Fingers crossed!

I’ve been wanting to enter a short story in the Samurai Archives Fiction Contest for years but never did because every time I’ve tried to pen a story for it, it turns into a long M/M piece!

Finally, last night, I worked up the courage to inquire to them whether a highly erotic piece would be acceptable for the contest and they told me that as long as it was fiction set in an unspecified period of Japanese history that should be fine.

Well! I was excited and I immediately entered Master of Ecstasy into the contest. The only reservation I have is that the winning story gets posted on the site. There’s no way that one of my stories can be publicly posted on a G-rated or PG-rated site. lol. Not that I’m assuming I’ll win. But, what if by some great happening, the judges deem my story worthy of a prize? I guess they’ll deal with that if it happens.

Anyway, I’m just happy to have finally entered the contest because I’ve wanted to for, oh, about FIVE years now! Fingers crossed!


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