Writing again!

Some months ago, you may remember I posted a teaser for a book I had just begun, the third in the Toshi Genjin John Holmes series entitled Beautiful Samurai, Old Ghosts. I had put it aside simply because my impulse to write had gone suppressed for some time.

It took me a while to realize I was just plain old burned out. I recently tallied the number of words I’ve written overall, including my published works in erotic romance, works in progress and newspaper articles I’ve written and the count comes to almost 2 MILLION words! That’s when I realized, I needed to just let it be, give my muse an extended vacation and see what happens.

Well, she did come back, still in little bits but I’m working again on Beautiful Samurai, Old Ghosts. I’m happy about this because it gives me time to spend with Toshi and John and takes me back to the White Tiger. As you may know, my White Tigers series is my favorite of all and I adore my characters.

If you’re familiar with the White Tigers, you’ll know that in Yin Yang, Basho the cook at the White Tiger, reveals the circumstances that brought him to where he is. He’s trapped in Tokyo due to an old crime that his father became embroiled in with some yakuza, Japan’s organized crime.

In Beautiful Samurai, Old Ghosts, Basho appeals to Detective Toshi Genjin to help solve this crime so that he can be free to travel to England with his long-time lover Timothy. Toshi agrees of course to help him, but suddenly, his own lover John, is deprived of the psychic ability that has aided him solving insoluble crimes. Well, wouldn’t you know, Toshi’s first lover, Dr. Michael Di Santo, a brilliant criminal profiler, just happens to be a guest lecturer at university in Tokyo when the Homicide division brings him in to help resolved old cases. What timing!

Please stay tuned for more teasers as I make progress…

Giving a workshop

I’m planning a workshop for newly published and unpublished authors. Here are the details a friend of mine so generously wrote up for me:

Writer Workshop: Common Pitfalls and Tips for Publishing

Sedonia Guillone, publisher at Ai Press, is giving a workshop to address manuscript submissions and rejections. Her focus will be on what editors look for, what may cause editors to reject manuscripts, even if they like certain aspects of it. The workshop is geared to address many of the issues witers must face early on in the careers such as tags, POV, and characterization. There will also be some discussion on topics for erotic romance authors such as use of language and building sexual tension. This is intended to be a one time workshop lasting a few hours. Sounds like a great opportunity to engage in an online discussion with an extremely prolific and talented writer.

If you are interested in participating in a discussion to share your concerns and to hear the concerns of others, this may be a great opportunity . There will be a small fee of $15 to participate, but as part of the workshop, she will provide a critique of the first two chapters of a manuscript and give feedback about what might be holding it back from publication. As soon as 10 – 15 people commit to participation, she’ll do the workshop for sure. So, if you’re interested, reply to her e-mail: bimday450@yahoo.com indicating you would participate. Let your other writer friends know, particularly newer or unpublished authors and see if they too would be interested in particiaption.

New from Ai Press!!

Hummingbird (Confessions of a Smitten Superhero Sidekick)
Author: Sedonia Guillone
Line: Tryst
Word count: 4,395
Genre: Manlove; M/M; Contemporary; Multi-cultural
MSR: 1.99
You pay: 0.99

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Sidekick and Bruce Lee look-alike Kit is not supposed to write about his superhero lover, The Hummingbird, but he can’t resist. Kit’s love…and lust…for the gorgeous muscular superhero just bubbles over and Kit is willing to spill ALL the juicy details…
Publisher’s… note: This book has been previously published.


The press, his fans, the unappreciative dicks down at the Agency, and the asshole criminals he vanquishes night and day, call Liam ‘The Hummingbird.’ I guess I can’t blame them for having given him such a superficial title. They only know him from the outside, watching his magnificent, muscular body fly through the air at top speeds, hovering, moving up and down, backwards and forwards, snatching criminals from helicopters and airplanes as they make their getaways; saving screaming women and children from burning buildings and such.
Yeah, I know they can imagine the valiant heart beating in that broad chest dusted with swirls of raven dark hair, but they don’t know him all the way through, like I do. And I wouldn’t want them to. I have a terrible jealous streak.
No one asks me anyway, however, because I’m only the sidekick. Sidekicks—a degrading expression for me considering that my hands and feet are registered with the Agency as deadly weapons and that I spend great deals of time covering The Hummingbird’s ass; okay, pun not intended—are never as important as the main superhero. Look what happened to Bruce Lee as Kato. Talk about getting shafted in the bad way!
To me, Liam Conner is an absolute wonder. Not because he can fly and because he’s drop-dead fine, but because of who he is. Of course, that’s the whole point of my writing all this down. And yes, I will give the delicious details even though I’m probably the only one who will ever read this memoir. Uh oh. Sounds like he might be waking up.
Looks over shoulder to where Liam’s still sleeping in bed. Sigh of relief that eyes are closed, mind is oblivious to what lover-sidekick is doing behind his back.
Liam would be pissed if he thought I was writing about him and not keeping my daily log of our exploits for the Agency. Uh oh, the sheet has slipped down, giving me a full view of his perfect hard ass. Stirrings of a raging hard-on in sidekick. If Liam weren’t so exhausted from saving the world, I’d slip right back in with him and… sigh as forces self back to writing.
I guess you could say my complete body—soul devotion to him is because I burn for him through and through. Who wouldn’t after eight years of working together—and well…relaxing too…night and day? And after what he did for me. But I’m getting ahead of myself. In order to convey the fullness of my feelings for him, I’ll have to start at the beginning of our…ahem…association.
It was actually Hummingbird who saved my ass first.

