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We authors who write M/M know that writing love scenes takes time and care to craft, to make incorporate the emotions with the physical acts so that the developing eroticism between the two MCs doesn’t feel forced or just inserted into the story for the sake of adding sex. I’m very happy to have author D.L. Warner today with a tutorial on writing m/m erotic scenes, a juicy instructional excerpt and links to other yummy examples. Her main rule of thumb is to “keep it real.”

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A few weeks ago, I got into a discussion about writing sex scenes with a new author who found them difficult and embarrassing. She thought that readers would believe she had done the things her characters did. Every time she’d get into a groove, the thought of family or friends reading it would make her freeze, stifling her creativity. I’m not sure if I can help with that feeling. I am often mortified when I hear that my mother-in-law has been reading my erotica. I mean, who wouldn’t be shaken up? I can’t help an author with qualms over who may be reading his or her works. At some point, an author needs to own the work and be proud of all that effort and time and tears.

Keep It Real

As for writing sex scenes? I could say wing it. There seem to be no wrong ways in yaoi even if they defy the physical facts of male anatomy or physics and gravity, in some cases. It’s clear that even some of the best writers out there don’t know a lot about gay sex. One of the first mangaka we localized admitted that her agent had purchased gay porn for her to watch to improver her accuracy. She’s very well known, and this is still a problem. I think getting the sex right is worth the effort. Mechanics are easy to research. Without spending any money, you can find quality porn that will give you the basics. Do not look at anime or manga yaoi for instructions on actual sex. Too many of them get it wrong (I mean the physical mechanics are just plain wrong) to use as an example of how to write your own scenes. However, to really write how characters feel during sex, it really helps to have had great sex. I’m not saying that having had great sex is essential in writing great sex scenes, but it really, really helps.

For me, sex is a way to reveal a character – no pun intended. How they make love tells a lot about who they are. Sex between the characters is just another way of communicating. It’s really jarring to have a character take a 180 from his normal personality when he is in a sex scene. A playful Seme becoming a hyper-violent bully in bed rings false and can be a complete turn off. Likewise, the uber macho Seme who inexplicably gets lovey-dovey cutsy during sex is really off putting as well. Using the personalities seen outside of the bedroom actually makes writing the scenes in the bedroom easier. Creating a whole new persona for a character is not easy. I’ll give you some examples of how I write and then a few suggestions for films and anime to watch that have terrific character driven sex scenes.

The Dominant/submissive or Seme/uke Relationship

As I have said many times before, there is more to this relationship that physical restraints or violence. My biggest baddest dominant or Seme, Darius Galatea, begins seducing his gorgeous and willful uke, Andreas Hesper, the first time he touches him. Darius is the most powerful man in a planetary system. Aside from that he is extremely hot and sensually compelling. His regard can be so intense that he cannot work with anyone on his staff that is attracted to males. There have been too many misunderstandings and broken hearts and obsessive stalkers. The arrogance in Darius is fully justified. Yet he takes nothing for granted when he really wants something or someone. Andreas Hesper has relatively little power compared to Darius. However, he is powerful in his own world. He knows instinctively if someone means him physical harm and knows how to protect himself. Andreas is also incredibly beautiful and sensual and full of mischief. Those qualities catch Darius’ interest and complete attention. Just as he would in a complex business deal, Darius immediately began calculating the way he would pursue Andreas. He wants to addict Andreas to having sex with him. He wants him to willingly give himself completely for an indefinite amount of time. This entire plan begins with a dance in Ensnared Volume One .

