A K-Beauty skincare product review: This one is a game changer, I mean it!

CC CREAMI admit I’ve never written a blog post ever that is a review for a skincare product even though I’ve spent most of my adult life searching for skin care that actually promotes a visible improvement in the appearance and texture of my skin. I am moved to write this review for a couple of reasons. One, because now more than ever is a time to celebrate and highlight Asian-owned businesses and to recognize the incredible contributions to our society by Asian people and Asian-Americans; two, because I have found something truly good and which has helped me and it’s always important to share that so other people might find and benefit from it.

Several years ago, life led me to an AMAZING line of K-Beauty skin care products, all of which I use but one of which I will highlight today because I use it the most frequently. The line is called CURECODE and is what I would call a “game changer” dermaceutical because it produces a quantifiable improvement in the skin of a much deeper breadth and depth of products usually launched for skin care. There are formulas in this product you will not find anywhere else and which actually delve into the cause of the skin’s dryness when used regularly, rather than treating the symptoms temporarily. I have been using CURECODE since 2019 (I’ve lost track of the amount of time precisely). I have been a devotee of this company’s products since 2015 and have found various ones better for different needs, but I will get to that in the review.

First to explain how I came to be using CURECODE, since I’m not a beauty blogger known for product reviews and want to give a complete pitcure of why I am soooo enthusiastic about CURECODE. (This explanation will include a review of another of the company’s products from another line as well, just do you don’t get confused.)

ATOPALM MLESince my thirties (I am almost 52) I had been on the search for a face cream that would keep my skin always looking like it did when I was in my 20s. Okay, that is NOT a realistic goal, but it is realistic that a truly effective skin cream can make visible and quantifiable improvements to the skin. Little did I know what the near future had in store for me. In early 2016my path led me to read about a formula made by a K-Beauty company out of South Korea called ATOPALM MLE. Multi-Lamellar emulsion, which is effectively a bio-identical skin barrier that actually tricks the damaged skin barrier into absorbing it as part of the skin barrier itself, resulting in repair that enables dry and sensitive skin to draw in larger amounts of hydration and hold it in as effectively as strong healthy skin would be able to do. Sounds like a huge claim? It is NOT.

I asked the company for a sample of the ATOPALM MLE Intensive Moisturizing Cream and used it for several weeks on my face and neck. At first I didn’t notice a difference, then I noticed a large red splotch I’d had on the side of my neck for a few years began to shrink. I became a devoted customer of this cream and have been buying it ever since.

me holding CCIn the meantime, however, the company was working on developing new lines that could help with various skin challenges at different intensity levels. Hence, the emergence of CURECODE in late 2018. CURECODE contains the MLE but it also boasts a new patented formula called NEUROMIDE which (bear with the science here a moment), is a bio-identical agonist of the part of the gut microbiome that is connected to calming inflammation in the skin. In other words, when applied to the skin, the formula is designed to spark off the skin’s own endocannabinoid system in the skin barrier and stimulate healing. Another lofty claim? Again: IT WORKS.

I asked for samples to try the CURECODE Double Barrier Cream and used it for a few weeks. I loved the creamy yet non-greasy texture and when I had dry areas of the skin, it relieved the dryness.

However, I was lax about applying it to my hands. Dumb me, because I could have benefited much sooner. For most of my adult life, I have had scar tissue around the cuticle areas of my thumbs, a combination of too much cuticle clipping in my 20s, dry skin that peeled off and I would peel it off until it was sore, as well as writing with pens for many years in the days before I used word processors and typewriters and had dry calluses. It was nasty. I used hand cream intermittently but couldn’t ever heal the thumb areas. Sadly, I cannot find the BEFORE photos I took of my thumbs back when I was trying to heal them.

All I have now are recent AFTER photos when I realized that using the CURECODE Double Barrier Cream each night before bed and covering the troubled area with a bandaid for a couple of weeks was actually helping the skin become normal again.

Here are my thumbs healed:

right thumb

left thumb

left thumb

CURECODE Double Barrier Cream is THE best hand cream I have found overall. I’m continuing to apply a generous dollop each night and rubbing it into my hands to keep them healed and hydrated. As I’ve gotten older, my skin has gotten more sensitive and dryer and the CURECODE Double Barrier Cream is the cream I’m settling on for the long haul. Now I’ve found what works, I don’t need to keep searching.

Just as a note: I still use the ATOPALM MLE Intensive Moisture Cream for my face every day and I’m thrilled with how it keeps the redness out of my skin and the skin barrier stays soft. I am prone to rosacea but don’t need to worry about it emerging because the MLE formula in the cream keeps the skin barrier strong and healthy. I’m not big into selfies but in the spirit of full disclosure and review, here is one. Keep in mind I’m turning 52 next month so I consider this skin at my age to be much much better and softer-looking than I could have hoped for.

my skin I am showing the side that had the big red splotch in the curve of my neck and it is a small dot that continues to fade. I use the cream religiously since I first tried it and this is the overall improvement and effect. It is money well spent and truthfully, the prices are very budget friendly, considering you are getting dermaceutical-level products. I am done with any of the others I’ve tried, I kid you not. If you looked in my bathroom medicine cabinet, you wouldn’t find I’ve bought any other moisturizers for my skin than the ones I’ve mentioned here.

As a quick disclaimer: I am not being paid to review or endorse CURECODE or ATOPALM. I LOVE these products and want to share the love. Anyone with sensitive skin, very dry skin, skin prone to issues like eczema, atopic dermatitis, etc, I urge you to give these a try. Don’t just use it for a few weeks though. Make your trial a few months to give them time to build the skin barrier back up and then see if you experience why I love them so much.

You can find these and more on the company’s dermartology.com website.

Take care! Sedonia