Guest author: Leona Windwalker!

Behind the Scenes Bonus Short- J’nel Meets Sunshine
by Leona Windwalker


J’nel ignored the stares as he climbed out of his vehicle. Commander J’nah had asked this personal favor of him, trusting no one else. It was an honor he intended to repay by doing his duty to fulfill the request to the best of his ability. He entered the lobby, noting the way residents checking for messages sent to their paper comm boxes either fled, flattened themselves against the comm boxes, pr ducked their heads down, avoiding his gaze. He knew he was a novelty, and an imposing one at that. At seven foot three, he towered above the humans he’d come across so far. Coupled with his warrior’s physique, he understood why they might feel intimidated. He didn’t smile at them. It was not a social occasion and he wanted them to know that the empty apartment was under Talani Guard protection in case any of them got any ideas about helping themselves to Commander J’nah’s Sachari’s belongings.

He climbed the stairs to the indicated floor, quickly finding the door that fit the metal key he’d been given to fit the locking mechanism. He unlocked the door, feeling eyes watching him. The neighbor across the hall, no doubt, watching through the spy hole placed in the door. The door unlocked easily, and swung open easily once he turned the handle. The lights were off and he tried to remember how humans usually turned on their lights as they didn’t use verbal commands, usually. That sort of technology was availble, but not yet widely used. He found the switch by the door, and flipped it upwards. Light blazed through the apartment’s living room.

He shut the door behind him, no longer needing the light from the hallway to see well. Removing his data pad from his pocket, he pulled up the list of items that J’nah had asked him to pack up. He’d just located the third item on the list when he heard a scratching noise, accompanied b a muffled animal cry. He turned towards where the sound was coming from. A small, fluffy animal peered back forlornly at him through the balcony’s sliding glass door.

Cat. Surely, I am not to leave the cat? It’d be irresponsible. I shall have to ask J’nah what to do with the animal.

The cat redoubled its efforts, knowing that J’nel knew it was there. J’nel recalled seeing a bag of dried cat food in the kitchen. He grabbed the bag. A quick glance in the cupboards found him a bowl he could place the food in.he filled the bowl, then opened the sliding glass door. Before he could step all the way outside, his found himself in danger of tripping, thanks to the small bundle of fur now winding itself between his feet. Tail up in the air, the animal rubbed its body against his loer legs, making a rumbling sound that made J’nel want to bend down and stroke its fur. He bent down, placing the food on the floor. Immediately, the cat turned its attention to the dish and began gobbling the food down, though its loud rumbles did not cease.

J’nel reached his hand out and gently stroked its fur.

So soft.

The cat paused eating for but a split second, quickly glancing up to assess what the strange man was doing. J’nel crouched down, marveling at the softness of the fur, the way the deep orange and black patches made a pattern against her white fur, and the contrast of the colors against his own emerald hued hand. The cat finished eating and J’nel decided it might be best to pick her up.

It’ll be easy to contain her pending further instruction from J’nah.

He closed his hands under the pliant body, only to be met with a sudden nip to one hand while it violently twisted itself about in an impossible shape, before streaking away with incredible speed. Before he could do more than react to the bite, the cat was gone having jumped from this balcony onto the next. He leaned over the rail, hoping to coax it back. It glanced at him over its shoulder, puffed out its tail, then sashayed tauntingly towards a fire escape on the other end of the building.

It will come back, he told himself. It will want to eat again. He turned, and went back inside the apartment, but not before sending a comm to Commander J’nah, asking him for further instructions regarding the cat. The little ball of fluff was fierce, yet also comforting. He wished it to come to no harm and that had absolutely nothing to do with how the soft fur and the rumble of sound it made brightened his soul.



Matthias Reynolds loves his life. He’s starting to make it as a graphic artist at last and has a job he really likes at a local café that pays the bills. When a night out clubbing leads to an awkward morning after, he’s embarrassed and more than ready to forget all about it. When Talani Enforcers show up at the café, he doesn’t know what to make of it all as he’s led away in restraints.

Standing accused of crimes he struggles to understand, he finds he has an unexpected champion: the Talani warrior and war hero J’nah Quislin. J’nah knows that Matty is his. All J’nah has to do is keep Matty safe from those who engineered Matty’s charges and sentencing. That, and get Matty to accept that universe always intended them to be together as one. All it requires is for Matty to return J’nah’s devotion and offer his willing submission. Can Matty do it, with all that it will mean for his future?

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Author Bio:

Leona is a longtime staunch supporter of human rights and environmental causes. Her favourite genre to read is M/M fiction and she particularly enjoys science fiction, fantasy, and action/suspense sub-genres—especially if they have a nice seasoning of romance. She has far too many books on her Kindle, has overloaded her phone with even more and, when not reading, writing, being driven to distraction by her children, or being overlorded by her three cats, can be found trying to locate the portal that the sock monster uses to steal socks from her dryer.

Recent head-reeling news for her included her novel Jared:Urban Wolves #1 being nominated for an Indie Award from Metamorph and placing as a finalist in the 2016 Rainbow Awards, earning an Honorable Mention. She’s still suspicious that it’s all been a dream, but as long as her readers are happy and she can find at least one of the missing socks, she’s happy.

You’ll find her books on Amazon, ), including on Kindle Unlimited. You’ll also find her on Facebook at Leona Windwalker, where you can keep up on news regarding current, new, and upcoming releases.


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D.L. Warner on Writing Great – Yaoi – Sex

We authors who write M/M know that writing love scenes takes time and care to craft, to make incorporate the emotions with the physical acts so that the developing eroticism between the two MCs doesn’t feel forced or just inserted into the story for the sake of adding sex. I’m very happy to have author D.L. Warner today with a tutorial on writing m/m erotic scenes, a juicy instructional excerpt and links to other yummy examples. Her main rule of thumb is to “keep it real.”

Post begins here:

A few weeks ago, I got into a discussion about writing sex scenes with a new author who found them difficult and embarrassing. She thought that readers would believe she had done the things her characters did. Every time she’d get into a groove, the thought of family or friends reading it would make her freeze, stifling her creativity. I’m not sure if I can help with that feeling. I am often mortified when I hear that my mother-in-law has been reading my erotica. I mean, who wouldn’t be shaken up? I can’t help an author with qualms over who may be reading his or her works. At some point, an author needs to own the work and be proud of all that effort and time and tears.

Keep It Real

As for writing sex scenes? I could say wing it. There seem to be no wrong ways in yaoi even if they defy the physical facts of male anatomy or physics and gravity, in some cases. It’s clear that even some of the best writers out there don’t know a lot about gay sex. One of the first mangaka we localized admitted that her agent had purchased gay porn for her to watch to improver her accuracy. She’s very well known, and this is still a problem. I think getting the sex right is worth the effort. Mechanics are easy to research. Without spending any money, you can find quality porn that will give you the basics. Do not look at anime or manga yaoi for instructions on actual sex. Too many of them get it wrong (I mean the physical mechanics are just plain wrong) to use as an example of how to write your own scenes. However, to really write how characters feel during sex, it really helps to have had great sex. I’m not saying that having had great sex is essential in writing great sex scenes, but it really, really helps.

