Wow! Another Reviewer Top Pick!

Wow, I can’t believe this! Two of these in the space of a week! I’m blown away!

Aki’s Love Song is a novella written by Sedonia Guillone. I confess, I’ve never read a short story written by her before, so I admit I was curious if I would become as emotionally involved between her characters with such a short storyline like I normally do with her longer novels. After I read it, I decided that Ms. Guillone is not only fantastic at writing long novels, but short stories as well.

I loved this book! BUT…UGH… I hated for it to end! Although Aki’s Love Song was wonderful, I really hate that this wasn’t one of Sedonia’s longer novels. Both Aki and Tamotsu were fabulous heroes and I loved the history and the deep bond they had between them. This novella satisfied all of my cravings for a quick romance! The chemistry between the heroes was fabulous. The love Aki and Tamotsu shared between them was really incredible, and I’m happy they decided to not waste anymore time by not being together…Plus, sex was super hot!

As you can tell, I thoroughly enjoyed the small glimpse I got to read in their amazing lives and I pine to read more about them.


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