Guest super model Darell Ferhostan!

I’m so excited and honored to feature the elegantly beautiful Darell Ferhostan on my blog today! I first stumbled across some of Darell’s modeling photos on another blog and was immediately transfixed. As you know, we romance authors are always hoping to find real life people who fit the beauty, grace and intelligence of the characters we write and he absolutely does that! I recently worked up the courage to approach Darell and ask if he would be a guest on my blog. To my joy he said yes. :) Darell has appeared in Elle and Rolling Stone magazines and has recently graced the runways of Elle and Vogue fashion weeks in Bangkok. I know he is so busy so I only asked a few questions that would let us get to know him a little bit.
Some basic facts about Darell:
age: 21
where from: Indonesia
favorite foods : grilled tuna or salmon

Sedonia: Could you please share with us how the path of your life led you to modeling?
Darell: A stylist found me on Facebook and asked me to do a test shoot. After that he sent my photos to an agency and i got a contract with them.

Sedonia: If you were to write your autobiography, what would be the wisdom you would want to impart to anyone who read it about your experiences?
Darell: Everyone is different. Don’t try to be someone else because you are special. There is something that we can’t do like others can do, but there is something for sure we can do that others can’t do. Believe in yourself first, and others will believe in you.

Sedonia: What do you enjoy doing when you’re not modeling?
Darell: Traveling, making new friends, test new food, learning about new culture, and learning about different art from each country because i really love art.

Sedonia: Do you have a philosophy of life that you endeavor to live by and would you mind sharing it?
Darell: Don’t ever let anyone take your dream from your soul.

Thank you so much, Darell!

(All photos posted with permission from Darell Ferhostan)