For me, sex is a way to reveal a character – no pun intended. How they make love tells a lot about who they are. Sex between the characters is just another way of communicating. It’s really jarring to have a character take a 180 from his normal personality when he is in a sex scene. A playful Seme becoming a hyper-violent bully in bed rings false and can be a complete turn off. Likewise, the uber macho Seme who inexplicably gets lovey-dovey cutsy during sex is really off putting as well. Using the personalities seen outside of the bedroom actually makes writing the scenes in the bedroom easier. Creating a whole new persona for a character is not easy. I’ll give you some examples of how I write and then a few suggestions for films and anime to watch that have terrific character driven sex scenes.

The Dominant/submissive or Seme/uke Relationship

As I have said many times before, there is more to this relationship that physical restraints or violence. My biggest baddest dominant or Seme, Darius Galatea, begins seducing his gorgeous and willful uke, Andreas Hesper, the first time he touches him. Darius is the most powerful man in a planetary system. Aside from that he is extremely hot and sensually compelling. His regard can be so intense that he cannot work with anyone on his staff that is attracted to males. There have been too many misunderstandings and broken hearts and obsessive stalkers. The arrogance in Darius is fully justified. Yet he takes nothing for granted when he really wants something or someone. Andreas Hesper has relatively little power compared to Darius. However, he is powerful in his own world. He knows instinctively if someone means him physical harm and knows how to protect himself. Andreas is also incredibly beautiful and sensual and full of mischief. Those qualities catch Darius’ interest and complete attention. Just as he would in a complex business deal, Darius immediately began calculating the way he would pursue Andreas. He wants to addict Andreas to having sex with him. He wants him to willingly give himself completely for an indefinite amount of time. This entire plan begins with a dance in Ensnared Volume One .

The decision was made in a split second. Before Mykos could offer a course of action, Darius was on his feet. A second later, he was pulling Andreas into his arms. In one smooth movement, Darius entwined his long, elegant fingers with Andreas’ then pulled his left arm behind his back to bring him close. The other hand firmly held the right hand to guide the dance. Andreas was stunned for a few seconds, but soon he was moving in a sensual counter rhythm. Andreas relaxed in his grasp then met his gaze. Darius was impressed, and not just because of the way Andreas felt in his arms. They fit well and moved very well together – almost like they had danced that way before. What Darius admired was the attitude he was getting from Andreas. The challenge was there, but there was also curiosity in those incredible green-gold eyes. He met Darius’ eyes without fear, yet there was fascination and appreciation there as well.
Andreas Hesper was not fawning over Darius. He was subtly fighting, him all to the beat of the music. Every 8th beat, he tried to pull back and get some distance from the Cosi’s body. No one watching them knew just how hard Andreas fought against being overwhelmed. He was very graceful and very subtle in his movements. Darius was just as graceful and subtle pulling Andreas back pressing him close without grinding against him. Though he knew that his face remained impassive, Darius felt a spark of lust from holding Andreas that he hadn’t felt in some time – if ever. He had to fight a nearly overwhelming urge to grab him by his hair and kiss Andreas long and hard. He wanted to weaken him to the point where he’d be willing to give his body for thorough use until he could come no more. Yes, that was deeply appealing and completely impractical.
Instead, Darius dipped his head to one side to scent Andreas just behind his ear. He smelled of warm spices. With that honey colored skin, Darius was certain that he tasted delicious. The Crew Leader inhaled sharply then leaned into the hold Darius had on him. The Cosi looked Andreas in the eyes once more. What he saw almost ended his fragile resolve. The fight was still there but this time his eyes were dilated and a little dreamy. This time, when he tried to pull away, Darius was certain that Andreas was fighting himself. Darius wondered what he would try next to escape.
“I’m Andreas Hesper, Lord Galatea,” he said. Darius found he liked that deep, rich voice a little desperate.
“I know that now,” Darius replied mildly. “It’s unfortunate that I’ve never dealt with you personally. That may have to change.”
Andreas swallowed hard just as the song ended. Darius released him with clear reluctance.
“Thank you, Lord,” Andrea said softly.
Darius wasn’t sure if he was thanking him for the dance or for releasing him. He returned to his table heedless of the gaping eyes upon him.

When circumstances force Andreas to seek protection from Darius, words are used to seduce him into complete surrender.

Andreas leaned heavily on the wall and stared absently out the window. Though his mind was still racing, his body felt like it was made of lead. He didn’t even notice that Darius had returned until the Cosi was looming over him. In that weakened state, Andreas found the man’s presence overwhelming.
“Darius…what…what will you have of me?”
“What do you mean?”
“Do you want me to be…naked for this whole time I am with you?”
“Ah, yes….always naked…always ready to receive me,” he murmured with a ghost of a smile playing on his face.
“Yeah,” Andreas managed with a hard swallow.
“Do you want to be always naked and ready for me?” He asked huskily.
Andreas felt his face flush. It was in his head to say hell no, but his brain couldn’t make his mouth say the words as he looked up into the Cosi’s hot blue gaze. What was happening to him?
Darius gently took Andreas by the chin once again and gently tilted his head up.
“We will share a great deal of pleasure, sweet Dami,” Darius said. “I know you have a profoundly sensual nature. I am not willing to share that nature or your beauty with anyone. You are not permitted to be unclothed for anyone save me. Nor is anyone else to touch you.”
Andreas was deeply relieved.
“The morning has caught up with you,” Darius observed. “You probably didn’t sleep well the night before.”
“No. Not really.”
“Go find the Master Suite, and lie down,” he said. His voice was gentle.
“But…don’t you want….aren’t I supposed to…”
“I will have you until you can’t come anymore,” Darius promised. His voice became sultry. “Have you ever been wrung dry, Andreas? Have you ever begged to stop coming?”
Andreas felt his knees weaken as his mouth went dry. He shook his head and waited for the kiss and the crush of that hard body against his.
“I want you awake enough to enjoy all the torment you’ve courted,” Darius murmured as he ran his thumb along Andreas’ lower lip. “Take your rest. You’ll wake when you’re hungry.”

Once in the bedroom, long before pinning Andreas down or shackling him to the headboard, there is the kiss. Darius uses kissing to weaken knees and drain resistance. By the time he gets around to using a restraint, Darius has taken the fight out of Andreas. That uke is willing to give Darius anything. He doesn’t even have to demand. Meanwhile, Andreas wants to caress Darius as he is being caressed, but he rarely has the presence of mind to do anything but moan and come really hard. Andreas doesn’t really mind any of this despite the power he possessed outside of his Seme’s penthouse. In fact, the more Andreas gives in to his Seme, the more he wants to yield. In the latest short story, Enthralled (available for free in YGG Magaizine Issue 1), Darius finds out just how far his uke is willing to go to submit to him. But beyond being dominant and arrogant, the same humor and tenderness that comes out in their conversations comes out in their lovemaking. Andreas is playful when he isn’t coming really hard. Darius is exasperating. They laugh often in bed.

