Barely Undercover

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Genre: Gayrotica, Contemporary, Romantic Suspense
Series: Kaz and Damien, Book 2
Release Date: July 14, 2017

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For six months Detective Frank Kazaminsky has been on the trail of a Boston drug lord who keeps his stash in Club Moritz, the city’s premier gay strip club. Finally, Kaz has the evidence he needs to make a bust, but needs to pose as a male stripper to get on the inside. To look convincing, Kaz turns to his former lover, Damien, a stripper-turned-English professor for lessons. There’s only one problem. Six months ago, Kaz broke up with Damien without a word of explanation. He left Damien heartbroken and bitter. And now Damien’s the only one who can help him.

Fortunately, Damien agrees to help. He can’t refuse the one guy he’s ever really loved. However, once the stripping lessons begin, Damien has Kaz right where he’s always wanted him, naked and aroused. However, Damien is determined to strip off more than Kaz’s clothes. He’s going to get the truth…

Publisher Note: Previously published elsewhere.

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Damien’s house was just as Kaz remembered it. Cozy, neat, orderly. Kaz slipped his shoes off by the front door and stepped in. He raked his gaze over the room and his body tingled to life. Like Pavlov’s dogs salivating when they heard the bell ring, Kaz got horny, looking at all the surfaces he and Damien had anointed with their sweaty naked bodies pressed together. Sofas, chairs, rugs, table tops.

Wait. On one tabletop – the dining room table – a vase of roses exploded in colors. Damien loved roses.

Jealousy raked Kaz’s gut. “Who’re the roses from?” The question was out before he could stop himself.

Damien had set down his briefcase and was in the middle of opening the living room windows to let in fresh air. He threw a glance over his shoulder, one eyebrow arched. “Wouldn’t you like to know?” He straightened away from the window and turned, arms folded. A mischievous look danced in his green eyes. “Since when do you care who sends me flowers, Detective?”

Kaz felt tortured. How could he explain that he’d broken up with Damien because of his damn heart problem? By the way, Damien, I have a bad ticker and can’t give you enough sex because of it. That’s why I disappeared. He cleared his throat. “Sorry. Forget I asked. It’s none of my business.”

Damien sighed. The look on his face softened. “Dammit, I can’t even enjoy tormenting you for a second. They’re from Carrie. She sent them for my birthday.”

Damien’s sister. Now Kaz felt like a complete asshole. Damien’s birthday last week was the first one in thirteen years Kaz had let slide by without even a phone call. He hadn’t forgotten, but hadn’t felt like he should make contact with him. No sense giving Damien false hope. It was nearly impossible to be near Damien without wanting to ravage him. He moved a couple of steps closer to Damien. “I’m sorry. I didn’t…call you on your birthday.”

A look of complete sadness slipped into Damien’s eyes. He stood, silent for a moment, then waved his hand. “Let’s not go there, all right?” He sighed and then scanned the room. “There’s enough space here, I think, for your…um…lesson.” He went over to his stereo and ran an index finger down a perfectly organized cassette holder. “Unlike regular dancing, stripping can be done in a condensed space if needed.” He looked at the cassettes a moment longer then plucked one out. “Here it is. Music from my dark secret past.”

Damien put the tape into the machine and pressed a button. In seconds, Marvin Gaye was crooning, “Let’s Get it On.” A grin tugged at Damien’s lips and his green eyes had taken on that seductive look, the one that had changed Kaz’s life the first time he saw it. Damien pulled out a dining room chair and set it facing the empty floor space. “All right, Detective, have a seat. You’re the audience for now.”

Kaz sat down. Damien hadn’t even started and Kaz already felt the slight increase in his heart rate. He thought of the bottle of pills in his jacket pocket.

“For your purposes,” Damien went on, “You just need to do something simple and slow. No need for gymnastics or fancy steps. Just moves that ooze sex.” He stepped back and closed his eyes.

