New M/M from Ai Press!

Author: Mya
Genre: M/M; Paranormal; Shapeshifter
Length: Novel (87,612 words)
eISBN: 978-0-9833747-7-0
MSRP: 8.99
You pay: 5.79

Available in PDF, Kindle, Nook and Sony formats at Ai Press!
Cover art: Les Byerley

Seth Burgess is a werecat and a thief, always up for a challenge. Like many of his Felia brethren he ignores the rich heritage of his kind and embraces the fast, progressive world of humans. When approached with the task of stealing a priceless treasure from his own kind, he thinks nothing of the repercussions. Stealing into a cavern with notions of wealth and excitement on his mind, the last thing Seth expects to encounter is Crnswar, the Lord of the Basti, a race of feral werecats who embrace the old ways. Captured and nearly killed, Seth’s punishment is to leave the fast-paced world behind and to serve his rural brethren and their lord.

However, during his servitude, he has dreams unlike any other—vivid, erotic encounters with the Basti Lord that leave his heart breathless and his body sated with an ecstasy he’s never known. Bound to the regal werecat Crnswar by a connection that ravages his very soul, Seth realizes that there’s more to his destiny than just wealth, prestige and power and he sets his sight on stealing what he’s never supposed to have: the heart of the Basti lord. However, when Seth’s past comes back in the form of a power-maddened werecat, Seth will be used to trap and kill Crnswar. Seth must fight not only to win over the man he loves, but for their very lives!
Publisher’s note: This book contains male/male sexual acts.



Crnswar placed a large hand, each finger tipped in razor-sharp talons, upon Seth’s chest. “So afraid,” he said. “Your heart is ready to leap from your chest, but you must like that. You have to. Is it like this when you steal? When you’ve infiltrated someone’s defenses, broken their feelings of security and made away with your prize? Is this how it feels? Is this what you like?”

The Basti lord had to have the darkest eyes that Seth had ever seen. Black, unforgiving, abysmal. They didn’t show the slightest bit of sympathy. They filled him with fear, those eyes, fear and something else. Humility.

Crnswar moved his hand from Seth’s chest and put his deadly claws against Seth’s throat. “Is this what you were looking for?”

The tip of Crnswar’s nails pressed against his flesh, and Seth didn’t dare move. His body reacted to the danger, still upon the surface and wildly excited beneath. It had to be wrong, to be so excited by such a threatening situation. Yet he could feel his arousal stirring. “No. Not this. Not like this,” he stammered.

Crnswar looked at him through narrowed eyes. “But isn’t it a rush? The kind that makes your heart jerk within your chest?”

It was. Trapped by those onyx eyes, Seth felt vulnerable to the beast before him. And damned if he wasn’t hard as hell. His cock pressed adamantly against the fabric of his pants, and the feel of the cat lord’s nails moving over his carotid made him all the more aware of his racing pulse.

“How much can you take?” Crnswar asked, leaning forward. “I think a great deal. I think that you are stronger than you know. You could stand for something, believe in something, be something, if only you knew what you wanted to become.”

Seth knew little more than the shape of Crnswar’s mouth, the smooth, full lips, parted, succulent.

“I doubt you know what you want, to be or otherwise. Am I wrong?”

He didn’t have time to think, to ponder the question, because just then Crnswar gave him something that he realized he did want.

Covering Seth’s lips with his own, the Basti lord claimed him. He possessed Seth’s mouth with a kiss that demanded submission, grasping the back of Seth’s closely shorn scalp and holding him in place for the assault.

Seth couldn’t breathe, couldn’t even move. Crnswar had him by the waist, brought him flush against hard muscle. He could feel the iron-like hardness of the male’s cock prodding his stomach, smell nothing more than the heady, strong musk of the beast. There was little room for breathing, none for participation, and not even his tongue could evade being sucked between Crnswar’s lips.

Crnswar took him as if he were a feast to be gorged upon, and he did not back down, not even after fangs drew blood and flavored both of their mouths.

It was unlike any rush he had ever had, supernatural or no. Hell, Seth doubted that stealing the accursed Hope Diamond itself would have garnered such excitement as what ran lava-like in his veins. He was light-headed and liquid limbed, but he did not, could not fight the wanting for more.

As far as his hands could dare, Seth gripped the cat lord’s waist and thought of never breathing again. If only he could have Crnswar’s tongue bathing with his in the pool of their saliva, hot and alive, then little else mattered.

Just as the pressure threatened to build too high, dangerously high, Crnswar released him.

Panting like a bellows fueling a forge, Seth noticed his own blood coloring Crnswar’s lips in a smear of crimson. He felt as if he had been fed on, as if some piece of him had been taken. Surely, if Crnswar hadn’t been holding him still, Seth would have fallen to the ground weak with passion-numbed limbs. “Damn…” he breathed.

Crnswar stuck his tongue out, cleansed his lips first and then his fangs of all the ruby traces. “Yes. You are damned. Are you afraid?”

Speech was a hard thing to accomplish when looking into black eyes that glistened like everything dark and dangerous. It was practically impossible when looking at lips that were savoring ones taste and seeming all the hungrier for it.

