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My boyfriend and I recently watched this documentary, Chris and Don: A Love Story about the famed, decades-long partnership between Christopher Isherwood (who is one of my absolute favorite authors! A Single Man, Christopher and His Kind et al), and Don Bachardy who was 30 years younger than Isherwood.

I was deeply moved. Christopher and Don first met when Don was sixteen and Isherwood was 36. Their romance began not long afterward. One of the things that touched me was that for Don, Isherwood was his one and only major relationship (this was true for Isherwood as well) and the influence Isherwood had on his formation on a human being was profound and beautiful, even down to the way Don spoke – with an English accent and with Isherwood’s inflections of speech as if Isherwood were speaking through him.

What came through so strongly and touchingly as well, told through excerpts read from Isherwood’s private journal and from Don Bachardy (who was still alive at the making of the film, Isherwood passed away in 1986) was how for Isherwood, being the older person in the relationship was, first, absolutely enchanted with Don and how for Isherwood, his love for Don was, in his own words, his spiritual path to enlightenment. I know from reading My Guru and His Disciple where Isherwood chronicles his years as the disciple of Swami Prabhavananda who practiced chastity, Christopher Isherwood could never bring himself to do the same. He felt strongly pulled to be in relationship with a partner, that it was deeply in his nature, not to be ignored or snuffed out. For him, his relationship with Don was his path.

Later on, as I reflected more and more on that, it hit me – that’s exactly what I’ve been working so hard to portray in my own writing! To bridge the gap that pervades so much of thinking and approach to sexuality, that somehow it’s different, separate, lower than spirit. Healing that gap is what my own life’s path has led me to begin to understand and because it’s so important to me, I endeavor to bring that healing into my stories, most blatantly (I guess that’s the right word) in my White Tigers series wherein the characters practice the sexual Tao and when one of them meets their soulmate, they become partners and practice together. Their love and mutual attraction become the very fodder needed to bring their minds to the understanding of reality.

So excited to bring this one back!

I found out not long ago that the contract for His Beautiful Samurai expired from its previous publisher. Which was fine because I wrote this book five years ago and since have gotten a lot more writing as well as life experience and growth. I love John and Toshi so much and really want to do their story as much justice as possible so I’m in the process of re-working it and it’s going to be a waaaayyyy different book in many ways from its first incarnation.

I have gotten a lot of feedback over the years, both positive and some incredibly negative. At the time, the negative feedback would make me shake! However, at the same time, I could see the intelligence of the things people were saying who were disappointed with the book and have actually reflected on their words many times over the last five years. I have also since read and watched many, many murder mysteries, studying the art of building a complex mystery. Hopefully, I’ve gotten more of a hang of this craft and will be able to make this story a more complex and intriguing mystery. I need to mention that I feel particularly indebted to two certain mystery authors, John Burdett (Bangkok 8, Vulture Peak) and to Seicho Matsumoto (Inspector Imanishi Investigates, Points and Lines) in the sense that both authors write wonderful real characters, inspiring prose, and skillfull, enjoyable as hell mysteries.

Then there’s the emotional development. I have also kept in mind the people who have loved His Beautiful Samurai for the romance between the two heroes and only endeavor to make that aspect of the book richer as well. Both Toshi and John are more three-dimensional in the newer version as I rework it since I’ve gotten to know the two of them better as well and I really hope that will come through. For those who are familiar with Acts of Passion, you are familiar with Michael DiSanto, the criminal profiler who was Toshi’s first lover. Well, Michael has a more active character in the new version as well. He doesn’t appear in person, but instead of being mentioned in toshi’s memories, he and Toshi have a conversation, which was fun to write in. It really makes a difference have worked with and developed these characters for several years! I can really write them in, in a way I couldn’t when I didn’t know them as well and they weren’t as real to me as they are now.

Anyway, thanks for reading this and please come back because I will post a snippet from the new version as soon as I get it up to par. Take care and hope you’re having a great day. Warmly, Sedonia

Yay! Lady of Two Lairds in trade paperback!

Lady of Two Lairds
Author: Sedonia Guillone
Genre: Menage a trois; Historical
eISBN: 978-1-937796-01-3
Length: Novel
MSRP: 8.49 | You pay: 5.49
ISBN: 978-1937796068
Trade paperback: 11.99

Cover art: Les Byerley

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Leda MacGregor has harbored a secret love for the handsome laird Duncan since she was sixteen. When he blames her for his wife’s death, she turns to his brother Ian for comfort and finds her heart capable of loving two men.

Ian MacGregor finds his heart captured by Leda, his childhood friend. He desires her more powerfully than any other woman he has ever known. However, he is torn between the desire of his heart and the course his life must take. When he is finally free to love Leda, she is torn from him by a cruel deception.

Duncan MacGregor learns the powerful force of forgiveness from Leda and over time, grows to love her and desire her in a way he never thought possible. When his brother breaks her heart, he takes her for his own. When fate brings Ian back, he still loves Leda…

One woman. Two ruggedly handsome highlanders. She loves them both. Fortunately, they are willing to share her…

Publisher’s note: This book is previously published.



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