A true romance!

Being a romance writer, a real-life romance like this absolutely touches me to the core. I was so rooting for Shen Xue and Zhao Hongbo to win the gold. They so deserved it and they were absolutely magical! I was completely mesmerized and enchanted by their beauty on the ice. Their love for each other really comes through and I just loved them!

Big news – coming soon!

Coming in Spring/Summer 2010: Ai Press.

Ai Press will be the imprint of erotic romance author, Sedonia Guillone. (That’s me!) Ai means “love” in Japanese and the books published, whether m/f or m/m, all celebrate this creative sustaining force that is the basis of the entire universe.

If you’re familiar with my books, I can tell you the stories and characters you love will continue under this imprint. Here’s what I have planned in upcoming months (these and more!)

Fallon’s Jewel
M/M; Sci-fi; Adventure
Kenji doesn’t know who he is or where he came from, only that he woke up one day, naked and alone on Terran A, possessing nothing in the world but a golden statue. All he knows is his survival, hosting roughnecks in Spike’s bar for a living. The one bright spot in his life is Jake Fallon, a cop with Interstellar Patrol. Though Fallon is only another customer, Kenji senses something…different about him, something he wants for more than a few moments of pleasure. When Kenji is attacked and pursued by a vicious bounty hunter one night, Fallon also becomes his only hope.

Fallon’s passion for Kenji mixes with his desire to rescue the beautiful man from danger. He’s already more than half in love with Kenji and falling deeper as the bounty hunter’s pursuit takes them from galaxy to galaxy. For the first time since his first partner was killed, Fallon dares to surrender his heart again. However, as their race for survival uncovers Kenji’s true origins, Fallon may have to let Kenji go in order for Kenji to fulfill the very purpose of his existence…

Delicious Love Triangle
M/F/M Menage; Contemporary
No sex between roommates! This is the rule that Hana and her two best friends, Hiko and Shinji live by. So, Hana decides, it’s not really breaking the rule to ask her two handsome buddies to pose in erotic positions for her while she sketches what she hopes to be the manlove graphic novel that will launch her career as a manga artist. After all, Hiko and Shinji are both straight. Even better, they’re both agreeable to the plan. It’s the perfect arrangement until…

Seeing Hiko and Shinji together arouses Hana to no end. How will she be able to control herself watching their naked bodies entwined, watching them engage in acts that are the stuff of her wildest fantasies? What’s more, bit by bit, the three of them are starting to break their most important rule.

Hiko and Shinji have both been in love with Hana for a long time and out of their love for her, they’ve respected her stupid rule about no sex. But when Hana asks them to pose for her, they see their perfect chance to do away with regulation and get the woman they love into a position of their own.

Content warning: Contains male/male sexual acts, voyeurism, exhibitionism and multiple partner sex.

She Belongs to Them All
M/F/M/M Menage; Sci-fi; Adventure
Sixteen years ago, Rania’s father took her and her mother away from the Wolf and Deer clans, refusing to allow his daughter to be betrothed to three men. He rejects the old ways of their clan and sees his daughter’s destiny as servitude. But Hawk, Shin and Ken, do not forget their bride. No suffering in the following years will keep them from finding her, not the near-destruction of their people, not years in labor camps or starvation will keep them from their quest to consummate their marriage to her.

Which they do, on an Earth outpost sixteen years later. Rania now has a career, a fiance, a life completely apart from the destiny she’d had as a girl. Her three future husbands are willing to compromise: one night with them in an attempt to save their people.

But after such ecstasy, will one night be enough? Will they all want forever, and even if they do, what about the forces that would keep them apart – forces willing to murder in order to do so?

Books will be available through this (Sedonia Guillone) website and all the excerpts are here in the coming soon section. Hope you’ll take a look!

New M/M in progress

Just when I have enough works-in-progress on my plate, another inspiration bubbles up. This one? The third in my Toshi Genjin/John Holmes Beautiful Samurai series from Torquere Press. This book will bring together my beloved men from the White Tigers series, in particular Kiku, Basho and Timothy as well as crime psychologist Michael Di Santo from my upcoming Acts of Passion. Michael was Toshi’s first lover during Toshi’s college years in the States and so you can imagine, his presence in Tokyo will add an extra element of tension for Toshi and John’s still budding relationship!

