Praise for my cover artists

Yesterday I was doing something to work on my website and scrolled down each page. Suddenly it struck me (not that it’s never happened before) that I’m really lucky with the cover artists who’ve done a bunch of my covers. Les Byerley, a Philadelphia based photographer, does all my covers at Ellora’s Cave.

ManwichTwo Captains

I feel he does an absolutely incredible job each time of capturing the feeling I want for each cover. He really is very talented! My favorite one of his is this one for A Man for Michael (even though the cover for Manwich is fabulous!).

A Man for MichaelSudden Surrender

The other covers I’m enamored of are my White Tiger covers. (But you probably would have already guessed that, lol), the MOST incredible one being the most recent, not only because the men on the cover are really good fits for the characters, but because Lyn Taylor, who did this one, worked her tush off getting the tattoos just right! Anne Cain did the other two.

Ann set the stage for the theme of the White Tiger covers. She too, did an awesome job with the tattoos for Ryu, who, by the way, is a young blond Russian man in real life!

Tongue ThaidSudden Bliss

Here, on the Sudden Bliss cover, Naoto in the background, is two men spliced together because although his face fit the character well enough, his body was skinny whereas Naoto is brawny. Who knew how much cutting and pasting goes into these covers to get them just right? Well, the results are worth it. Covers we love to look at and which give us a feeling for the story inside.