My characters’ world

Like other authors, I’m one of those writers who likes to keep my stories in a consistent world. I thought about this when I look at the body of books I’ve written which is over 30 at this point. When I write one story, you can bet that it takes place in the same world as most of my other stories, regardless of which publisher has published any given book.

In other words, you could play six dregrees of separation and usually find connections just about anywhere. Perhaps that point isn’t organically interesting. After all, it’s just one writer’s world out of soooo many writers on the market, but for each individual person, his or her world is crafted with love. So much time goes into the characters and stories, working to get it just right, a story that one can feel proud of presenting to the world and which holds the keys to what makes that particular author tick. On that level, I feel, it’s fascinating.

For me, the biggest connection has been through my White Tigers series. Beginning with His Beautiful Samurai and Beautiful Samurai, White Tiger (Torquere Press), the world has expanded into the books which directly take place in the White Tiger hotel e.g. Men of Tokyo: Sudden Bliss and Men of Tokyo: Sudden Surrender et al), the place where John and Toshi go undercover is Beautiful Samurai, White Tiger.

However, most recently, that world has expanded into Boston with Acts of Passion. You wouldn’t even have to past two degress for the connection. Michael Di Santo was Toshi’s lover long ago in Berkley. There are no active scenes between the two men in any of the books, but they remember each other very strongly and their romantic relationship was the first significant one for each of them, leaving a long-lasting impression after their separation. And, although I don’t mention the other characters from completely unrelated books and they don’t appear in those books, the world is uniform. It wouldn’t take much for their paths to cross.

Just a little vision into this writer’s psyche. Thanks for reading! Sedonia