Adult teaser – Delicious Love Triangle

Just this morning I sent Delicious Love Triangle off to Final Line Edits. Once those are done, I can release the book! Yay! It took me awhile to get finished but that’s because I was composing the story carefully, needing more time that with other books to get everything just so. I hope you will love it.

So, here’s a teaser from the story. In this scene, Shinji and Hiko are going to pose for Hana so she can make some sketches for her yaoi manga. However, her friends have more than just helping Hana to finish her graphic novel in mind. They both know that Hana loves them and won’t let herself be with them and they’re hoping that posing like this can help move things along. And well, they’re very fond of each other too. Thanks for reading!


“I’m here.” Hana said near the partly open screen. She politely stood to the side until Hiko told her to come in. She appeared in the doorway, large drawing pad in hand. She looked at them, her eyes widening.
“We won’t bite you, Na-chan,” Hiko said. “Unless you get too close.”
A tiny smile came to her lips. Shinji had always loved her smile. She was like a little wood nymph with her large soft eyes, heart-shaped face and Cupid’s bow lips. She took a few steps into the room and knelt on the shaggy area rug over the tatami flooring Hiko had laid in each bedroom.
“Do you need a stool or something?” Hiko asked her.
She shook her head, slowly turning over the cover of the drawing pad and taking a pencil from behind her ear.
Shinji cleared his throat. “What do you want us to do?”
Uncertainty slipped through Hana’s huge eyes. “I…don’t know.”
“I remember some of the drawings in the manuscript.” Hiko climbed onto the bed on his knees. “Come here, Shin-chan. Get on your knees in front of me.” He winked.
Shinji followed the instruction, heart pounding anew. In seconds, he was kneeling in front of Hiko, face to face. Hiko’s wide torso made him feel so narrow. What felt like darts of invisible heat seemed to emanate from Hiko’s body and sink into his own skin, as if Hiko had a force field around him.
“From what I’ve seen of those manga,” Hiko went on, “there are all those passionate embraces. Why don’t we begin with one of those?” He looked at both of them, as if for approval.
“Sure,” Shinji said.
Hana gave one firm nod. “Hai.” She lifted her pencil, her gaze apprehensive yet intensely curious.
Hiko looked at him. His large dark eyes took on that simmering look again, the one he’d gotten just before their kiss earlier that night. “Ready?”
Shinji nodded. That jumping-off-the-precipice sensation overcame him again as Hiko’s brawny arms closed around him. The hardness and heat of the other man’s body invaded his chest and stomach. Their torsos pressed together and Hiko’s large, callused hands palmed his back. The touch was hot, vibrant, like brands on his bare skin.
Shinji’s heartbeat galloped. He returned the embrace. Hard, bunched muscles met his palms. The embrace brought their entire fronts together. Heat zinged through his cock at the light press through their underwear. Involuntarily, Shinji’s eyes fluttered closed. Hiko’s breath was warm against the side of his neck.
Hiko pulled him closer. One large hand slid up Shinji’s back and thick fingers burrowed into his hair. Hiko’s chest muscles brushed his nipples.
Hana dragged in a noisy breath. Her pencil scraped across the paper.
Hiko’s erection nestled firmly against his. The friction made Shinji’s cock tingle and heat flushed his chest. He fought not to pant as Hiko moved back and forth, so slowly, someone watching might not see it. His thumb rubbed one of the tendons in Shinji’s neck. Shinji’s breathing deepened. Hiko’s power, the command he must have as a lover showed in the burning yet restrained sensuality of his movements.
“Is this what you need, Na-chan?” Hiko asked, his breath pulsing warmly on Shinji’s neck.
“Hai.” Hana sounded breathless and her pencil never stopped its light skittering over the paper.
“You feel good, Shin-chan,” Hiko whispered, so close to his ear Hana could never have heard it. He followed the statement with a tiny lick on Shinji’s earlobe.
Shinji pulled in a breath. Lust skittered down his back and darted into his groin. He closed his eyes and tilted his head. Hiko’s lips landed on the side of his throat. And rested there.
Ohhh. Shinji stifled a moan. His hands rested on Hiko’s thick triceps, which flexed with each tiny movement. When Hiko brushed the tip of his tongue back and forth, Shinji dug his fingers into the muscle more deeply, his body surrendering to Hiko’s. In the haze of his mind, he heard Hana’s pencil scribble furiously over the paper.
Hiko lifted his face from Shinji’s neck and looked down at him, eyes looking glazed, almost…wild, his skin pale but flushed along the cheekbones. Then he turned to Hana. “How about another pose?”
“Ah, yes. That would be good.” Hana’s voice was tight, almost husky.
Hiko flashed her a devilish smile. “I know just the one. I’ve seen it on your storyboards,” Hiko said and slid his large hands down to the small of Shinji’s back and tugged. “Come, Shin-chan, straddle my lap.” In one motion, he sat back and brought Shinji down with him.