Kaz watched Damien slip into a different mode. Kaz’s breath tightened a bit and he felt sweat on his palms. When Damien opened his eyes, that seductive look remained and his grin deepened. He started winding his slim hips. “Just get into a groove. Relax. This…” he indicated his chest and stomach, then slid his hands, palm down, on his hips, pulling Kaz’s attention to the bulge in front, “is the main attraction. Every move you make is intended to keep them looking right here…and here.” Damien turned around. He continued to wind his hips. Each movement made his hard, perfectly shaped ass strain against his beige slacks.

Kaz’s mouth watered. “It works,” he mumbled.

Damien swung back around. “A figure eight, slow and easy, will do the trick.” He took hold of his jacket and held it open. “Once you have your rhythm going, you can start the teasing.” He grinned and pulled the jacket back so it slipped off his shoulders. “Ease things off. No rush. Make them drool.”

Shit. Damien hadn’t even take off a stitch and Kaz could feel his cock tighten, strain against his briefs. He stared, mesmerized. Nothing was better than watching Damien. No sunrise, no mountain or forest was preferable to looking at this man’s huge green eyes, thick soft hair and perfectly sculpted, delicious body.

“Got what I’m saying so far?” Damien ground his hips in seductive circles even as he spoke.

Kaz nodded. The power of speech eluded him.

Damien chuckled. “Yeah, you’ve got that I hear you look in your eyes.” He eased the jacket further down his arms. “The key to getting the clothing off is: don’t do any move you can’t do in a seductive way. Follow the beat of the music…feel it in your blood…let it guide you.” A dip in the rhythm of the song provided a beat in which Damien straightened his arms low behind him, let the jacket slide off his arms and to the floor in one smooth movement.

In the very next beat, he resumed that seductive grind of his hips and moved his hands up his torso as if he were feeling himself up.

Kaz caught his breath. Heat collected under his t-shirt, made his heart increase more. His cock was almost completely hard and pushed against his briefs. If he was already this hot now, what the hell would he do when he could see Damien’s bare skin?

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Ms. Guillone has created a fast paced and very erotic story. The scene where Damien danced is so descriptive it was almost like watching a movie- very beautiful and hot. Kaz learns that he has to trust the man that he loves to stay with him through good and bad times. Together Kaz and Damien have a love that is strong enough to weather any crisis as long as they stay together. Thanks go to Ms. Guillone for another excellent book.

4 Angels from Fallen Angel Reviews


In BARELY UNDERCOVER you meet two hot, completely alpha males: Kaz and Damien. Kaz believes that protecting Damien from his past will keep him from being hurt. Damien, the sensual, irrepressible person that he is, doesn’t let the hard-headed cop get away with anything—inside the bedroom or out. He has his own agenda. He will help Kaz learn to strip and infiltrate Club Moritz. But he plans to make Kaz tell all, and explain why he left him heartbroken. Then he’ll make very sure Kaz never wants to say goodbye to him again.

This is a very passionate and steamy read. Sedonia Guillone always brings the reader to a sensual, erotic edge. This book is no exception. It’s a fast, extremely hot book. Sedonia Guillone is an author who writes with no holds barred, bringing on the heat full blast in her work. Love is a BARELY UNDERCOVER affair for sure in this book.

Two Lips Reviews


BARELY UNDERCOVER by Sedonia Guillone is a fun and suspenseful m/m romance. Sedonia Guillone is one of my favorite authors, and this novella did not disappoint. I read this story in one sitting. I really liked Kaz and Damien. Both of these characters are well-developed and captivating. The romance is very sweet but it also has plenty of heat. The scenes where Damien is teaching Kaz how to strip are both hot and fun to read. The plot is well-developed and suspenseful with a very surprising ending.

Four Ribbons from Romance Junkies


Then intensity of this story of getting back together is outstanding. There is the underlying cop drama but mostly it is the finally bringing the problem of their relationship to the front and dealing with it. Sadly they spent so long apart and Kaz hurt Damien so much they will have to mend the broken pieces to start over. It is sassy and kinky and really fun reading.