Writing again!

Some months ago, you may remember I posted a teaser for a book I had just begun, the third in the Toshi Genjin John Holmes series entitled Beautiful Samurai, Old Ghosts. I had put it aside simply because my impulse to write had gone suppressed for some time.

It took me a while to realize I was just plain old burned out. I recently tallied the number of words I’ve written overall, including my published works in erotic romance, works in progress and newspaper articles I’ve written and the count comes to almost 2 MILLION words! That’s when I realized, I needed to just let it be, give my muse an extended vacation and see what happens.

Well, she did come back, still in little bits but I’m working again on Beautiful Samurai, Old Ghosts. I’m happy about this because it gives me time to spend with Toshi and John and takes me back to the White Tiger. As you may know, my White Tigers series is my favorite of all and I adore my characters.

If you’re familiar with the White Tigers, you’ll know that in Yin Yang, Basho the cook at the White Tiger, reveals the circumstances that brought him to where he is. He’s trapped in Tokyo due to an old crime that his father became embroiled in with some yakuza, Japan’s organized crime.

In Beautiful Samurai, Old Ghosts, Basho appeals to Detective Toshi Genjin to help solve this crime so that he can be free to travel to England with his long-time lover Timothy. Toshi agrees of course to help him, but suddenly, his own lover John, is deprived of the psychic ability that has aided him solving insoluble crimes. Well, wouldn’t you know, Toshi’s first lover, Dr. Michael Di Santo, a brilliant criminal profiler, just happens to be a guest lecturer at university in Tokyo when the Homicide division brings him in to help resolved old cases. What timing!

Please stay tuned for more teasers as I make progress…


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