In Beautiful Samurai, Old Ghosts, Toshi and John return to the White Tiger at Kiku’s request to solve an old crime in which Kiku’s cook at the White Tiger, Basho, was victimized. In order for Basho to be able to travel to the UK with his lover Timothy, this crime will have to be solved. Otherwise, Basho is in danger of being murdered any time he might try to leave the country.

In comes Michael Di Santo, guest lecturing at a university in Tokyo. Michael contacts Toshi in the vague hope of reviving old passions. Toshi needs his help on this current case and well, the events that ensue are for the rest of the story! I have included an unedited snippet from what I’ve written so far. Hope you like it!


Toshi, please don’t leave me. I love you.

Michael waited for Toshi to answer, to drop his suitcase and take Michael in his arms, but Toshi just stood there, large, perfectly almond-shaped eyes wide, staring back at him. “You know I have to leave, Michael,” he said. “We both know it.” He didn’t smile. Didn’t frown. His face was emotionless. Loveless.

Michael’s panic assaulted him, a wave of prickly heat through his entire body. Didn’t Toshi understand what he was doing? “I was wrong,” he said, hearing the panic in his own voice. “I want you to stay.”

Still, Toshi remained silent, clutching the handle of his suitcase, as if that little act alone could prove his determination. Behind him, the large plate glass windows framed Toshi’s slim form. Through the window Michael glimpsed the huge jet that would take his lover back to Tokyo, away from him forever. The rumble of the engine hummed, growing louder with each second, until the noise reverberated through Michael’s very soul. It made his very teeth chatter. “No, Toshi, no!”

Michael reached out but Toshi slipped from his grasp. He turned, suitcase in hand and walked slowly toward the gate. No one stood at the entrance to take Toshi’s ticket and Toshi passed right through without looking back.

“No!” Michael ran, his lungs burned, his heart pumped, but no matter how fast he ran, he couldn’t get near Toshi. Toshi disappeared down the gateway, vanishing into the mist that shrouded the jet’s entrance. Michael halted, gasping for breath. The whirring grind of the jet was deafening. Louder and louder it grew—

Michael’s eyes jerked open. His lungs burned. His mouth was parched, as if he’d been eating sand. He pulled in a breath, only to find his mouth had been hanging open. The deafening whir of jet motor continued, not fading as his nightmare was fading. Blinking, he sat up. His muscles ached and protested the movement, the effect of being crammed into an airplane seat for how many hours? As long as it took to get from San Francisco to Tokyo.

He heaved a deep breath and wilted back into his seat. He’d rather have gotten up and moved around but the obese man stuffed into the seat next to him and the equally thin woman asleep in her aisle seat made such a thing impossible. He’d have to wait until landing. It couldn’t be too much longer now, judging from the faint pink light in the pale sky out the jet’s window.

A flight attendant was making her way down the aisle, serving morning coffee. Michael smelled the delicious aroma like a balm and lowered his tray table. If he couldn’t get up and walk around, he could at least enjoy a cup of coffee. A cup usually helped to dispel the recurring dream that still haunted him to this day.

And now he was actually, for the first time in—was it ten years?—going to be in the same city as Toshi. Not that they would see each other…necessarily. Toshi didn’t know he was coming. Really, Toshi didn’t know anything about him anymore since they’d not spoken in forever. Though Toshi’s cell phone number was still programmed into his phone.

A little while later he’d collected his luggage and passed through customs. “Dr. Di Santo?” A voice beckoned him just as he went through the gate out into the main glassed in terminal. A bustle of people in front him cleared, revealing the source of the voice. A short, stout balding man with a genial smile held up a sign with Michael’s name. He recognized Dr. Yamada, head of the psychology department at Meiji University, the man who’d invited him to guest lecture about criminal profiling the spring term.

Michael went toward him and bowed.

“Excuse my English,” Dr. Yamada said when they’d finished the polite greetings. “It’s not so good.”

Michael smiled at him. “Then we’ll speak in Japanese, as we’ve been doing,” he said in Japanese.” People never thought Michael spoke Japanese, considering his Italian last name and sort of Caucasian appearance, but his mother’s parents had emigrated to California from Tokyo during the American Occupation after World War Two and his mother and then he, in turn, had grown up bi-lingual. In fact he was sure his fluency in Japanese had enabled him to get closer to Toshi in the first place, as he’d been the one to help Toshi learn English during their time together.

