My upcoming Ellora’s Cave release and a history of the Coeurs Eternels

I’m so excited about my upcoming release at Ellora’s Cave in early September! Yay! Immortal Vow is a continuation of the series that began with Darelle’s Trinity (M/F/M Menage, Vampire) Some of you may be familiar with my Coeurs Eternels, the brand of vampire in this series. If not, I will explain. Centuries ago, a Buddhist monk named Tanzin Gayatsu was meditating in a cave in the snowy hills of the Himalayas when a vampire came upon him and fed on him. (The vampire in question is Valmont Lascaux, the world’s oldest vampire whose story we meet in Valmont’s Trinity (Ellora’s Cave)

Since Tenzin had practice meditation so diligently his entire life, when he was brought across, the compassion and level of consciousness he had achieved stayed with him and he retained his soul as well as his beating heart. Moreover, for some reason, along with the taste for blood, he developed a craving for honey. As the centuries passed, he trained himself to feed on humans only when they were dying and his draining them of their blood became a pleasurable act that made their passing less fearful and they could move on to a better embodiment in the next lifetime. Tenzin’s story appears in Touching Forever (Totally Bound) in which he meets a beautiful immortal, Lily Tan, the Tigress of Shanghai who teaches him how to use erotic pleasure to direct his life force.

This type of vampire came to be known as a Coeur Eternel (Forever Heart) and when a vampire fed on a human and turned them, you never knew whether the new vampire would become a CE or not. It all depended on that person’s nature. A CE or a Sans Ame (without soul) – these are the two choices. However, like human beings, the vampires represent a broad range of personalities as well, so no vampire is all good or all bad. Except for the villain of Immortal Vow, Noiret. He has kidnapped the sister of immortal vampire slayer Jesse Harmon and holds her for ransom. The ransom? Jesse must slay Christian St. Cyr, a Coeur Eternel. Although Jesse has vowed never to slay a CE, he is desperate to save Hannah’s life and proceeds with the hit on St. Cyr. Except that things go wrong and Jesse ends up in St. Cyr’s control! What will happen next? Will St. Cyr take revenge or…? HEre’s a juicy excerpt and thank you for reading!


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An Excerpt From: IMMORTAL VOW
Copyright © SEDONIA GUILLONE, 2014
All Rights Reserved, Ellora’s Cave Publishing, Inc.
Jesse heaved a deep breath. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Something had gone terribly wrong. The bullets shouldn’t have affected him this deeply. Since when had he developed a weakness for lead? He’d heard stories of immortals developing such weaknesses but had never considered that could happen to him. If he’d communicated a bit more with others of his kind over the centuries, perhaps he would have known sooner.
Too late now.
Even in the haze of his wounded state, he understood that St. Cyr had fed on him and now believed him to be a vampire.
If he’s not a vampire, what is he?
Jesse’s eyes shot open. The voice had spoken strongly in his mind. Not his own voice. Not his own thoughts. He looked at the large blond vampire hovering over him, the firelight reflecting off his pale skin and deep-blue eyes. The sight momentarily captured him. His gaze went to the scar on St. Cyr’s high-boned cheek. Not even the reddish jagged scar detracted from the vampire’s rugged, masculine Norse Viking beauty.
Strangely, the way he lingered on St. Cyr’s face caused a spot on his neck to tingle, reminding Jesse of the pleasure his body had experienced when the vampire had bitten him and sucked his blood. With the first touch of St. Cyr’s lips on Jesse’s neck, Jesse’s entire body shuddered deliciously, as if every nerve ending had exploded in orgasm. Though his skin had no doubt already healed, the ghostly memory of the feeding remained.
Perhaps he’s immortal.
Shit! St. Cyr again! The feeding had connected them. Jesse’s rejection of the blood had raised St. Cyr’s suspicions. It would only get worse when he found Jesse’s knife in the belt at his back. He had to kill St. Cyr as soon as he had his strength and get the hell out of here with St. Cyr’s head.
Can you hear me?
Jesse’s breath caught. St. Cyr was addressing him directly now. He couldn’t let on that there was a mind link between them. The difference between the mind links of vampires and that of immortals was that immortals had greater lateral access to thoughts and feelings. Vampires’ psychic connections were limited to telepathic communication only. Thank God for small miracles.
Jesse stared up at St. Cyr, as if there were no connection. He watched the corners of St. Cyr’s beautifully shaped masculine lips curve downward. He waited for the vampire to speak again.
St. Cyr remained quiet. He reached out a large hand and smoothed back Jesse’s hair. The vampire had a surprisingly gentle touch. His bite had been tender as well, so careful about how deeply he pushed his incisors into Jesse’s skin.
“You should rest now,” St. Cyr told him. His voice had a pleasing tone, deep and resonant. The vampire’s loneliness emanated from him and Jesse felt the emotion in his touch. He continued to caress Jesse’s hair, causing Jesse’s traitorous body to tingle and relax. Jesse’s eyelids shuttered rapidly with the pleasure of the touch. In centuries of life, he hadn’t felt another one quite like St. Cyr’s. Gentle, soothing. Kind and…erotic, all at once.
Jesse’s cock stirred in his jeans. If he hadn’t been so enervated from the bullet wounds, he would have reached up and pulled St. Cyr down on top of him. His exhaustion was the only thing that stopped him.
Well, that and the fact that he was here to kill St. Cyr.
Jesse prayed that in a few hours he’d have the strength to carry out the task before St. Cyr discovered their connection. And he would figure it out. It was inevitable. They were linked for eternity now. Or until Jesse got the vampire’s head.
That is, if Jesse could bring himself to slay someone whose psyche was now deeply entwined with his own.
Fucking shit. Being immortal not only sucked much of the time, now it was a downright curse.
Jesse opened his eyes again and looked up at St. Cyr, panic rising deep inside as exhaustion overtook him again. He thought of the knife in his belt, concealed only by his body lying on top of it. All St. Cyr had to do was slip his hand underneath him and find it. The vampire’s innate intelligence and suspicion would help him put the truth together, if he hadn’t already begun to.
Damn this fucking lead to hell! The weakness the substance had produced in his body exceeded his own healing powers. His skin was no longer broken and his body had expelled the bullets. However, this latent weakness left him unable to rise and finish. By all appearances, he wouldn’t be killing St. Cyr anytime soon. Especially with his eyelids growing sooo…heavy.
Must…not…sleep. Jesse thrashed his head back and forth, struggling to keep his eyes open. He was losing the battle. The lead had done something inside him, prolonging his complete healing. If he tried to kill St. Cyr now, the vampire would easily overpower him and kill him. He needed his full strength in order to go against a vampire, no matter how compassionate the vamp seemed to be.
Compassion wouldn’t win out over survival, to be sure.
Losing the battle against his illness, Jesse released a long shuddering breath and surrendered to the call of sleep.