In short, make sure that you get some good examples of actual sex. If possible, have great sex yourself. Finally, make sure the characters are the same inside the bedroom as outside. Also, don’t worry about people thinking bad things about you for writing erotica. Such critics will find a reason to be haters no matter what you write, so write what you enjoy!

For love scenes that fit the criteria described in the blog, I recommend Judas Kiss featuring hot man on man

action with some sci-fi elements.View free here: And for character sexiness on the run there is Desperado I think that the best anime I’ve seen for in character sex that looks accurate (especially the last sex scene) is Ikoku Irokoi Romantan

Have fun writing, and please share your results on the Yaoi a GoGo Facebook page. We may put you in YGG Magazine!

Guest author: YA GLBT rising star John H. Ames!!

If you’ve been following the Next Best Thing blog hop, you may have already come across John H. Ames, a new young author on the growing YA GLBT scene. Ames has penned the most amazing high school saga for the young and the restless, a series that speaks to any young person who has ever been bullied or made to feel different and unworthy because he or she is gay.
Ames is a rising voice of the new generation who will not be bullied or let him/herself be told that love and romance is impossible, even in a place where peer pressure is at its most intense. And I have had the great honor and privilege of getting to know him and working with him. He is an author to watch with more groundbreaking YA stories finding life at the tip of his pen. Let’s learn more about this rising star and his incredible, compassionate work.Q. Juan, please tell us a bit about yourself and how you came write such a cool young adult series as Surviving Elite High.
A. Well, my name is Juan H. Alvarado and I was born in El Salvador C.A. I currently reside in Belize and began writing in 2008. After receiving positive feedback, I completed several full-length novels under my pen name, John H. Ames. My first completed set of novels is the Surviving Elite High series. Surviving Elite High was inspired by Jeff Erno’s novel, Dumb Jock. I absolutely loved that book and connected so much with the story and its characters. I wouldn’t be here if I had have never read Jeff Erno’s novel. I should take the time to thank him. Thank you, Mr. Jeff Erno.

Q. What are the inspirations for your story lines and characters? As a young person in Belize, what made you want to set your books in the United States and what is it like for you writing about a different place?
A. Several people and tragedies in my life inspired my novel. I went through bullying and sexual abuse when I was in high school and kept it to myself. I regret so much never speaking up, but guess what? Now I am speaking up against bullying and sexual abuse in my novels. No one should go through what I went through and I’m trying to bring awareness about these issues with my writing. The reason why I keep placing the United States as my setting on my stories is simply because there is no market for GLBT novels here in Belize. Being gay here is actually punishable by the law so a gay novel would be an outrage to Belizeans. So, I have to keep my writing a secret from the Belizean public by using a penname.
It is very difficult to write about an American setting. I have never been to the United States and all I can do is read novels that have an American setting and take it from there. Thank God that I have an American editor who can correct my mistakes. I would be nowhere without her.

Q. It is painfully apparent in the SEH saga that you feel an urgency around bullying/sexual abuse. I admire you for not shying away from graphic portrayals in your work. What have you found are readers’ responses to this dark aspect to the SEH saga?
A. Bullying and sexual abuse are very serious topics. Hundreds if not thousands of teens are going though bullying and sexual abuse every day. Several fans have contacted me telling me that what I write has basically happened to them. I am saddened by their experiences and they even wish that someone would have written about these issues earlier or when they were growing up. They are actually happy and proud that I took a step forward to bring these topics into the light. And to be honest, I am shocked that only a few authors write about them. Why should we keep hiding them and pushing them away? This is the real and raw reality of life. These topics should be more popular so we can help and protect our future youths of the world.
Wow, thank you so much for your candor and unflinching approach to issues that need desperately to be addressed! Before we go, where can readers find you and your books on the web?
My readers can find me in several places.
My Official Website:
My Facebook Pages: |
Twitter: @JohnHenryAmes

The first book, Surviving Elite High is available from Budding Moon Press and continues with Surviving Elite High: Senior Year and Surviving Elite High: Loving James at Ai Press.

Awesome author Madelynne Ellis!

I’m so excited and honored to have Black Lace author (and fellow Gackt lover), Madelynne Ellis on my blog in an exclusive interview. Yay!

About Madelynne
Zodiac sign: Cancer, Water Ox
Favorite foods: Cheese, Chocolate, Olives
Music: Gackt and far too many other things to list.
Authors: Winston Graham, JRR Tolkien
Films: Labyrinth, Infernal Affairs, Ashura, Dangerous Liaisons

SG: Hi Madelynne. Thanks so much for being on my blog today.

ME: Hi Sedonia, and thanks for having me. I feel all honoured.

SG: I’ll start with the question all erotic romance authors are asked: What got you into writing this genre?

ME: Well, back in the mid-nineties a friend of mine found the Black Lace book I was reading and suggested that I have a go at writing one. I had no writing aspirations at the time, but it sounded like an interesting idea, so I sent off for their guidelines, and rather a long time later they published my first book – A Gentleman’s Wager. Now, I can’t imagine writing a book that doesn’t include sex in some form, both the act and the complex emotions that surround it are such a large part of who we are.

SG: This is the question I love to ask. Do you have certain guys who inspire the heroes in your books?

ME: I don’t particularly go looking for people who resemble my heroes, but occasionally I stumble upon someone who makes me go, ‘That’s .’ And then I will collect pictures of them. Jonathan Rhys Meyers with long hair always reminds me of Vaughan from A Gentleman’s Wager and Phantasmagoria, while this image (1) of Gackt is exactly how I imagine Takeshi in his wedding outfit in Dark Designs. Gackt in this guise was very definitely the starting point for Blaze in Broken Angel (in Possession). Actually, much of the story was inspired by his promo video for the song Vanilla.

blond Gackt

SG: As you know, I’m particularly fond of Takeshi from Dark Designs. Can you talk a bit more about the inspiration for this character as well as the story in general?

I’m not really sure why I decided to have a Japanese character in Dark Designs, other than it seemed appropriate to the setting. The book is about Remy Davies a gothic fashion designer with a yaoi fetish. I wanted to make Takeshi unashamedly geeky but in a cool, slightly aggressive way. A lot of the elements of his character (and those of the others) are references to comics, manga and anime, for example his silver-blue hair and bosozoku (biker gang) background. Really I suppose that book is populated with exaggerations of characters I’ve encountered through life. It was enormously fun to write.