Coming Soon to Ai Press!

I’m soooo excited and honored that Madelynne Ellis (one of my favorite erotic romance authors ever) has placed one of her hot creations with Ai Press! Here are the juicy details:

Woe in Kabukicho
Author: Madelynne Ellis
Genre: M/F; Contemporary; Multi-cultural
Length: Tryst

She never sought a connection… but a chance -and deliciously erotic – encounter with a beautiful stranger in Tokyo’s pleasure ward grants her one heartfelt desire…

A visit to a host bar in Kabukicho while on a business trip to Japan results in a chance erotic and passionate encounter with Sky, an incredibly sexy man whose job it is to entertain lonely women. Mutual attraction leads to an immediate connection forming between them. When Sky then offers to take things way beyond the pouring of cocktails, she finds it impossible to refuse his illicit offer and they embark upon a night of erotic adventure together. However, what she gains is so much more than a fleeting sexual high—but the realisation of her heart’s desire.

“What is this place?” I ask.

“A host bar. Go on. Choose. But not that one.” They rush past one glossy snap of a man with a beard. “That’s a woman. Definitely not your thing.”

My gaze blurs as my tender Western sensibilities struggle with the concept of picking a companion from a book, and my seemingly old-fashioned notions of gender. Where do onabe—women with beards fit in?

This all seems hideously taboo.

“It’s okay.” Taiko places a gentle hand upon my arm. “He’ll just talk and pour your drinks for you. It’s nothing illicit. It’s not crude.” She smiles, a coy girlish smile with her eyes lowered. Her dark hair frames her face. “They are not gigolos. There’s no exchange of money involved. We simply pay for the drinks.”
Her words reassure me a little, but there is still a part of me that fears what the evening ahead will bring. I’ve flown halfway around the world seeking space, not companionship. Ideally I think I’d like to drink alone. But my companions won’t hear of it. “Unwind. Live a little,” they insist. “Come on, choose.” Their girlish voices twitter around me offering insights into the men’s conversational skills and general cuteness as I flick through the pages. The images are mostly of young Japanese, boys in suits with a few rebels thrown in for variety. They are styled and perfect, all dark eyed and sultry.

The man I settle upon is called Sky. Taiko shakes her head, but my other companions delight in my choice almost as much as in their own. That is until the men arrive. Then their attention is drawn away by the litany of compliments. Drinks are poured and light-hearted conversations about clothes, shopping and films ensue.

Unlike the other hosts, Sky takes his time to appear. He’s different than they; I sense it as he slopes through the crowd with long easy strides. He bows before me, and I wave him into the seat at my side. I find that I like him sitting there. The grayscale picture doesn’t do him justice. He is graceful and tall. Far taller than most of the men I’ve seen today, and an outcast among them, but not due to his height. I don’t think he’s pure blooded Japanese, but rather of mixed heritage. There’s something about the shape of his eyes and angles of his jaw—heavier, sharper.

His hair is dark, ebony shot with glints of red, and when he smiles, his eyes light with a similar mahogany tone.

For hot and sensual m/m and m/f erotic romances…www.ai-press.net

New from Ai Press!

My Hot Muse
Author: Sedonia Guillone
Line: Tryst
Length: 4,603 words
Genre: Gay; Contemporary; Multi-cultural; short story
MSR: 1.99
You Pay: 0.99

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Sean is stressing final exams, but not as much as his hot roommate Raj, who needs a model for his final art project. He thinks Raj might like the boys, but he’s never been sure. Offering himself as Raj’s art subject seems like the perfect way to find out if his sexy buddy wants to do more than dabble in paint. Can he catch Raj’s shy eye?

Publisher’s note: This story has been previously published elsewhere and revised for re-release with Ai Press.


“I am so going to fail this class.”
I look up at Raj from my own book and paper strewn desk. The poor guy is pacing back and forth, wading through piles of laundry and books. Our usually neat dorm room is a casualty of the pre-final reading period.
I slip off my reading glasses, set them on my history book and watch him. I mean to respond to his distress with something useful like, “Of course you’re not going to fail. You already have an index off the books and you’re already accepted to the doctoral program.” But it wouldn’t do any good. Raj has to please his parents who are still back in India, and in any case, I’ve already forgotten about reassuring him because as usual, I’m caught up in simply watching him pace, sketchpad in one hand, charcoal pencil in the other.
Raj is one of those brainy geeky guys who also happens to be incredibly gorgeous. The fact that he doesn’t seem to understand how fucking hot he really is only adds to his allure. In the background, music plays on his small boom box, a tape he brought with him from Bengal our freshman year. The sinewy exotic music offsets his movements, graceful, like his slim body with its lightly carved muscles, and the fluorescent light of our room shines on his jet-black hair, like droplets of rain off a raven’s wings.
I chuckle to myself as I watch him. He always inspires me to poetic language even though I’m a math major. I felt this way about him from the very beginning of freshman year when Housing miraculously placed us together. Four years later, the feeling has only gotten stronger and we’re best friends. We’ve even lined up a place together for next year when we start grad school.
He halts in the middle of the room and turns to me, large chocolate brown eyes pleading. “You’re good with ideas, Sean. Please, tell me what to draw.”
Holy shit. Is he kidding? My heartbeat raises just enough to make me feel like I’m jogging and I stare back into those incredible eyes of his. Of course I know exactly what he should draw but I’m not sure if I should suggest it, lest I freak him out.