“Of course. Of course.” Dr. Yamada reached for one of Michael’s bags. “This way. I have a taxi waiting. I’ll see you to your new lodgings.”

“Thank you.” Michael followed his host through Narita Airport and out to the curb where a driver already had the trunk open for Michael’s baggage. When the trunk had been closed, Michael slipped into the backseat next to Dr. Yamada and they pulled away from the curb. Michael sighed and settled back. In the distance, the Tokyo skyline jutted in an uneven line of sky scrapers against an awakening sky. Pinks and grays were fading with the sunrise, giving in to clear blue. The sight gave him fleeting memories of visits to family here in his teens with his parents; vertical neon signs in Japanese, flashing myriads colors, like a giant bubble gum machine, bustling crowded streets full of stores and unexpected corners with delicate gardens, stone bridges and traditional temples with arches and chanting priests.

Though he carried on polite conversation with his host, the sights through the window reminded him more of Toshi, and his former lover’s presence. Perhaps once he was settled he’d call Toshi’s number. Yes, that’s what he’d do. Not that he’d try to get back together with Toshi. But maybe, just maybe, they could have some time together. The way they used to.

More songs for couples

I thought of a couple more that I’d forgotten about.

Nat and Ryu from Men of Phuket: Tongue-Thai’d and upcoming sequel Thai’ing the Knot from Total-E-Bound (which I’m really excited about, by the way!) – Love Song by Gackt

And two songs that come to mind for the White Tigers series in general:

Good Riddance – Green Day
Bubbly – Colby Caillat

Dave and Danny – Danny’s Dragon – Total-E-Bound – Crazy for You by Madonna

Another hot cover!

Although this book was published as an e-book back in 2007, it’s gone to print with a new cover. I love it. It’s sexy and alluring. Just right! It’s now out in trade paperback at Ellora’s Cave and will be available at Amazon soon, as is it’s digital counterpart with striking red cover and gorgeous naked guy withs word and blood smears over his muscles. lol In any case, here’s a blurb and sexy snippet:

Darelle was brought across by the world’s oldest vampire, yet she retained her soul. Terrified by her sire’s obsession with her, she escapes him and is rescued by two gorgeous Roman warriors. Not only do they rescue her, but Kane and Gareth claim to be her guardians, fellow vampires of her breed, sworn to pleasure, love and protect her for eternity. True to their word, they shower her with erotic pleasures beyond imagining, their union strengthening them against the forces they must face. For an evil far greater than her sire’s lust awaits them all. . .

Don’t leave me, Darelle! Lascaux’s voice shuddered through her.

Holy God, he had control of her mind! He was inside her very being. Softly, she cried out as the familiar erotic tingle sprung up between her thighs, pulsing waves of desire through her womb into her breasts. She crouched in the narrow opening of the window. Whoever the man was on the battlement, she sensed he brought her safety from Lascaux’s clutches.

“How can I fly?” she whispered desperately.

“It’s within your power to glide short distances, Lady Darelle. Come quickly.”

A spasm of sexual heat ripped through her slit, weakening her. If she waited another moment, she would be in the thrall, unable to move. Dragging in a deep breath she clenched her jaw and sprang from the window, crying softly as an invisible current lifted her. The power of flight infused her body and she directed herself toward the man on the battlement, landing softly just in front of him. Uncertain of her footing, she teetered slightly and a pair of strong hands closed around her arms, steadying her.

“Are you all right, my lady?”

Darelle craned her neck and looked into his face. In the gray light, she could make out high cheekbones and a firm jaw. The waning moonlight gleamed in his eyes, which studied her with unmistakable tenderness. “Who are you?” she whispered. Her heart still pounded from the shock of flight, yet the man’s touch soothed her and already Lascaux’s sexual thrall had lessened.

“Gareth, my lady. Kane and I have come to fetch you. He’s waiting below.”

“She’s going nowhere.” Lascaux’s voice cut into her from behind. “Darelle is mine.”

She turned and saw her captor standing close behind her, his eyes glowing golden yellow, his fangs bared.

Gareth pulled her against him, turning so that his large strong frame came in between her and Lascaux.

“She doesn’t belong to you, or to anyone, Minhotep,” Gareth said.

Darelle could not see Lascaux’s expression but she heard a growl issue from deep in his throat. His thrall gripped her body, sending waves of heated lust through her breasts.