Curiously, many of the video game, comic and music references I included, I expected to be asked to remove in the revisions phase. The fact that they made it to the published version makes me all kinds of happy.

SG: Readers may not know that you won Best Male-Male Sex Scene Scarlet Magazine, 2006 Erotic Fiction Awards for a scene between Takeshi and the other hero Silk. I did love that scene myself! Was writing m/m something that has just come naturally to you or has there been a process of discovering that this is a genre that you love writing in?

I think I’m just wired that way. From the outset, I’ve included m/m scenarios in my work, although until recently I’d never written anything longer than a short story that was entirely m/m focussed. I tend to veer towards the ménage a trois in longer works as it allows for loads of conflict. However, I’m currently finishing up a Regency set story about two men forced to spent a night together in a haunted folly and that’s entirely m/m. Hopefully, someone will love it enough to publish it.

SG: I know that you also enjoy writing historicals. What periods do you favor and why? I’m currently reading A Gentleman’s Wager and I’m impressed by how vividly you evoke the period. How much research do you need to do to achieve this?

My favourite era to write in is definitely Georgian England. There’s such a lot going on in the world, you have rigid social divisions, and most importantly fantastic clothes. I particularly love men’s costumes from that period, as they’re so lavish and pretty with their abundance of beads, buttons, ribbons and lace. The illusion of androgyny fascinates me. I love that the men look like butterflies, but are still sword-carrying alphas underneath it all. Oh, and of course the strength and beauty image feeds straight into my whole fascination with bisexuality.

As for how much research I do… Well, I have a broad idea of the time so I tend to just research specific details as required. I’ve made period costumes in the past, and being in England I have numerous castles and great houses virtually on my doorstep if I want a bit of inspiration. Obviously, there’s a lot to account for, but the most research heavy book I’ve written was actually Passion of Isis, which is a contemporary set on an archaeological dig in Egypt.

SG: What are you currently working on?

I’m still tidying up Pure Folly (mentioned above) and I’m busy outlining the next book in the A Gentleman’s Wager series. I’m keeping the title secret, but this book will wrap up Vaughan, Bella and Lucerne’s story. It takes place shortly after the conclusion of Phantasmagoria and will be very relationship based.

SG: What releases do we have to look forward to in the near future and could you please share a snippet of something for us?

No definite release date for anything in the future at the moment except for a short story, El Alquimista, in Love at First Bite.

This is a snippet from Phantasmagoria.

‘Let go!’ Bella fought against Vaughan’s hold, but remained trapped between the flexing steel of his warm body and the wall. Vaughan quashed her cries, forcing his tongue into her mouth and kissing her hard.

She melted.

Nobody else ever kissed her with the same knee-buckling intensity, with a taste that washed straight to her quaint. She’d never been able to resist his kiss. Never.

‘Get off me,’ she snarled, when he finally pulled back for air.

‘Not yet.’ He locked an arm across his chest, while his body still pressed against her as unyielding as pig iron, and with his free hand he lifted her hem.

Her arousal exposed, Bella turned her head away from his scalding breath. ‘I’m not your plaything. Not even your mistress.’

‘You’re my lover.’ His breath troubled the pulse point in her throat. ‘If not my mistress, what are you, some slattern that needed a bed for a night?

She snapped her teeth at him, but he merely laughed and pushed his fingers into her heat. His thumb worked bitter circles around her clitoris, driving her onto her toes, gasping for breath. Arousal so thick it felt like bellyache knotted her lower half. Slickly, his fingers worked their magic, driving her to the brink of joy, and transforming sharp words into sharper breaths.

She couldn’t speak. She felt his cock lying unbearably hard against her hip, so full of promise.

‘Sing for me, my nightingale. Come.’ He dragged his lips down the side of her neck and sucked. She couldn’t fight it. Shards of frosty hatred cracked into sparklers of delight. The swirl of his thumb, the twist of his fingers brought such sweet, swift pleasure, her limbs trembled.

Bella’s pulse raced with need and expectation. She managed to win one arm free, and immediately dug her fingers into his bottom. The muscles clenched and unclenched as he rocked against her thigh, taking his pleasure from the friction. The dance of their bodies slowed, as her breaths became shallow and ragged. Everything was concentrated in her clit and the tingle of her nipples. The whole world seemed to contract into one point as she gasped into his chest and her orgasm rendered her soft and pliant.

Bella snuggled against his shoulder, her eyes wet with tears, content for a moment to simply exist in his embrace.

‘Now you’re even.’ Vaughan disentangled their bodies, and stepped back. ‘Don’t ever presume to tell me whom I can bed in my own house.’

She felt the blood return to her face. Her eyes narrowed, but so did Vaughan’s. Was this battle of wills really what she wanted? She longed for Lucerne’s easy smile, the safety of his embrace.

Vaughan was the most exciting, sexually aggressive man she’d ever met. The most perverse, the most infuriating, and it hurt to love him.

God, how it hurt!

Thank you, Madelynne!

Visit Madelynne’s website.

Jade Lee!

Jade-Lee (1)I’m so excited to have Jade Lee on my blog today! She’s my most favorite erotic romance author. Some of you maybe familiar with her Regencies, some with her popular Tigress series which take place in late 19th century Shanghai and burn the pages they’re so hot. And now, Jade celebrates her first release from Harlequin Blaze, The Tao of Sex which brings her sizzling erotic Tao into a contemporary setting.

First, some fun tidbits about USA Today bestselling author Jade Lee, and then some more juicy info:
Zodiac sign: Taurus

Chinese zodiac: Rabbit

favorite foods: cashews

Hunks who inspire my heroes: many and varied, but first and foremost: my husband for his sense of humor. I also have lots of pictures of hunks for body type, and…hm…who’s my favorite character hunk right now? I like Captain Jack from Torchwood.

When I’m not writing erotic romance, I: Play RACQUETBALL! I was once a state champion and went pro for 2 weeks. Then my knees gave out, and I can’t play competitively anymore. So, I play for fun and trounce my husband!

Sedonia: Hi Jade! I’m sooo thrilled to have you on my blog. You’re my absolute favorite erotic romance writer. I got hooked on your Tigress series from the first book, White Tigress (Dorchester). Can you please talk a bit about what inspired this series of novels?

Jade: I was wandering through my favorite place in the world: a museum book store and Hsi Lai’s Sexual Teachings of the White Tigress literally fell off a shelf and hit my foot. Since I was looking for an Asian concept, this ended up being perfect! A cult of Chinese women tantrics that, according to Hsi Lai, has been around for hundreds of years!

Sedonia: *with a wicked grin* I’m sure that learning about the Taoist sexual practices of the White Tigress has been fun and fun to write about. Has this learning been…um…how can I say it, effective in your own life?


Jade: My husband is over in the corner grinning. It’s possible I have experimented a bit with some of the things I’ve learned.

