Between Two Captains

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Genre: Historical, Menage (M/F/M)
Length: Novel
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Violette Poole, engaged to a man she hates, flees her father’s home the night of her engagement party. When her father asks family friend Captain Ethan Carrick to look for her, Ethan finds her. However, Violette refuses to go anywhere with him until he makes love to her, ruining her in the eyes of her fiance.

An afternoon of passionate lovemaking leads to a deeper bond between them and Ethan refuses to return Violette to a man she doesn’t love, especially the man he holds responsible for his brother Charles’ ruination. However, Richard Graves, the fiance, is a fiercer opponent than they expected and it will take more than one session of lovemaking for Graves to consider her ruined.

It then falls to both Charlie and Ethan to find new and wicked ways to “ruin” Violette! And when they do, she doesn’t want to live without either of them!

Publisher Note: Previously published elsewhere.

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She watched Ethan shake his head in obvious frustration and she suppressed another bit of laughter. However, her smile faded when she saw Ethan’s fingers rise once again to his vest buttons. He’d already removed his jacket and his arm muscles strained against the starched white material.

A flushing warmth ignited in her belly. She turned away and began to unbutton her own blouse.

The room was quiet for the next few moments, the only sound the muffled whisper of clothing being removed.

When Violette had removed her skirts and stood only in her chemise and pantalettes, she stole a glance at Ethan. Immediately, her blood warmed in her veins and she forced back the audible catch in her breath.

He had almost finished undressing and wore only his drawers, which he was already unbuttoning. His back was to her and the flexing of his back and arm muscles as he moved immediately captured her attention.

Like a guilty voyeur, she watched him slip his drawers off, her gaze sliding over his hard buttocks and sloping thighs. He was the statue of a Greek god come to life. And she was about to be pressed against his chiseled form.

He moved around, his front becoming visible as he folded the drawers.

She caught her breath and turned her back to him, pretending she hadn’t been watching.

“I’m ready,” she heard him say.

“How about you, Violette?” Charlie asked, a slight chord of tension audible in his voice.

“Almost. I’m in my underthings.”

He paused, as if the mention of her underthings had affected him somehow. “Well, if you wish, we’ll work on the placement of the pose before you remove them.”

She nodded, swallowing hard. “All right.”

Slowly she turned, trying hard not to stare at Ethan. She looked down, but not before catching a glance at his bare front. She didn’t understand her abashedness. After all, she’d already seen him naked. He’d been inside her, touched her everywhere with his hands and mouth.

“I’m going to turn around now, Violette,” Charlie said.

His utter politeness was very touching, making her feel even more like a letch the way she had to force herself not to stare at Ethan’s zizi, along with all the rest of him. “Yes, Charlie.”

Her hands hung at her sides, she watched Charlie slowly turn, maneuvering himself on his cane.

Their eyes met for a moment and Violette saw his visible struggle not to stare at her or let his gaze rove over her body. He was trying so hard to be respectful that his intention stirred her heart. However, she liked him and found that she wasn’t at all uncomfortable. In face, to her sudden, burning shame, she found herself wanting him to see her naked.

She looked down at her bare feet. What kind of woman was she? Maman had always spoken openly to her about sex and men and women and what they did together, but perhaps her openness had a produced a wanton whore. Perhaps she was truly destined for a place like Madame DuChamps’. Maybe Ethan shouldn’t have pulled her out of there.

“Come here, Violette,” Charlie’s gentle voice cut into her reverie of shame. He had gone over to the sofa. “I’ve considered the possibilities here,” he went on, “and I believe if we want scandalous, you, Violette, should be on your back, underneath Ethan.” He paused and cleared his throat. His voice trembled slightly. “He’ his arms around you and will be looking down into your eyes, as if he’s.about to kiss you.”

Kiss. Underneath. Arms around you. The words reverberated through her already heating body. She nodded, moving steadily toward the sofa. Her heart pumped and her sex tingled madly. She sensed Ethan close by, also approaching the leather sofa, where just the night before, Charlie had held her and then let her fall asleep with her head on his lap.