The decision was made in a split second. Before Mykos could offer a course of action, Darius was on his feet. A second later, he was pulling Andreas into his arms. In one smooth movement, Darius entwined his long, elegant fingers with Andreas’ then pulled his left arm behind his back to bring him close. The other hand firmly held the right hand to guide the dance. Andreas was stunned for a few seconds, but soon he was moving in a sensual counter rhythm. Andreas relaxed in his grasp then met his gaze. Darius was impressed, and not just because of the way Andreas felt in his arms. They fit well and moved very well together – almost like they had danced that way before. What Darius admired was the attitude he was getting from Andreas. The challenge was there, but there was also curiosity in those incredible green-gold eyes. He met Darius’ eyes without fear, yet there was fascination and appreciation there as well.
Andreas Hesper was not fawning over Darius. He was subtly fighting, him all to the beat of the music. Every 8th beat, he tried to pull back and get some distance from the Cosi’s body. No one watching them knew just how hard Andreas fought against being overwhelmed. He was very graceful and very subtle in his movements. Darius was just as graceful and subtle pulling Andreas back pressing him close without grinding against him. Though he knew that his face remained impassive, Darius felt a spark of lust from holding Andreas that he hadn’t felt in some time – if ever. He had to fight a nearly overwhelming urge to grab him by his hair and kiss Andreas long and hard. He wanted to weaken him to the point where he’d be willing to give his body for thorough use until he could come no more. Yes, that was deeply appealing and completely impractical.
Instead, Darius dipped his head to one side to scent Andreas just behind his ear. He smelled of warm spices. With that honey colored skin, Darius was certain that he tasted delicious. The Crew Leader inhaled sharply then leaned into the hold Darius had on him. The Cosi looked Andreas in the eyes once more. What he saw almost ended his fragile resolve. The fight was still there but this time his eyes were dilated and a little dreamy. This time, when he tried to pull away, Darius was certain that Andreas was fighting himself. Darius wondered what he would try next to escape.
“I’m Andreas Hesper, Lord Galatea,” he said. Darius found he liked that deep, rich voice a little desperate.
“I know that now,” Darius replied mildly. “It’s unfortunate that I’ve never dealt with you personally. That may have to change.”
Andreas swallowed hard just as the song ended. Darius released him with clear reluctance.
“Thank you, Lord,” Andrea said softly.
Darius wasn’t sure if he was thanking him for the dance or for releasing him. He returned to his table heedless of the gaping eyes upon him.

When circumstances force Andreas to seek protection from Darius, words are used to seduce him into complete surrender.

Andreas leaned heavily on the wall and stared absently out the window. Though his mind was still racing, his body felt like it was made of lead. He didn’t even notice that Darius had returned until the Cosi was looming over him. In that weakened state, Andreas found the man’s presence overwhelming.
“Darius…what…what will you have of me?”
“What do you mean?”
“Do you want me to be…naked for this whole time I am with you?”
“Ah, yes….always naked…always ready to receive me,” he murmured with a ghost of a smile playing on his face.
“Yeah,” Andreas managed with a hard swallow.
“Do you want to be always naked and ready for me?” He asked huskily.
Andreas felt his face flush. It was in his head to say hell no, but his brain couldn’t make his mouth say the words as he looked up into the Cosi’s hot blue gaze. What was happening to him?
Darius gently took Andreas by the chin once again and gently tilted his head up.
“We will share a great deal of pleasure, sweet Dami,” Darius said. “I know you have a profoundly sensual nature. I am not willing to share that nature or your beauty with anyone. You are not permitted to be unclothed for anyone save me. Nor is anyone else to touch you.”
Andreas was deeply relieved.
“The morning has caught up with you,” Darius observed. “You probably didn’t sleep well the night before.”
“No. Not really.”
“Go find the Master Suite, and lie down,” he said. His voice was gentle.
“But…don’t you want….aren’t I supposed to…”
“I will have you until you can’t come anymore,” Darius promised. His voice became sultry. “Have you ever been wrung dry, Andreas? Have you ever begged to stop coming?”
Andreas felt his knees weaken as his mouth went dry. He shook his head and waited for the kiss and the crush of that hard body against his.
“I want you awake enough to enjoy all the torment you’ve courted,” Darius murmured as he ran his thumb along Andreas’ lower lip. “Take your rest. You’ll wake when you’re hungry.”

Once in the bedroom, long before pinning Andreas down or shackling him to the headboard, there is the kiss. Darius uses kissing to weaken knees and drain resistance. By the time he gets around to using a restraint, Darius has taken the fight out of Andreas. That uke is willing to give Darius anything. He doesn’t even have to demand. Meanwhile, Andreas wants to caress Darius as he is being caressed, but he rarely has the presence of mind to do anything but moan and come really hard. Andreas doesn’t really mind any of this despite the power he possessed outside of his Seme’s penthouse. In fact, the more Andreas gives in to his Seme, the more he wants to yield. In the latest short story, Enthralled (available for free in YGG Magaizine Issue 1), Darius finds out just how far his uke is willing to go to submit to him. But beyond being dominant and arrogant, the same humor and tenderness that comes out in their conversations comes out in their lovemaking. Andreas is playful when he isn’t coming really hard. Darius is exasperating. They laugh often in bed.

In short, make sure that you get some good examples of actual sex. If possible, have great sex yourself. Finally, make sure the characters are the same inside the bedroom as outside. Also, don’t worry about people thinking bad things about you for writing erotica. Such critics will find a reason to be haters no matter what you write, so write what you enjoy!

For love scenes that fit the criteria described in the blog, I recommend Judas Kiss featuring hot man on man

action with some sci-fi elements.View free here:  http://www.imdb.com/video/imdb/vi1876468505/ And for character sexiness on the run there is Desperado http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0112851/?ref_=nv_sr_1 I think that the best anime I’ve seen for in character sex that looks accurate (especially the last sex scene) is Ikoku Irokoi Romantan http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL47F1A8E36AF6C8F2.