Sedonia: One of the things that has so deeply inspired me about your novels is the darkness in your heroes and heroines. For example, one heroine wants to commit suicide because she’s not become an Imortaless and has practiced the sexual Tao with a man other than her husband. Another heroine, the latest from Tempted Tigress is an opium addict who runs drugs in China. And Little Pearl is full of anger. I find this admirable. How has this process been for you as a writer, delving into these issues through your characters and how has the darker heroine/hero been received?

Jade: I write from my heart and my own issues. The heroine who wanted to commit suicide because she’d failed in all her life goals was written when my knees went out and I lost the ability to play racquetball at the highest competitive levels. It was like the door had opened to the pro level and then bam, nevermind. I was depressed and angry. Shi Po came from that place. In truth, I have found a lot of anger and resentment in my Chinese heritage. I’ve learned it’s a common occurrence with ABCs (American-born Chinese). I was raised in a Chinese household as a quiet, obedient child, but the minute I stepped outside, the American culture valued something entirely different. The dichotomy between the two created frustration, anger, and resentment. But it also gave me a rich cultural heritage that I have grown to value deeply. Little Pearl’s book was one way I came to terms with that anger. And finally, in Tempted Tigress—I had scores of fan mail asking for me to deal with the opium war. By that time, I’d had such success with my darker heroines; I decided to push the adventure more. Anna came from that—a woman who had made HORRIBLE mistakes in her past, but was trying to redeem herself. And since I believe in redemption, especially redemption and the power of love, I had my heroine and my story.

Sedonia: Congratulations on your recent Harlequin Blaze, The Tao of Sex. How was it translating your Taoist sexual theme to a contemporary setting? Jade: can you please provide a blurb and excerpt for this one?

Jade: In a word: FUN! My historical tigresses were darkly sensual. No room for my humor there. But in a contemporary setting, I was able to let my sense of humor slip out at the best possible moments! You can read a synopsis and excerpt on my website: But if you’d like I’ll include it here!

Back cover copy: What happens when a Chinese dragon meets an American tigress? Rowr!

Discovering that she’s a Tantric sex goddess has given Tracy Williams a new mantras: more, more, more…And the source of the divine revelation is her hunky Chinese-born erotica instructor. When her yin bumps up against his yang, she’s literally communing with heaven.

Now that he has awoken her inner power, Nathan Gao is obligated to bring Tracy to the sacred Hong Kong temple for a life of training and devotion. No matter how much he wants her for himself.

But when he makes her choose … sex or love … is he ready for the consequences?

An Excerpt From…

The Tao Of Sex
by Jade Lee

“Why are you so anxious to sell?”

Tracy Williams looked away from her Realtor to the apartment building that had been her life for the last eight years. She’d overhauled the plumbing, fixed the electrical, even wired for Wi-Fi. But it wasn’t her future, not by a long shot. “I took over the building when my parents died,” she said. “But now my brother’s about to go to college and I’ve got to pay for tuition. Besides, it’s time for me to move on. You know, find my life.”

Mr. Curtis blinked, then continued to make notes on his pad of paper. Apparently, he wasn’t one for chitchat. That was fine with her, she thought as she glanced at her watch. Ten minutes. 4C was due back from class in ten minutes, and she didn’t want to be standing here with a man old enough to be her father when he returned. She wanted to be casual, open to conversation, even a little flirty—as she had been for the last month on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 3:15.

“When do you think you can find a buyer?” she asked while her gaze drifted to the front door. She loved that first moment when 4C rounded the corner. The afternoon sun would glint in his gorgeous dark eyes, and he was often frowning in concentration. The wind played with his silky black hair just like in a movie, and she would get light-headed from the absolute potential of the moment. Anything could happen. She could be light and funny, or mysteriously sensual. She could say something brilliant that would lead to more. Maybe one day she’d have the kind of night she fantasized about but never acted on because she was acting as a single mom to her teenage brother.

Or she could stand here like an idiot while her Realtor made notes. “Do you think it will be enough to pay for two sets of college tuition? For me and my brother?”

“Hard to say,” he answered, his nose still in his notebook. “You know the basics—keep the place clean, the plumbing flowing, the tenants happy.” He looked up, his gaze unwaveringly cold. “The little things matter, Miss Williams. A little dirt can cost in the overall impression and that affects the price.” He narrowed his eyes at her. “Do you think you can do that?”

She lifted her chin. Eight years ago, she’d known nothing about apartment buildings or about raising her preteen brother. Being a landlord had been her father’s dream, not hers. One awful car accident later, and this building was her and her brother’s only means of support. Thankfully, it had been enough. Now, Joey was a solid B student with a bright future, the building had been renovated within an inch of its life, and she had already downloaded her applications to the best business schools in the nation. “I can do it,” she said firmly.

“See that you do.” Then he snapped his leather folder shut, spun on his heel and left, nearly running over 4C at the front door and ruining her favorite moment of the day. Tracy barely managed a gulp before she stood face-to-face with her fantasy man: Mr. Nathan Gao of Hong Kong, currently an MBA student at the prestigious University of Illinois, and walking Chinese sex god. He wore a summer suit too cold for October and carried a battered leather attaché case gripped in elegantly long fingers whitened with cold. His hair was cut conservatively—black silk that tended to fall raggedly about his eyes. His skin’s golden color seemed rugged with his hint of a beard. And his eyebrows were like dark strokes of a fine ink brush. How pathetic was that? She thought his eyebrows were sexy. His shoulders were hunched against the wind, but that only gave him a sweet rumpled appearance, especially since they were broad enough to appear strong even curled against the cold. With no apparent effort at all, he swerved to avoid Mr. Curtis then hauled the doors open despite the wind. Then he looked up and smiled.

That smile had lived in her dreams. His mouth was pale but still sensuous, full in ways she hadn’t expected from a Chinese man. It was sexy enough when he was serious, but his smile sent shivers down her spine, especially when it was aimed straight at her. God, what things he had done to her with those lips! Fantasy lovers were the best.

She slammed her mouth shut and tried not to look like a lovesick teen. Just because she’d lived as a monk for the last eight years didn’t mean she had to act like an adolescent. She was an adult, a suave woman. One who had just sucked in her stomach when her fantasy man turned and smiled at not one, not two, but four giggling college girls. Crop tops and blond ponytails bobbed in the wind as they entered the building. They were chattering a mile a minute, giggling and flirting for all they were worth—which from the looks of their jewelry was quite a lot. And even worse, Nathan Gao was flirting back. His head was dipped in shy modesty while a blush stained his cheeks. Then he gestured up the staircase.

“My studio is on the fourth floor, ladies.”

“Why don’t you lead the way?” chirped the one brunette. Mr. Gao nodded, then started climbing while everyone in the hall—Tracy included—ogled his perfect behind.

Tracy’s shoulders tightened with irritation as the blondes nearly ran her over. They hadn’t even realized she was standing there! By the time the brunette came close, Tracy had a plan. All four girls carried flyers on bright red paper. An ad of some sort and obviously related to their presence here.