Their groins rubbed. Shinji’s breath hitched. Hiko’s cock bulged hard against his through their briefs and the pleasurable friction paralyzed him. He grasped Hiko’s shoulders and arched his back.
Hiko’s warm breath caressed his chest, and his large hands splayed over Shinji’s back. Hiko pressed his lips to the center of Shinji’s chest. The sensation sent delicious shivers into his nipples. Involuntarily, he tilted his head back, eyes closed, aware that he was only half-posing. The other half was really getting into the heat between him and Hiko.
Heavy breathing crashed in his ears and several moments passed before he distinguished the rhythm of his own breaths from Hiko’s and Hana’s.
She knelt nearby, sketching away. “I’m almost finished with this one.”
“Okay,” Hiko murmured then brushed his lips almost secretly back and forth over the same spot on Shinji’s chest. Darts of icy heat trilled through Shinji’s skin. His heart pounded and his erection was so tight now it was getting painful.
What would happen if Hana weren’t in the room? He imagined Hiko’s tongue sliding over his nipples or Hiko’s large hand pushing into his briefs and stroking his cock.
“Done.” Hana lowered her pencil and heaved a breath.
Hiko lifted his mouth from Shinji’s chest, eyes dark with hunger. His erection jumped against Shinji’s as if to say, ‘You and I aren’t finished yet.’
Shinji looked at Hana. Color stained her cheeks. Her smooth skin glowed from a sheen of perspiration and her eyes, though full of concentration, held a dazed look. Her nipples poked mercilessly at her bra and tank, as if they’d tear right through the material. Above the neckline, her chest showed a flush of dappled color. From the way she looked, her pussy was probably soaking wet too.
His erection surged against Hiko’s, which still pressed to his. Shinji’s mind reeled. He’d stayed so long in a safe zone that now he felt as if he’d swallowed some kind of pill that was making the world look fuzzy and strange.
“Do you need another pose, Na-chan?” Hiko asked.
She stared at them, her soft lips parted. “Um, well, only if it’s okay.”
Hiko chuckled. “Fine with me. Shinji?”
He nodded. “Fine.” His gaze dropped to Hiko’s lips. He liked the shape of his friend’s lips, firm and perfectly shaped, their dusky pink color inviting.
As if reading his mind, Hiko said, “A kiss for this pose.”
“Yes,” Hana said, sounding breathless.
Shinji heard the large pages of the pad being flipped over. Hiko’s large hands, still splayed on his back, eased him closer with a gentle but commanding tug. Electric fire jolted through Shinji’s body. Without thinking, he laced one hand into Hiko’s short but sleek hair. He tilted his face, leaning closer. Hiko’s warm breath caressed his lips and they hovered close, teasing each other with the closeness, the warmth of anticipation.
Hiko closed the space first. The touch of his lips sent a thrill through Shinji’s body. As if he were liquid, he melted against the larger man, burrowing his fingers deeper into Hiko’s hair. What’s going on with me? The question spiraled through Shinji’s fevered mind. Hiko’s tongue stole between his lips and glided against his tongue. Back and forth, in tiny licks, Hiko was tasting him, just enough so that they didn’t break their pose but were really kissing, not just posing.
For what felt like a long time they stayed that way, lips pressed together, tongues flirting with the deeper kiss they couldn’t explore. Instead, Shinji breathed in Hiko’s scent, felt his friend’s breath pass into him like an exchange of souls.
Did he love both his friends the same way?
Finally, Hana’s pencil stopped scraping over the paper. “I’m done.” Her voice was so tremulous Shinji wondered if she was about to come.
Hiko broke their kiss, pulling away with a tiny sound of suction. His broad chest rose and fell heavily and his lids half-covered his eyes.
Shinji looked into Hiko’s eyes. Desire like an electric current moved between them. If there’d been any question they were just posing and nothing else, the doubt was erased. The two of them were about to spill over the edge of something that would change them forever.
Hana shifted and he slid away from Hiko’s warm body and looked at her flushed face.
“Thank you,” she breathed. “Thank you so much.” She rose to her feet, the pad in front of her, like a shield.
“Do you have what you need?” Hiko asked.
She gave several quick nods. “I think so. I’ll work on these tonight.” As she spoke, she backed toward the door.
“We can do more tomorrow night, Na-chan.”
Hana nodded again at Hiko. “Yes, tomorrow. Thank you.” She backed through the door and went to her room, forgetting to slide the shoji closed.
Shinji’s heart lurched as he stared at the open space into the hallway. A short distance away, he heard Hana’s screen slide closed and click shut. “I think we scared her.”
But Hiko shook his head. “It doesn’t matter.” He leaned in conspiratorially. “I’ll bet anything her panties are soaked. She probably ran to her room to, you know… He made a rubbing gesture with one hand down by his groin, mimicking the way a woman would touch herself.
The thought fueled the fire in Shinji’s cock. His hard-on still bulged against his boxer briefs.
Hiko’s hand covered his. “Shin-chan.”
Warmth skittered up Shinji’s arm. “Yeah?”
“Stay a while?”
Shinji tingled. Everywhere. He nodded. “Yes.”