“Put your hands on me, Darelle,” Gareth ordered. Obediently, she reached out, resting her palms flat on Gareth’s back. Warm strength infused her through the coarse material of his cloak, holding the thrall at bay.

“How dare you and your Coeurs Éternels. Darelle! Don’t listen to this creature. He would steal all your pleasure from you. I brought you across. I saved you from la peste!”

Lascaux’s words tore at her heart, as if he were deep inside her. She felt guilty for wanting to escape him, for not succumbing to the lush erotic pleasure he’d given her. But he frightened her, the way he wanted to force her to love him.

She pressed her hands more deeply into Gareth’s cloak, inching her body closer until her breasts pushed lightly into his back muscles. The moment her body made full contact with his, Lascaux’s spell was severed, clearing her mind.

Gareth’s arm moved, emerging from underneath his cloak. Rose-colored streaks now stained the gray sky, reflecting the glint of a gold cross in Gareth’s hand.

Lascaux cringed, but with a guttural cry, reached out and swiped it out of his hand. The crucifix soared downward, lost in the depths of the castle bailey.

Darelle gasped.

“Squeeze your arms around me, Darelle,” Gareth ordered her, not taking his eyes off Lascaux.

“If you leave, Darelle, you will be lost forever,” Lascaux said. “You need me.”

Darelle clutched at Gareth’s cloak. Each time Lascaux spoke, her mind filled with confusion.

“Hold tight!” Gareth shouted.

Darelle squeezed her arms tightly around his torso of rock-hard muscle. He was so broad, her hands barely met around his waist. She rested her cheek against his back, her eyes shut tight.

He jumped, and once again Darelle experienced that sensation of weightlessness. She felt them dropping downward and screamed out when a familiar pair of hands, Lascaux’s, clutched her suddenly from behind.

“Hold on, Darelle!” Gareth landed on his feet on the soft grass, standing like a pillar of rock against Lascaux’s tugging grip on Darelle’s shoulders.

In her struggle, she caught a glimpse of another cloaked figure, identical to that of Gareth. This man wedged one powerful arm between her and Lascaux who released her as if that man’s arm were burning him.

As Lascaux backed away, the man stood in his place and he and Gareth enclosed Darelle between them. To her surprise, she grew completely calm, the tension draining from her body in spite of Lascaux, a mere few feet away, prepared to snatch her back to the castle. She closed her eyes, her cheek resting against Gareth’s chest. The other man stood behind her, a strong, protective force against Lascaux’s thrall.

Neither Gareth nor his companion budged. Like statues, they stood, holding her between them. Behind them, Darelle heard Lascaux hiss, his frustration and anger filling the air around them. The sky lightened from gray to pink. Fuchsia streaks of light splashed out above the horizon beyond the rolling hills.

Lascaux hissed again, retreating as if from fire. She witnessed the daylight repel him as the cross had. He began to retreat, his gaze boring into hers.

She drew a long deep breath, her body sagging against Gareth.

“I’ll find you, petite,” Lascaux said, his voice like molten iron. “I’m in your very soul. You’ll never be able to let me go.”

Darelle squeezed her eyes shut tight against his words and the guilt he churned up in her.

He turned and ran, disappearing through an opening in the château wall.

Another minute passed before Gareth stirred. He and his companion moved slightly apart, keeping her safely between them.

Gareth put his large hands on her shoulders. “Are you all right, my lady?”

Darelle felt her cheeks redden under his gaze. In her entire life, she could never have imagined being addressed with such respect, especially by a man so handsome. In the waxing daylight, she could see his face much more clearly, the chiseled angles, the rich brown of his eyes. Though his cheeks and jaw were clean-shaven, the masculine roughness of his whiskers showed through, framing his graceful, strong bow-shaped lips. His skin was a smooth olive tone, his dark hair shorn close to the scalp. Wordlessly, she nodded.

Gareth studied her face with a stern expression darkening his eyes. “Good. You are a brave young woman. Minhotep is very powerful.” He looked at his companion. “Meet your other guardian, Kane.” He turned her gently to face Kane. Darelle found herself gazing at Gareth’s mirror image. She blinked several times. “Vous êtes jumeaux?” she asked softly.

Kane chuckled. “Yes, my lady, we’re twins.” He stepped back and bowed to her, smiling gently. A large dimple formed in his right cheek. “I’m Kane Princelli and this is my brother, Gareth. At your service.”

Gareth cleared his throat. “We’re your guardians.”