“May I?” she asked as she slid the flyer out of the brunette’s hand.

The girl blinked and dimpled prettily. “Sorry, ma’am, but I’ll be late for class.” Then she sprang up the stairs like a cheerleader.
Tracy felt a gut punch from being called ma’am. Sure, her navy blue business suit made her look older, but not that much older. Unable to deal with the thought, she read the flyer.

TANTRIC SEX CLASSES Learn the secrets of SEXUAL IMMORTALITY Experienced Dragon Master Group, couple or individual

Privacy Guaranteed $10 a class

Contact Nathan Gao

Tracy read and reread the flyer. Sex classes? In her building? Sex classes! She frowned, trying to sort through the possibilities. This was a college campus with all sorts of unusual classes. His could be nothing more than what it proclaimed—classes in an exotic religion.

She snorted. She didn’t have that kind of luck. Besides, it didn’t matter. The cops and the university were on an aggressive clean-up-campus campaign. They liked splashy, front-page arrests even if the charges were dismissed later. “Sex Classes” would be prime targets for their arrest-first, ask-questions-later tactics.

She looked out the door to where Mr. Curtis was just now pulling out of the parking lot. If a little mud in the hallway made a bad impression, what would a vice bust do? Whether or not 4C was actually doing something illegal wouldn’t matter. It would still be front-page news at exactly the wrong time. And if she lost her status as “University Approved Housing” because of a splashy vice bust, then Tracy’s entire future was sunk. Without approved status, the value of the building tanked. Once the value tanked, no way would its sale cover two sets of college tuition. 4C’s Tantric class could derail her entire future.

She crumpled the flyer in her fist as she mounted the stairs, her footfalls growing heavier and harder with each step. She hit the landing at full speed then fumbled trying to get out her master key. Normally it was in her back pocket, but today she wore the damn suit that apparently made her look like Grandma Moses. She had to search for it in the bottom of her blue plastic binder while listening to giggles that carried easily through the door.

Got it! Pulling out the key, she slipped it silently in the lock. She’d already developed a plan. She would gasp in horrified shock at whatever they were doing—the giggles were getting even louder—then calmly demand that Mr. Nathan Gao vacate immediately. That was the best solution. She’d refund his money, even help him move. “No harm, no foul,” she’d say. “Just go teach your ‘classes’on someone else’s property.” It was a blow to her fantasy life, of course. She’d have to wait even longer to open the door to her sexuality, but when had anything ever gone how she’d planned?

She pushed open the door, her gasp already begun. Only to have her breath choked off in real shock. Mr. Gao was almost naked. Gone was his shirt, jacket and shoes. He was kneeling on the floor, his chest totally bare, as he addressed the equally topless coeds. Mr. Gao looked up, his sculpted black eyebrows raising in a silent question. But Tracy couldn’t form any words—righteously indignant or not. Her mind—and her eyes—were completely trained on Mr. Better-Than-Jet-Li. She’d been dreaming of having that chest over her, beneath her, beside her, but she’d never guessed how really ripped he was. His skin was light gold in the afternoon sun, his shoulders pulled back in perfect posture that absolutely accented his six pack—no, twelve-pack—abs. No fat softened the lean beauty of his torso and when he slowly stood, Tracy could do no more than stare open-mouthed at him.

“Mrs. Williams, what is the meaning of this intrusion?” His voice quivered down her spine and she had to forcibly drag her gaze up from the bare flesh just below his belly button. How often had she fantasized about tugging off his loose pants? How hideous was it that she finally got to see his fabulous body but in this context? She swallowed, but still couldn’t pull her eyes off his sculpted abs.

“Ms. Williams,” she murmured. “I’m not married.” And what the hell did that have to do with anything? “So sorry,” he returned, his tone softening into that low bedroom voice she’d been imagining for months. “Are you here to join the class?”

Class? She blinked. Oh, that class! The possibly illegal sex class that was jeopardizing her entire future. She straightened, forcibly cooled her expression, and even managed a disdainful lift to her eyebrow. “I’m sorry, Mr. Gao, but I am not interested in your class. In fact, I am afraid I am going to have to evict you for illegal activity.” She winced at the lie. He certainly wasn’t doing anything illegal at the moment. But she wanted to come on overly strong so that she had room to compromise. “Please vacate the premises by tomorrow morning.”

He reared back in shock, his chest muscles rippling in a truly stunning display. “Sorry? Illegal activity? It must be my English—I don’t understand.”

Yeah, right. His English was flawless. “Please. You can’t think I’m that stupid.” She canted her gaze—reluctantly—at the gaggle of girls who had miraculously pulled their cropped T-shirts back on. “I can’t afford even the appearance of something unwholesome.” Another wince. She sounded like a stuck-up prude. Time to offer up the compromise. “Please, just move out and I won’t call the cops.”

His entire body went rigid with indignation. “Unwholesome? Who’s unwholesome?” He stared accusingly at the girls. As one, they gasped, then grabbed their designer purses and embroidered book bags. Three of the four made it out the door in a split second, but the fourth lingered.

“We didn’t hire him for that,” the petite blonde number one murmured. “This was just a class.”

“Don’t be naive,” Tracy returned as the girl slipped past.

“Don’t be a close-minded bigot!” Mr. Gao snapped. Tracy felt her shoulders tighten. Fantasy lovers should never, ever become real. They were always a disappointment. “Just go, Mr. Gao. I can’t take the risk of having you here,” she said with real regret. “I just can’t risk it. I’m sorry.” She turned to leave, but he moved faster than she thought possible. Before she completed her pivot, he slipped in front of the door, blocking it with all that rippling muscle. He never touched her, but Lord, the sight alone was enough to stop her cold.

“I was teaching a class!” He spoke with barely repressed rage. He grabbed his flyer—the very same one she had still clenched in her fist—and pushed it toward her. “Tantric class. It’s a religion.”

She tilted her head back, startled—and a little intimidated—by his height. They’d never been this close before, and the heat off his body made her head spin. “It’s a cover,” she managed to say. “A convenient lie, and we both know it.”

His eyes were flat and cold. “I know nothing of the kind, Miss Williams. I will not leave my apartment. You may call the police if you wish. I have done nothing wrong.” Then his lips tightened in apparent disappointment. It was a small movement, but she was so close that she saw every nuance. “Come to a class,” he urged. “Tantrism is just a belief system.” He paused a moment, his eyes going flinty dark. “Unusual but completely legal.”

“I can have you evicted,” she bluffed.

“No, you can’t. Imagine the problems, especially if I call the Chinese embassy.”

She swallowed. A messy international argument involving religion would screw up the sale of the building almost as much as a vice bust. “You can’t sell sex in the United States. It’s illegal.”

“Selling sex is one-hundred-percent legal as long as it is attached to a product. Having sex for money is illegal, and no one here was having sex.”

