A Vampire For Christmas

The Bite Before ChristmasThe Bite Before ChristmasPublisher: Loose Id
In an Anthology, titled THE BITE BEFORE CHRISTMAS, with Laura Baumbach and Kit Tunstall.
ISBN-10: 1596325186
ISBN-13: 978-1596325180
Genre: Vampire; LGBT (M/M);
Release Date: December 2006 (eBook)/ July 2007 (Trade Paperback)

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When his sister is held ransom by Noiret, the most vicious of vampires, ex-vampire slayer and empathic immortal, Jesse Harmon, must do the vampire’s bidding and slay again in order to obtain Hannah’s freedom. To add insult to the task, Jesse must kill a Coeur-Eternel, a breed of vampire he’s sworn never to hurt again. However, desperation drives him to seek out St. Cyr whose head he must take, the bargaining chip he needs for his sister’s life. His troubles deepen when he falls in love with his handsome, compassionate quarry. Now faced with a horrendous choice, Jesse must trust the one thing in which he has the least faith: love.

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The sound of footsteps caused him to turn. Someone was coming down the sidewalk. Jesse made his way back up to the spot where he’d been waiting and pretended to be a passerby. He glanced at the figure drawing closer. Tall. So far fitting the description. A little closer and Jesse caught the glint of golden hair, soft and full. The kind he’d always found sexy under the right circumstances.

A little closer and the man’s face came into view. There it was, the gash-like scar on the cheek. Noiret’s “gift.” Jesse was face to face with his quarry.

St. Cyr.

Jesse’s gaze connected with the vampire’s. He couldn’t see the color of St. Cyr’s eyes in the dim lamplight, but noticed their fathomless depth of emotion. He gave the signal to his hired hit before he lost his nerve.

The engine, which had been idling, gunned to life and pealed away from the curb. Jesse kept walking as the tires squealed past him and the shots rang out, pumping lead into his body.

It had been centuries since he’d had bullets pound through his flesh and he was unprepared for the impact. His body spun out of control as the bullets sprayed his body embedding themselves deep inside him. The pain was unlike any he’d ever known.

The last thing he felt was the force of his buckled knees hitting the pavement. His torso keeled over, powerless. Then the world went black.


Christian spun around, the sound of screeching tires and the acrid smell of gunpowder assaulting his senses. The echoes of the shots reverberated through the freezing still air, punctuated by a dog’s barking and lights going on in windows facing the street.

He bounded to the fallen man, who, just a moment before, had caught Christian’s eye with his Roman good looks.

Christian knelt down and peered into the man’s face. Surprisingly, the dark eyes were still open, though mostly the whites showed, the irises rolled back. His lips were parted, breath panting. By all accounts, he should be dead. No one survived such a shower of lead.

The man let out a couple of choked coughs. His eyelids closed, his breath rasped. Strong as he was to still be at all alive, he was certainly dying.

A siren rang in the distance. Christian looked around, ensuring the street was still quiet. Sliding his gloved hands under the man’s body, he lifted him up carefully, turned and sprang, gliding up, weightless, to the roof of his building. Here, he could have privacy to put the man out of his misery.

Christian set the dying man gently onto the graveled roof on his back. He pulled off his gloves, his heightened sight distinguishing the dark stains of crimson on the sleeves of his coat. He put his fingertips to the pulse on the man’s neck. The tiny beat throbbed slowly, at the same sluggish rate as the woman in the hospital earlier. He sensed the man’s life ebbing away.

The siren drew closer, coming to a stop by the spot where the shooting had been. Christian ignored it, giving his complete attention to the man lying before him. The metallic scent of blood curled into his nostrils, teasing, rousing his hunger. He pulled open the man’s coat and gently tugged down the turtleneck collar of his black shirt.

Curling up his lips, he bent over and sank his incisors into the soft flesh on the side of the man’s throat. Pulling them out, he suckled blood from the punctures, his body throbbing with arousal. The man’s skin had a feral, musky scent that spoke to him deep inside. The salty sweet taste of his flesh mixed with his blood sang through Christian’s body. He drank deeply, feeling the man’s sweet essence, a good soul, someone he could have loved.

The man’s heartbeat, loud in Christian’s ears, slowed to a dying crawl and halted.

Christian imbibed one last drop of blood and sat up, swiping his bloodstained lips with the heel of his hand. He knelt beside the now still body, staring down at the tranquil face, more visible by moonlight. Christian’s half-heart ached, feeling unable to house all its emotion and appreciation of the man’s physical beauty. He had a high forehead across which a small lock of dark hair had fallen. The eyebrows gracefully arched over dark thick fringes of lashes. His cheekbones planed down to beautifully sculpted lips and a cleft chin. The lightest shade of stubble growth covered his jaw and upper lip, giving him a rugged appearance.

Hmm, Christian marveled at the beauty of his form, the likes of which he hadn’t seen since the days of Roman soldiers. Not that there weren’t handsome men in the world. There certainly were, but this man had something.something he couldn’t identify, that mystified him and made him ache that he’d never know him.

Before he knew what he was doing, he reached out and tenderly passed his hand over the man’s forehead and hair, caressing him as if to comfort him.

Sudden movement caught Christian’s eye. What the.? Is that what he thought it was? The eyelashes fluttering? He drew back his hand staring. The full bottom lip worked slightly, followed by the whoosh of an intake of breath.

Christian gasped. No! He hadn’t brought this man across, had he? He’d vowed centuries ago when the C-E’S had agreed to take him in as one of them, that he would not sire ever again. Death had always seemed preferable to him than a soulless existence and he hated damning another to that fate, no matter whether the person desired it or not.

His heart sank. The man was undoubtedly coming back to life. He didn’t bother to check for a pulse. The life that showed itself now was that of the undead.

Dammit! As magnificent as this man was and as much as he’d stirred Christian’s desire to mate, Christian had broken his sacred vow. He’d fed from this man and rendered him immortal, doomed to blood lust. Christian was responsible for him now. For eternity.

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Reader beware, if you are not into homoerotic romance, do not buy A VAMPIRE FOR CHRISTMAS. On the same note, if it is your cup of tea, you won’t go wrong with Sedonia Guillone. This story is filled with graphic sex and heated intimacies that will have you reaching for your lover or toys. Christian was fascinating to me, and I am not sure why, but he just grabbed me and did not let go. He was seductive and intelligent and had me panting along with Jesse. To be able to fall for a person, even when you find the truth behind them, is an amazing thing. Jesse realizes his mistake and is determined to do right by Chris, even for the sake of Hannah, which to me shows true love. The story was action packed and fast paced, bringing into the mix three sexy sub characters that made the story even hotter. I found the ending quite satisfying.

4 Stars, Heal Level: O, Stacey Landers, JERR


A VAMPIRE FOR CHRISTMAS kept me spellbound from beginning to end. The interaction between Jesse and Christian was stirring and passionate. Christian was noble and endearing and Jesse’s need to save his sister could be felt in his every action. Sedonia Guillone moved me with A VAMPIRE FOR CHRISTMAS and left me wanting more of her vampires.

4 1/2 Kisses, Tara Renee, Two Lips Reviews


MyBookCravingsMs. Guillone has written a fast paced, well plotted book that pulled me into the story from the every first and had me racing to the end. I didn’t want to put this one down. I loved the twist of her vampire only feeding for mercy, and putting him into the profession of a physician was nothing short of pure genesis. The depth of feeling between these two men took my breath away and their passion had the pages going up in flames. This gem of Christmas tale is a definite keeper.

Five Daisies from My Book Cravings