Need a Ghostwriter? 5 Essential and Compelling Elements that my Ghostwriting Will Bring to Your Story

SedoniaAuthorPicPerhaps you have a fabulous story idea. You have a cast of characters in mind and a fascinating world in which to bring them alive, but you just don’t have the hours it takes to craft a book because you are running a business or taking care of your family, or anything that is taking your time away from writing. Or, you don’t feel that the actual writing is your strength. That is where a ghostwriter comes in. A ghostwriter can fill that gap for you because writing is what he or she does. A good ghostwriter can take your ideas and your characters and build them into a compelling, wonderful story that you will be proud and excited to give to the world.

What, exactly, as your ghostwriter, is my role in bringing your ideas and characters to life the way you envision them?

1. The first important ingredient is simple: the same loving, heartfelt dedication that I give to my own stories when I craft them. When you present me with whatever materials you have amassed so far, whether you have a simple story outline and character profiles or you have a paragraph presenting your basic story idea, I enter into your world. Your characters become as important to me as they are to you and I spend time with them in my imagination. I take whatever you have told me so far about them and begin the process of fleshing them out. You want your characters to be compelling. Perhaps they have a dark secret, a torment that drives them to do the things they do. You want your readers to become intimate with them, whether the character is good or evil, to care about what happens to them. If they love a character, they will want to see that character complete his or her goals, to end up with his/her soulmate, etc. If the character is an antagonist, my goal is to make them sufficiently hate-able that your readers will root for their ultimate defeat.

2. Believable and fascinating world-building. Perhaps you have already constructed a profile of the world in which your story takes place, or you have the basic idea of the world you envision. If your story is paranormal, perhaps with vampires or shapeshifters, ghosts or psychic abilities, then watertight world-building is absolutely essential. Whatever world your story takes place in, the world needs a set of hard and fast rules in which it operates. If you’ve watched Star Trek, then you have a sense of what I mean. Nothing random can happen there. There is a prime directive that all startships must follow and the different species that they come into contact with also have their own rules that govern their physical beings. As your ghostwriter, it is my job to do the same for your world. If you don’t already have the rules in place, then a large part of what I do is to build them for you, to discover the origins of those rules and work them into your story. For example, say you have vampires in your story, what are the rules governing their hunt for blood? Can they go out in the sun? What is the process by which they “turn” regular mortals, etc. These questions must be asked and answered in order to make your setting the best it can be. Of course, if your story is set in the regular world as we know it, the process is a bit different, but no less important. Your setting must still be brought to life with careful and consistent detail.

3. A story that hits the ground running. Beginning a story can be the one of the most difficult parts of the writing process. However, it is also one of the most important and must be given special consideration. If you think of some of your favorite stories, no doubt, one of the things about them that made you love them was the way they pulled you in from the start, making you want to find out what happens, and unable to put it down until the satisfying conclusion. As your ghostwriter, I must create that opening line for you, that compelling beginning that rouses your readers’ curiosity and keeps them turning the pages. There is a variety of techniques that can be used, for example, opening with your character in the middle of a dream or nightmare that plunges your reader directly into their inner world. Another one could be starting in the middle of an action or intriguing thought of your main character or villain. I will find the possibility that best suits your project.

4. A strong plot that brings your readers on an enjoyable and satisfying ride. After hitting the ground running, you expect your story to keep going at the same compelling speed. Just like watching an Olympic track race where the continuing speed and strategy keeps us on the edges of our seats, your plot will need to have continual tension, introduce new obstacles and carefully-placed sub-plots that deepen your story and invest your reader in your world, maybe even enough to build a series that will keep them coming back for more! Each chapter must end on a hook that will make your reader unable to put the book down. “Five more minutes,” they will say to themselves, “and then I’ll go to sleep.”

5. Toe-curling romance and irresistibly sexy heroes and heroines. If your story is a romance, then the above-mentioned elements are non-negotiable! Character-building is, of course, also a crucial element to writing a great story. Whether your destined for true love characters are a man and a woman, two men or two women, as your ghostwriter, I must strike a careful balance between making the hero and heroine larger than life and flawed enough to be truly human. This combination will make your story jump off the pages. Your readers will fall in love with them too, and root for them to the end, wanting them to overcome all obstacles, inner and outer in order to have true love. If your story includes love scenes, no matter the heat level, the physical love must be a direct manifestation of the growing intimacy and trust between your two love interests. The language used can reflect whatever you prefer: more realistic, gritty language, or softer, sweet terminology. A good ghostwriter can customize this for you. But mo matter what language you use, you want your readers to sigh with romantic scintillation even while they are fanning themselves.

Of course, if you are in the process of searching for a ghostwriter, you want to feel confident in that writer’s experience and abilities. No doubt, you will want to see the person’s credentials. There are many samples here on my website, but I can provide a sample e-book and detailed resume for you as well when you contact me.

I also have extensive experience in non-fiction writing, particularly copy writing and newspaper articles (My byline has appeared in The Jewish Journal and The Lubec Light). I have compiled the memoirs of A Holocaust survivor into a booklet which is in the archives of the United States Holocaust Musuem in Washington, D.C, and in the Judaica Collection of Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton, FL.

Below are a few more distinctions I’ve had the honor to receive for my writing:

~ 2007 – LGBT Romantic Suspense novel, His Beautiful Samurai was used in an online Gay and Lesbian Literature course at Diablo Valley College, San Ramon, CA
~2005 – Novel, Lady of Two Lairds, Finalist, Historical Romance, Passionate Ink Contest, Romance Writer’s Association of America
~2005 – Lady of Two Lairds, finalist, CAPA Awards, Finalist, Historical Romance, The Romance studio
~2008 – LGBT Romance, Men of Tokyo: Sudden Bliss, Finalist, Contemporary Romance, Rainbow Awards
~The Bite Before Christmas, LGBT anthology in circulation of Harvard University library
~Numerous works awarded Recommended Reads from Fallen Angel Reviews, Joyfully Reviewed and Jessewave Reviews.

Let’s discuss your project today! Please contact me either by email:, cell: 561-306-2876 or the contact form of my site. I look forward to hearing from you.


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