“You’re almost naked! They were topless.” Her emotions were spiraling out of control, but she couldn’t seem to stop herself. She had dreamed of this man for almost two months now, the last thing she wanted was to kick him out. But she couldn’t risk her or her brother’s future on anything that appeared immoral. “I’ll refund your security deposit. I’ll help you move. We can use my truck, but you’ve got to go. I’m sorry.”

“I am not leaving.” His voice was hard and flat—so different from the warm, flirty exchanges they’d been having since the beginning of school. Then he grabbed her by the waist and lifted her out of his apartment. She barely had time to squeak in alarm before her sedate black pumps touched gently down on the hallway carpet.

“Excuse me while I call my lawyer,” he said. Then he flashed his cell phone at her just before shutting the door firmly in her face.

Tracy glared at the thin door. She could force her way in there, but no way was she going to win against him in a physical fight. Not that it wouldn’t be fun trying, but…

She pulled her thoughts back from the gutter and turned away, making sure she was noisy as she stomped down the hallway. Let the gorgeous hunk think he’d defeated her. As soon as she was out of earshot, she whipped out her cell phone and dialed, punching in the extension when prompted. “Detective McKay.”

She smiled. Thank God for old friends with helpful professions. “Hey, Mike. It’s Tracy. Can you run a check for me on a tenant?”

Sedonia: You’re a versatile writer as well, writing in the fantasy, urban fantasy and Regency genres. Can you tell us a little about a few other titles in these genres?

Jade: I’m really excited about my first true fantasy romance DRAGONBORN. It comes out in March and is set in the fantasy world of Ragona. I have a dragonslayer hero who is committed to killing anyone who harbors a dragon. There’s one last person he has to find and kill–my heroine, the love of his life. Here’s the back cover blurb: Dragonborn by Jade Lee

When dragon power flows through your veins, when dragon thoughts burn in your mind, you can accomplish anything. Natiya knows, for she carries one of the last eggs in the land disguised as a jewel in her navel. Day by day the Unhatched grows, and when at last it births they will be joined in a sacred and eternal bond. Gone will be the barmaid forced to dance for pennies; born will be Dag Natiya, revered Queen. Take her body or her soul, nothing will stop them.

When dragon power flows through your veins, when dragon emotions trample your soul, you become a monster. So knows Kiril, for one destroyed his cousin. No matter how kind or joyful, all beings must succumb to the power of the wyrm. That is why Kiril vowed to destroy dragonkind—and he has almost succeeded. Only one egg remains. But there is an obstacle he did not foresee: love.

Sedonia: Jade, thank you so much for being on my blog! Before you go, can you tell readers where they can find more about you and your books on the web?

Jade: My website is: Or they can always email me at:

Thanks again for having me!

Stephanie Vaughan!

I’m so excited to have Stephanie Vaughan as a guest here today. Let’s get started right away! And readers, please feel free to schmooze, comment. Participants are eligible to win a free download from Stephanie Vaughan! And believe me, her stuff is very enjoyable!

Stephanie Vaughan:
Zodiac: Pisces
Chinese zodiac: Rooster (I had to go look this up and I have to admit that a lot of it does sound like me.)
Favorite food: Anything spicy: Mexican, Thai, Vietnamese, sushi… yum.
Hunks who inspire my writing are: My one true love is Rufus Wainwright, but my flings vary. Duane “The Rock” Johson, Ronde & Tiki Barber, Polo underwear ads, Jason Preston… How much time do you have?

When I’m not writing naughty delicious tales I: like to hike in the canyons, go to movies, shop for brooches.

Sedonia: Hi Stephanie. Thanks so much for being on my blog. You’re another of my favorite m/m authors. My first question, the question that all we authors get asked: What inspires you to write erotic romance? And do you prefer m/m over other genres and why?

What inspires me to write erotic? Everything I’ve ever written was erotic, seems like. From the first story I ever sat down to write, I couldn’t keep the characters out of bed. But where does the urge come from? I’m not sure. I like seeing people and imagining them as characters in a story, getting up to goodness knows what.

For the past several years I’ve found myself gravitating to m/m more and more, to the point that it takes an exceptional writer or story to get me to even pick up an f/m romance. I like mysteries a lot, too, but any more I’m usually trying to work an m/m romantic subplot into them whenever I read them. But why? I’m not sure. I’m a sucker for an underdog and that seems to be part of it. I love the vulnerabilities they seem to expose and the risks people will take, the hardships they’ll endure, for love.

Sedonia: Home for the Holidays is m/f/m. Can you tell us a bit about this story?

It’s the story of Valerie, who’s unhappily employed in one of those phone service call-in centers. As a joke, she asks the Secret Santa at her work for “shibari for three.” Her best friend tries to save Valerie’s job by taking the note and everything seems okay. Until her friend’s brother gets hold of the note and arranges for her wish to come true.
Here’s a hot little teaser:

When had little Valerie gotten so freaking hot?

When had he last seen her? He cast back in his memory, trying to pinpoint the time. If she was Suzi’s age and Suzi was three years younger than he, then she’d been a junior in high school. Sixteen. Seventeen years old, tops. She’d been a coltish beauty then—all long legs and big eyes. And she’d unknowingly starred in more than one of Dan’s guilty stroke sessions.

As he strode through the house looking for his sister, Dan shook his head at how fast the years had gone. One minute his sister’s little friend had been the leggy kid that blushed and stammered and never quite looked him in the eye. Not that that had stopped him from imagining how perfectly those cute little tits would fit in his hands. And now she was…Shit. He didn’t know the word. Goddamn beautiful.

Still had that rust-colored hair that caught his eye every time. Not quite brown. Not quite red. He smiled that he could still yank her chain with the nickname. He’d never known why it bugged her so much, but he hadn’t been able to resist tweaking her with it once he’d discovered how much it riled her.

Eyes that had seemed odd and a little tilted, a child’s face had become irresistibly exotic in the woman. Dan remembered how the kids in school had made her miserable, calling her all sorts of names having to do with those eyes. Asian eyes. Rice eater. Their color, a cool blue without a hint of green or gray, was always eclipsed by their unusual shape.

And those lips.

Not finding his sister on the first floor, Dan headed upstairs while he tried to shake the image of Valerie’s lips.

Lush and full, like ripe peaches. Completely fuckable.

Goddammit, Crocker, she’s your sister’s friend. A guest in the house. He had no business picturing her down on her knees, parting those sweet, generous lips while he fed her his cock.

“Holy shit! What are you looking at?” Rounding the corner from the top step into his sister’s old room, he couldn’t stop the words that leapt from his mouth. But there was his sister—his baby sister—her nose two inches from an image on her computer screen. A bound woman, restrained by an intricate network of ropes that completely immobilized her naked, vulnerable body looked out tranquilly from the monitor.