Have fun writing, and please share your results on the Yaoi a GoGo Facebook page. We may put you in YGG Magazine!

Sorry – so negligent

I’ve been so neglecting my blog. But the reason is always the same – since adding the title publisher to my usual job as author, there is soooo much more to do and my blog goes neglected at times. So I guess the best thing is to catch you up on what I’ve been working on and anything that I hope you might find interesting. lol

In the down time that I do have, my man and I have been watching some excellent martial arts films, which, if you know me, you know I love. In particular, the last couple of days we watched Ong Bak 2 and 3 with Tony Jaa, who, incidentally, wrote the screen plays, choreographed the fight scenes, directed them and produced the films. He has a lot of energy! lol. Anyway, they are well written, well acted and tell a real story of a person’s inner and outer journey of spirit, so there’s some depth to them as well.

As far as writing, I’ve been working away on Soy Sauce Face, my yaoi-style novella. It seems that my heart just leads me to write this type of story these days so I just have to give in to the muse and let myself be directed. It seems to work because when I write the kind of story that just pours from deep within, the story is much better and readers enjoy it more. I’ve grown to love these characters, Jun and Tomo, and I’m closing in on the end of the story. Hopefully within this month I’ll have it finished and ready to go through editing.

As far as publishing news goes, my novel, Delicious Love Triangle has gone on sale for a reduced price of 2.99 at Ai Press.

The other big news is the on September 26th, I’ll be hosting a HUGE release party for Ai Press at The Romance Studio. Hope lots of people will come. It should be fun with prizes and good stuff like that.

Well, there’s plenty more but I don’t want to bore you. lol. Thanks for visiting and reading.

My characters’ world

Like other authors, I’m one of those writers who likes to keep my stories in a consistent world. I thought about this when I look at the body of books I’ve written which is over 30 at this point. When I write one story, you can bet that it takes place in the same world as most of my other stories, regardless of which publisher has published any given book.

In other words, you could play six dregrees of separation and usually find connections just about anywhere. Perhaps that point isn’t organically interesting. After all, it’s just one writer’s world out of soooo many writers on the market, but for each individual person, his or her world is crafted with love. So much time goes into the characters and stories, working to get it just right, a story that one can feel proud of presenting to the world and which holds the keys to what makes that particular author tick. On that level, I feel, it’s fascinating.

For me, the biggest connection has been through my White Tigers series. Beginning with His Beautiful Samurai and Beautiful Samurai, White Tiger (Torquere Press), the world has expanded into the books which directly take place in the White Tiger hotel e.g. Men of Tokyo: Sudden Bliss and Men of Tokyo: Sudden Surrender et al), the place where John and Toshi go undercover is Beautiful Samurai, White Tiger.

However, most recently, that world has expanded into Boston with Acts of Passion. You wouldn’t even have to past two degress for the connection. Michael Di Santo was Toshi’s lover long ago in Berkley. There are no active scenes between the two men in any of the books, but they remember each other very strongly and their romantic relationship was the first significant one for each of them, leaving a long-lasting impression after their separation. And, although I don’t mention the other characters from completely unrelated books and they don’t appear in those books, the world is uniform. It wouldn’t take much for their paths to cross.

Just a little vision into this writer’s psyche. Thanks for reading! Sedonia

More Ryu and Nat…

I’m just addicted to my White Tigers! I had to put aside Fantasy Thief for a bit because a sequel to Men of Phuket: Tongue-Thai’d was yelling at me to be written. My webmistress will be putting up the sneak peek I sent her for posting, so I hope you’ll check back and take a look in the near future. The new title is Thai-ing the Knot, just to give the title a visible link to its predecessor. There will be a couple of surprises inside as to plot, only adding to the whole yakuza intrigue. :grin:

In other news, I finished the series Samurai Girl. I loved it! Six books in all, but I made the mistake of going onto a forum where some thoughtless girl had posted a MAJOR spoiler! Of course, I read it anyway and completely understood the situation in the story differently from how people were discussing it. I don’t want to spoil it for anyone who might read the series so I won’t go into details. But the other thing was, people were complaning about how the series ended on a worse hook that the previous books. When I read it, however, I found the ending completely satisfying.
It does leave the possibility open for more while at the same time, leaving it satisfying in case the author decides not to write further. Of course, yours truly made the mistake of writing to the publisher and offering to ghost write some more of the series if the author couldn’t do it. I should have read the last book first before saying anything! I need to learn patience! With three, no, FOUR works-in-progress of my own, I really have a full plate right now. In any case, I totally recommend Samurai Girl for a cool series with lots of martial arts action and some romance.