Charlie went to a table and picked up his sketchpad. He returned to his wheelchair, which still sat nearby from the night before and lowered himself into it, the pad on his lap. “I’ll close my eyes while you take off your underclothes and you and Ethan get into the position I described. I assume you don’t need.specific instructions.”

“We don’t,” Ethan muttered, a husky tinge to his voice.

“Thank you, Charlie,” she said softly. She turned and untied the bow on her shimmy. One glance at Ethan showed her that, unlike his brother, he wasn’t going to turn away while she finished undressing.

She pulled the chemise up over her head and let it drop to the floor. Without stopping to watch Ethan’s response, she loosened the tie on her pantalettes and let them pool around her feet.

She bent to step out of them and felt the sudden warmth of Ethan’s hand as it closed around hers, supporting her while she lifted each foot free of the gauzy material. Reluctantly, because of another wave of intense shyness, she raised her gaze to his and smiled.

His dark eyes had taken on a velvety sheen, the appreciation emanating from them. His face had darkened and she registered the deepening of his breath by the rise and fall of his broad chest. And by the way his zizi stiffened and rose slightly from its formerly more relaxed position.

He guided her to the sofa and into a lying down position. The cushions were wide enough for her to lie with one leg draped over the edge when she spread her legs.

“Are you in position yet?” Charlie asked.

“Almost,” Ethan said, his voice low and husky. “I will let you know immediately.” He looked down at Violette, his zizi now fully hard. “Are you ready?”

She nodded, the sight of his erection sending a shiver of heat through her sex, which she could already feel moistening. She held her arms out to him, her body craving the feel of his masculine strength against her, covering her.

Without another word, he bent over the sofa and lowered himself gently onto her, cradling himself between her thighs.

She nearly let out a groan of pleasure as his chest pressed onto hers, crushing her breasts in the most delicious way. Her nipples tingled wildly, slivers of heat traveling through her breasts as he adjusted himself, rubbing the tender buds with his movements.

He slid his hands underneath her, cradling her torso completely in the circle of his arms.

Pose or not, the feeling of being so completely held weakened her body and soul, and she melted underneath him, her lips parting slightly. She stared up at him, drinking in the sight of his face hovering above hers, desire pooling in his eyes.

His lips parted too, and he looked as if at any moment, he would descend and kiss her passionately. “All right, Charlie,” he breathed.

Charlie cleared his throat. “Okay then, I’m going to open my eyes. Don’t move from your pose, not even to look at me.”

“Very well.”

In the next moment, Violette heard Charlie catch his breath. Several more moments passed where she resisted the urge to look at him and see his expression. She did, however, sense his gaze on her as she lay under Ethan, locked in a passionate and erotic embrace. Charlie’s breathing, noticeably deeper, also mingled with theirs in the quiet studio.

“Splendid,” Charlie murmured finally, his tone a blend of wonder and intrigued arousal.

In the next moment, she heard the light scratching sounds of his pencil on the sketchpad. Her body, already melting and aroused from being entwined naked with Ethan, heated yet more from having Charlie’s gaze on her as well, capturing the erotic moment on paper.

Ethan’s erection pressed right against the most sensitive part of her inner sex. She slipped her arm around him, her fingertips pressing into the muscles of his back. Without thinking, she arched her pelvis against him in a silent plea.

He let out a heavy breath, his chest heaving against hers.

Violette didn’t know how much longer she could hold this pose without begging Ethan to make love to her. In front of Charlie.

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Well-written and fast-paced, BETWEEN TWO CAPTAINS was an entertaining read. Being raised by a sexually aware actress prepared Violette for loving two men and not being too hard on herself for what society considers debauched behavior. Her calm acceptance of her circumstance when she runs from her fiancé was refreshing in the face of so many hysterical debutantes. The development and consummation of this trio was natural and sensual. A very good read.

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