I am an Ellora’s Cave author and proud

Perhaps I will become unpopular for speaking positively about Ellora’s Cave at this particular time but I feel it necessary not to remain silent. I have been an EC author since 2006 when they first accepted on of my books, Darelle’s Trinity. One of the highlights of my career as an erotic romance author. I felt like a bit of a rock star. Since then EC has published 14 more of my titles. I have always been treated well and paid regularly there and nothing has changed since the current media storm began.

I have communicated personally with Jaid Black and she has always been kind to me, responding to my concerns and queries promptly. I see her as a bright woman who had a genius idea that revolutionized the romance writing industry. But we already all know that part. She is not the first intelligent person I have seen become the object of people’s hostilities online and the mood behind what i see as yet another witch hunt feels again like a mass hysteria in which the truth gets buried.

One example is the furor over sales reports and declining sales claimed to be false reporting on the publisher’s part. There is no proof of this activity and our contracts have a clause allowing us to audit the company if we choose. This clause enforces accountability. Moreover, even though my own sales have declined as well in recent months, I know that is beyond the publisher’s control. I am also a publisher in addition to being an author, (having needed to exercise my own entrepreneurial spirit while still keeping EC as an important part of my career) and I know firsthand the vagaries that pass with Amazon, the frustratingly dwindling sales and revenues that have been happening there in recent times. It is nothing EC has done in trying to screw over us authors. There really is soemthing going on that is affecting so many.

The other thing I find upsetting is the clamor by some to boycott EC books. Whatever the rationale for that action, I can feel nothing but upset. One cannot try to break the publisher without injuring its authors. We authors work hard. We have written our hearts and souls into our books, praying that readers out there will buy them not only so we can earn a living but so that the reader will enjoy them. Now there are people trying to get others not to buy these books and make an already difficult career to make a living in even more difficult.

Well, that is really all I have to say. I am not a big famous name in the erotic romance industry and so I doubt many people will even see this post but I just wanted to come out publicly with these feelings and thoughts simply because I am unhappy about seeing Jaid get so publicly trashed when she has been such a positive force not only in my life but in so many others as well, not to mention for the genre of romance as a whole.


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9 thoughts on “I am an Ellora’s Cave author and proud

  1. Thank you for posting your personal experience & opinions about this (now) delicate subject!! You are an author I respect & admire, and I first had my start in GLBT fiction through EC, so I will always be grateful to them. I habe read other authors’ experience with lack of royalty pay & the fall-out from this…I pray the sutuation is resolved swiftly and satisfactorly. Tame

  2. Sedonia, I think you should be proud of your work (every author should be proud of theirs). Nor do I feel that you’re accountable for the alleged actions of your publisher that have so irritated others. EC’s definitely opened some doors and paths for others.

    One point: others have said that their Amazon sales were NOT declining during the same period when EC’s Amazon sales were. Examples: posts 417, 418, and 420 from this thread:


    The tax liens also can’t be great news, nor can the expense of the lawsuit against DA.

    I see you’re also published with other houses, so you’ve also spread your risk around. I wish you the best.

  3. Deirdre thank you so much for your supportive comment. I am sure not all authors have experienced lowered sales at Amazon but my experience has been that it has been widespread. I just believe in being loyal where i have been treated well and to know everything firsthand before deciding otherwise. This bodes well for those who associate with me then because they can be assured they will get the same fair treatment.

  4. Thanks for standing up and being counted, love. I’ve worked with you at Ellora’s Cave since 2008, when I subbed my first book there. When it got published in 2009, and ever since, I have had no problem with EC. I have heard hundreds of rumors, bad-mouthings, and criticisms about Jaid Black and EC, and have watched as EC and our boss rode out all the trash and survived. I have begun to self-publish things that just “didn’t fit” with my publisher, and it has been fun learning. But my preferred publisher will always be Ellora’s Cave. I also have communicated directly with Jaid, and as you say, she has always been respectful, caring, and genuinely concerned.

    I figure if folks black-ball me and my books because I like Jaid Black and EC, I’ll survive that, too. It is truly sad that people jump onto angry bandwagons when they know little or nothing about what is going on, and simply allow gossip and a few angry nay-sayers to sway their judgement. We all have our own axes to grind, but trying hard to destroy people is just sad.

    It has been my experience that when books don’t sell well, they may not be quite as fabulous as the author (including me) thinks they are. I read my fan mail, and learn from my obvious mistakes. Keep up the great writing, and keep standing up for things you believe in.

  5. Thanks Sedonia & Fran. It takes a lot of courage to be publicly pro-EC right now so I thank you for that :)

    Deirdre, my impression of you is that of a person who deeply cares about her fellow authors. For that reason I respect you despite the fact you believe I’m guilty of doing pretty heinous things. You have good intentions, but then you know what they say about those…

    Have you ever considered that you might be wrong, though? As Sedonia pointed out, every author has the contractual right to an audit, yet not one has exercised that right. Doesn’t that at least set off even the smallest alarm to you? If I truly believed I’d been scammed I would exercise my right in a heartbeat.

    As to the tax liens, the state gives them to me every year despite the fact I’m on a payment plan. I suppose that sounds bad to the average person, but there’s nothing insidious about it. I’m self-employed, I pay anticipatory taxes to the state & federal government, but I can’t predict exactly how much I’ll owe until I owe it. Some self-employed ppl take out loans to keep from getting liens, but I’ve not. Some ppl overpay in anticipatory taxes, but I don’t. If I’ve had a lien every year, why is this only an issue now?

    As to the lawsuit, I cannot comment on that for obvious reasons.

    As to Amazon, I’ve had way too many publishers tell me behind the scenes they’re feeling it too to believe it’s just EC. Choosing not to accept that as the truth makes it no less true.

    Sedonia, again, thank you. You & Fran are gems xo

  6. I’d hate to be the one to put this out there but as a reader do people have any idea how many illegal sight there are to get your books could that not be part of the problem instead of blaming the publisher.When you choose to publish e books that the risk you take it’s the internet .

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