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(Unedited. May differ slightly from final version)

Jeremy stood a little straighter, his shoulders squaring from their previously slumped position. “Oh, well, Andrew goes in on the weekends a lot too. I know where the glasses are. You must want to get changed.

Craig nodded. “Yeah, I’ll just be a minute.” He headed into his room, kicked off his shoes, stripped off his shorts, jock-strap, and socks, and stepped into the shower. The initial shock of cold water helped to break the heat from his run and from his flirting with Jeremy. As the water slowly warmed, so did his muscles. He leaned his head back, allowing the water to soak through his hair and run down over his head.

When he removed his head from the water and wiped his eyes, he shouted out loud in shock.

Jeremy had pulled the curtain aside and was standing in the bathroom, naked. “Mind if I join you? I caught a whiff of myself and I stink.” Craig didn’t have a chance to respond before Jeremy stepped into the shower next to him. “Shit, Craig, this is hot.”

He wasn’t sure whether Jeremy was referring to the water temperature or the fact that the two of them were standing naked together. Deciding to busy himself rather than contemplate his situation, Craig grabbed a loofah and pomegranate body wash and began to scrub at his skin. The scent of citrus filled the room, carried through the air by the steam. It both refreshed and stimulated his senses. Raising his arm to scrub at his lateral muscles and down to his waist, his body brushed against Jeremy’s, slipping with wet soapiness. The sensation shot straight through him, causing his penis to slowly lengthen and thicken.

“Hey, mind if I grab that other loofah?” Jeremy didn’t wait for an answer, instead, he just leaned across Craig’s body, chest sliding against chest, and grabbed it. Craig inhaled sharply at the contact. Jeremy’s body had seemed lanky, but under the spray, with the light gleaming off his skin, each ripple of muscle became highlighted. Craig admired the line splitting his abdomen into two halves and the ridges revealing his washboard stomach. His pec muscles weren’t large, but they were smooth and tan, dotted by nickel sized nipples which seemed to have a gravitational pull. It was work, but Craig managed to keep his mouth from clamping down on one.

Glancing down was his undoing. Jeremy’s cock swayed heavily in front of him, jutting out at a slight angle, not hard, but filling out. Long, with a perfect head, the pink skin under the ridge stretched, looking pure and clean. If Craig were to take that into his mouth, he imagined it would taste sweet, with a hint of salty, and it would smell of Jeremy. His own penis continued to grow until it nudged Jeremy’s leg. Shocked by the contact, he shot his head up and was caught in one of the most heated gazes he could remember.

Jeremy’s amber eyes seemed alight with a fire beneath the surface. Unable to draw his eyes away, Craig stood, his erection now at full-mast, saluting the statue of perfection standing before him. Jeremy glanced down, licked his lips, then returned his eyes to gaze at Craig once again. “I can’t reach my back. Would you mind soaping me?”

Jeremy turned around, revealing the lean cant of his body, shoulders rounding over a sturdy frame and a slow slant of muscle into narrow hips, only to round into two firm mounds of ass. Craig’s own cock was merely inches away from Jeremy’s crease, throbbing with excitement. Shaking his head, he poured body wash onto his loofah and worked up a lather, then ran the mesh up and down Jeremy’s back, starting at his shoulders and moving in circular motions to massage as he worked his way down Jeremy’s body.

When he got half way down Jeremy’s back, Jeremy leaned forward, placing his forearms on the wall in front of him and resting his head on them. At this angle, his ass was positioned at an inviting angle. A dusting of dark hair ran from the base of his spine and disappeared into the crack of his ass, giving his slender frame a highly masculine appearance. Craig made quick work of washing the remainder of Jeremy’s back, making sure to keep his hands and the loofah away from the treasure displayed before him.

Once he finished, Jeremy stood up. “Here, switch, I’ll do you.” He glanced down once again as Craig stepped aside and allowed Jeremy to stand under the spray of the water. His eyebrows raised slightly as he bit his lower lip. “Lean forward like I did, it will make it easier for me to get your whole back.

Craig obeyed, leaning forward as Jeremy had. Even with the patter of water against the walls, the floor, and the plastic lining of the shower, Craig heard Jeremy’s gasp. I know what he’s just noticed. The thought of Jeremy admiring his mounded ass and the network of muscles perfectly aligned to give him a symmetrically pleasing physique caused his own cock to lurch. This was too much. He had fantasized about something like this, but never imagined it would really happen. And now that it was happening, he couldn’t do anything to satisfy the lust coursing through him. The irony of the situation was torture.

Just when he thought he couldn’t become any more aroused, Jeremy began scrubbing at his back, taking care to vigorously work the suds into his skin, applying just the right amount of pressure for the loofah to scrape away old skin, leaving his body shining and fresh. As Jeremy continued washing him, Craig felt something press against him from behind. It was subtle at first, but then the pressure increased. Jeremy had closed the distance between them and his cock was pressed against his ass. He was fully erect and his movements rubbed his hard shaft back and forth against his wet skin. Luckily he didn’t try to work his cock into his crease because Craig wouldn’t be able to stop himself if Jeremy were that close to fulfilling his greatest desire.

As if sensing his inner struggle, Jeremy stepped back. “C’mon, wash the suds off.”

The sense of loss overwhelmed Craig and he groaned, his voice carrying through the bathroom.

Craig turned, not caring that his cock was arched all the way up so it ran parallel to his abdomen. Jeremy stood aside and allowed Craig to stand under the spray of the water. The silkiness of the suds as they ran down his back, over his ass, and along the length of his legs only heightened his pleasure.

Once clean, Craig lifted his eyes and stared at Jeremy. Jeremy’s lips curled up in a hint of a smirk, giving him a devilish appearance, but there was a seriousness to his expression as well. Any intensity which indicated there was nothing amusing about this moment for him.


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