. But he couldn’t. The bottom half of Miyazaki was as colorful…and…perfect as the top half. And well, he could see just about all of it. Including the hints of dark hair just above his…package, barely concealed by a pouch of white cloth. The rest of his underwear was a couple of strings across his hips and…Miyazaki turned around…up the crack of his ass, both cheeks of which were covered in colorful swirling designs. Purples, blues, reds, oranges and yellows…

To Nat’s horror, his mouth began to water, as if the colors inked onto Miyazaki’s smooth skin were flavors he could lick right off.

“I told you,” Miyazaki said. He sounded a bit petulant, though the tone of his soft voice had dropped a notch.

From about mid-thigh to just below his collarbone, he was covered, a literal human canvas. Nat’s gaze traveled over the perfect round globes of his ass, up his widening back where two samurai warriors in flowing kimonos fanned out, arms entwined, lips pressed together in a tender kiss.

Nat began to pace in the small room, the only way he could think of to relieve the sudden pressure in his groin. It occurred to him that Miyazaki could just be playing a game, using seduction to control him when flattery hadn’t worked. “It’s not going to work you know.”

“What’s not going to work?”

Nat glanced up. Miyazaki had turned back around to face him. His wide-eyed gaze almost made Nat think he really didn’t know. “The seduction thing. Getting undressed like that.” He gestured. “No matter what you do, I’m not going to let you keep that electric hair so that everyone will remember you at first glance. That’s a good way to get killed.”

Miyazaki’s soft lips parted and his eyes grew even wider. “I wasn’t trying to…seduce you.” He looked down and Nat could swear he saw the other man’s cheeks flush a shade darker.

Then something else occurred to him. “You are a yakuza, aren’t you?”

At that, Miyazaki whipped his head up, eyes pained, as if he’d been physically slapped. “I am not a yak.”

Nat crossed his arms, pinning Miyazaki with his gaze. “Then why are you marked up like one?” The thought that the guy was a criminal helped take the edge off Nat’s physical response to his incredible, nearly-naked physique.

For a moment, Miyazaki’s eyes misted over, as if he would burst into tears. But he remained silent and then squared his shoulders, causing the white tigers across his front to shift. “That’s personal.”

Nat uncrossed his arms and took a step toward Miyazaki. “Don’t you ever just answer a question? How the hell am I supposed to help you if you won’t tell me what I need to know?”

Again, silence. And that soft yet somewhat defiant look.

Dammit. He exhaled and turned his back to Miyazaki. “Why don’t you…I don’t know…get dressed, or shower or something. Not that it matters. You’re not going out of this room anyway.”

“I’d like to shower.”

“Fine.” He heard sounds of Miyazaki rummaging in his bag, probably for a toiletry kit or something followed by the door to the tiny bathroom closing and the spray of the shower.

Finally Nat turned around. Miyazaki’s clothing was off the floor and neatly folded on the foot of the bed. Nat looked at the closed door. That’s when the idea hit him. Quickly he formulated his plan to deal with Miyazaki’s hair, then got ready. First to change into something looser and more comfortable. He opted for no shirt and a pair of fisherman pants. Then he called Lew’s office to ask to borrow a pair of electric hair clippers—Lew always had one of those around—then called Tongmee to come to the room to help him.

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MEN OF PHUKET: TONGUE THAI’D by Sedonia Guillone is a very pleasant and suspenseful read. This story is romantic and sizzling. Together, Nat and Ryu are charming and very real characters. I empathized with their pain, while hoping for them to heal. I wanted things to work out for them. The plot was also very interesting. There were some surprising twists that I thought were very well done. The climax of the story felt a little rushed to me but the author did a great job of making it exciting for the reader. I wish it had been drawn out a little more. The secondary characters were also appealing. I was surprised but glad to see a transsexual character treated with the respect and understanding she deserves, and I found the villain suitably repulsive. I loved the setting of this story. Thailand, and more specifically Phucket, are described with rich detail. I felt like I was really there. I also enjoyed reading about gay culture in Thailand. Ms. Guillone has written a fun and enjoyable novel.

Four Ribbons, Romance Junkies


The romantic plot is very tender: Ryu’s need of love and his generosity in giving and sharing his body with Nat (who has his own problems to deal) is very sweet; in spite of all the bad experiences he has had, Ryu is still a young and innocent man, who seems to have no control in his body when that body demands to be satisfy through Nat. And Nat is like an elephant is a crystal shop: he has no idea how to deal with this precious jewel which is Ryu.

The story is long enough to give you a lot to read, but maybe to full deal with all the elements in the story (the yakuza thing, the former career of Nat, the White Tiger disciple…) I’d like the book a little longer. Anyway I have really enjoy the story and also the sex scenes, which are really exciting.

Elisa Rolle of Isn’t It Romantic


TONGUE THAI’D is a very visual and fast moving story about two very colorful men who find the love of their lives in the most unexpected place. Ryu has had a tough life, but somehow he retained his childlike belief in the goodness of others. Nat appears hard and cold, but in Ryu he finds the other part of his soul that he didn’t know was missing. Together they create a love that may be strong enough to overcome the danger that lies ahead of them. Add to this a story with enough suspense and drama that forms an incredible plot which will hold the reader spellbound from the start. Thanks go to Ms. Guillone for another amazing story.

5 Angels from FAR


MEN OF PHUKET: TONGUE-THAI’D by Miss Guillone is pleasant and suspenseful read, filled with fear, betrayal, deceit, threats and romantic, sizzling passion. The scenes between Nat and Ryu are at first tense, antagonistic and filled with anger, but they quickly turn to compassion, understanding and fiery desire. Both Nat and Ryu had well defined and interesting personalities, while the secondary characters were likeable and appealing, there inclusion into the story only adding to its depth. I loved the locale of the book and Miss Guillone described it in rich and vivid detail, making the setting come alive.

My Book Cravings


Kiku is your strong silent type, Ryu is absolutely adorable and when you get to know Nat…he’s just drop dead hot! Every thriller needs a bad guy or two, and sometimes you just don’t know how close they really are. Once past the stage setting at the beginning of the novel, I had a hard time putting this book down it was so good. Sedonia Guillone’s book has it all, MEN OF PHUKET: TONGUE-THAI’D is a wild ride of thrill, suspense, new love and hot sex!

Joyfully Reviewed