Sedonia: That’s yummy. Now, onto my favorite of your work! The Off World series (TorquerePress). I’m taken with your perfect combination of hunky guys and the tenderness they experience between them. Would you please talk a little about this series, what and who inspired the characters and tell us about the upcoming book in the series?

Thank you ! That’s so wonderful to hear. That series got its start when I confessed to another writer friend that I’d always had a thing for Worf in “Star Trek: TNG.” I always thought Worf deserved more booty than he seemed to get, and somehow that thread joined up with an idea I had about a cute gay boy who has to go off world to find true love and hot sex when being gay is a capital offense in his world.

Michael Dorn as Worf and Keith Hamilton Cobb as Tyr Anasazi in “Andromeda” were the inspiration for Sarhaan, the warrior hero of the first book. Cal owes a lot to Randy Harrison from “Queer as Folk.”

It was supposed to be a one-off. I had no intention of writing a series. I’m strictly a contemporary kinda writer, see? But there was a character who showed up late in the book — Alex. He had a horrible story up to that point and I knew immediately I wanted to give him a happier future. I had a couple of other characters who were both interested in Alex, but Sarhaan’s friend Sandy made the best case for why he should get to romance Alex. And now Sarhaan’s second in command, Kai Xuwicha, is whispering in my ear, so I’m planning an OW3 to get started on any day now.

Sedonia: I can’t wait for that! Stephanie, where can readers find you and your work on the web?

My website is . My m/m romances are all at Torquere Books; my boy-girl books are with Phaze, and I have my one and only m/m/f story with Ellora’s cave. People can always write me at .

Sedonia: Thank you so much for sharing your hot stories with us today. Hugs!

Thank you so much for asking me! I’m a big fan of your writing, so this is a huge treat for me.

Meet the Author: Laura Baumbach

Please help me welcome one of my FAVORITE m/m authors, Laura Baumbach! Some of you already may know that she and I are in The Bite Before Christmas anthology (Loose Id) together , in which case you already are familiar with Laura’s sizzling erotic scenes and intense emotions. Reading her books is a aompletely satisfying experience. So let’s learn more about the author behind these wonderful stories. Oh, and don’t be afraid to comment, shmooze, ask Laura questions! Participants are eligible to win a free download of Laura’s latest release: The Lost Temple of Karttikeya. So please, don’t be shy!

Laura Baumbach
Zodiac sign: Aquarius

Chinese zodiac: The Sheep, but I don’;t believe it. Shy? Me? lol!

Favorite food:Well-done steak with A-1 sauce!

When I’m not writing juicy m/m erotic romance I’m…
Taking care of my husband, kids, house and day job which is really a night job. I’m an emergency trauma nurse on the off-shifts at the local hospital. Easier on the kidlets if I’m home evenings and such. I also run a promotions group called and I own a gay erotic romance and ficiton Publishing house, MLR Press, LLC. All of it keeps me hopping! If I get free time, I like the movies and crocheting, but not at the same time.

Sedonia: Hi Laura. Thanks so much for being a guest on my blog. I’m so happy you’re here.
Laura: Thank you for inviting me, Sedonia. It’s an honor.

Sedonia: What draws you to write M/M erotic romance?
Laura: Don’t really know. It’s one of those things you don’t need to spend time analysing. It just is. It calls to me. It’s what comes out of my creative brain and fingertips on to the keyboard. I don’t have to think about what I’ll write or decided if its going to be M/M or M/F, it is just always M/M.

Sedonia: Where do you draw your inspiration from for you characters and settings?
Laura: Some of it is from the medical settings I’ve worked in for years. Some of it is from adventures I had in my younger days. I always try to slip a sex scene from my own adventures in to each story. Readers have to guess which ones they are! lol. A lot of it comes from having a rich and unbridled imagination. I love writing unknown worlds where aliens, vampires and werewolves roam. I can make my own rules and create entire worlds. It’s the best.

Sedonia: It’s very exciting that you began your own erotic romance publisher. Can you tell readers about MLR Press? How is that going?
Laura: MLR Press, LLC is the result of my being unhappy and impatient with the printing world. The genre of M/M erotic romance and fiction is being pushed to the back of the bus. There are large numbers of readers asking for it, but it has a bias against it by a big segment of the print publishing world and readers are being denied access to what they want. Ebook publishers are breaking down some walls and I hope to help that effort out by adding my support and talents to making the genre more available and providing the best in it I can find to nurture. It’s been an exciting year and I hope I’m making headway. It’s all about getting your name out there so readers know you exist. You can see us and all we have to offer plus the coming books here:

Sedonia: Oooh, I see you have a sequel coming out to Out There in the Night. I LOVED that book! Adam and Conor are so hot together.
Laura: Thank you. It’s one of my favorites, too.

Sedonia: Can you talk about the first one and tell us a bit about the sequel?
The first one came about because I wanted to create my first werewolf. I had written vampires before and I wanted to try putting a different spin on an old myth. I wanted to make them more than the mindless savage beasts. So I did a little research and found a Native American belief that didn’t cast them out as demons or beasts. I built a whole world around that including going so far to contact a university that taught the language of the tribe I was writing about to find an appropriate native word for an endearment to put in the story. The people at the university were very kind and helpful. it was fun. The story uses a lot of my medical background as well. I know nurses who have lived a few months in Alaska with an agency like Doctors without Borders. They were a great help in making the book real for me by providing descriptions and realism.

The sequel is because I can never let my characters go. They become part of my family, like cousins I want to visit every year and find out what they’ve been up to since I last saw them. I want to revisit Adam and Connor, show how their relationship is working out, the bumps in the road they face and the dangers of life in the wilderness. Plus a lot of readers want to know more about Greg and Mitch, secondary characters that shoved their way into the spotlight a bit more than intended in the original story! But hey, you have to let the story flow and the character tell their story.

Sedonia: I definitely want to read this. Mitch was hot! (I know that’s my man’s name so it has that little extra something) however, you really write the most amazing sex scenes!

And please, give a little teaser too.

Laura: I would if I could but it’s all a WIP yet, barley more than a rough outline. I have two other novels to complete before this one, Genetic Snare and Mexican Heat.

Sedonia: Darn! Oh, well. I’m sure there are plenty of other juicy excerpts for readers on your site.

Sedonia: Is there anything you’d like to share that I didn’t ask?
Laura: I’m working on a number of short stories slated to be released in anthologies this next year as well. A new edition of our vampire Blood series with Angela Fiddler, a Hostage anthology with Josh Lanyon and Sarah Black, Wet Skin with William Maltese, Red with Victor J. Banis and other, and of course, my already mentioned novels. I plan on being very, very busy all year long.

Sedonia: Awesome! Where can readers find you and your books on the web?
Laura: My personal authro site can be seen here:

Sedonia: Thanks so much Laura!
Laura: Thank you for hosting this blog, Sedonia.