My couples have songs

I think this happens with many authors – you love your characters so much they become real to you. Even though we can’t show all of their lives in one book, we, the authors, have lots of vignettes and extra scenes that we imagine without the time to show. At least, this happens to me.

In my writer’s world, this involvement in my characters’ lives involves many cinematic scenes passing thorugh my mind – the things viewers would see if my books were put to film *longing sigh*. Of course, that includes music. For whatever reason, certain songs automatically attach themselves to certain characters from my books and they stick. I wanted to share with you some of the songs that have been matched with my couples:

Kiss of the Werewolves – Jie and Megan – You and Me by Lifehouse
A Man for Michael – Cory and Mike – Savin’ Me by Nickelback
Barely Undercover – Kaz and Damien – Far Away by Nickelback
Acts of Passion – Michael and Jack – Gimme Shelter by The Rolling Stones (this couple also has the song Breathe Me by Sia)
Men of Tokyo: Sudden Bliss – Naoto and Koji – Collide by Howie Day

Also in print – woo hoo!

I didn’t know otday was the release date for this book and found the announcement in the EC newsletter! My first trade paperback at Ellora’s Cave! I’m thrilled, to say the least. The book has been available as an e-book since early 2007 and is also available on Kindle but it’s always exciting for a book to go to old-fashioned paperback. Here are the details:

Darelle was brought across by the world’s oldest vampire, yet she retained her soul.

Terrified by her sire’s obsession with her, she escapes him and is rescued by two gorgeous Roman warriors. Not only do they rescue her, but Kane and Gareth claim to be her guardians, fellow vampires of her breed, sworn to pleasure, love and protect her for eternity.

True to their word, they shower her with erotic pleasures beyond imagining, their union strengthening them against the forces they must face. For an evil far greater than her sire’s lust awaits them all…

Line: Legend
ISBN: 9781419960383
Price: $10.99

Buy in print at Ellora’s Cave


Copyright © SEDONIA GUILLONE, 2007

All Rights Reserved, Ellora’s Cave Publishing, Inc.

Don’t leave me, Darelle! Lascaux’s voice shuddered through her.

Holy God, he had control of her mind! He was inside her very being. Softly, she cried out as the familiar erotic tingle sprung up between her thighs, pulsing waves of desire through her womb into her breasts. She crouched in the narrow opening of the window. Whoever the man was on the battlement, she sensed he brought her safety from Lascaux’s clutches.

“How can I fly?” she whispered desperately.

“It’s within your power to glide short distances, Lady Darelle. Come quickly.”

A spasm of sexual heat ripped through her slit, weakening her. If she waited another moment, she would be in the thrall, unable to move. Dragging in a deep breath she clenched her jaw and sprang from the window, crying softly as an invisible current lifted her. The power of flight infused her body and she directed herself toward the man on the battlement, landing softly just in front of him. Uncertain of her footing, she teetered slightly and a pair of strong hands closed around her arms, steadying her.

“Are you all right, my lady?”

Darelle craned her neck and looked into his face. In the gray light, she could make out high cheekbones and a firm jaw. The waning moonlight gleamed in his eyes, which studied her with unmistakable tenderness. “Who are you?” she whispered. Her heart still pounded from the shock of flight, yet the man’s touch soothed her and already Lascaux’s sexual thrall had lessened.

“Gareth, my lady. Kane and I have come to fetch you. He’s waiting below.”

“She’s going nowhere.” Lascaux’s voice cut into her from behind. “Darelle is mine.”

She turned and saw her captor standing close behind her, his eyes glowing golden yellow, his fangs bared.

Gareth pulled her against him, turning so that his large strong frame came in between her and Lascaux.

“She doesn’t belong to you, or to anyone, Minhotep,” Gareth said.

Darelle could not see Lascaux’s expression but she heard a growl issue from deep in his throat. His thrall gripped her body, sending waves of heated lust through her breasts.

“Put your hands on me, Darelle,” Gareth ordered. Obediently, she reached out, resting her palms flat on Gareth’s back. Warm strength infused her through the coarse material of his cloak, holding the thrall at bay.

“How dare you and your Coeurs Éternels. Darelle! Don’t listen to this creature. He would steal all your pleasure from you. I brought you across. I saved you from la peste!”

Lascaux’s words tore at her heart, as if he were deep inside her. She felt guilty for wanting to escape him, for not succumbing to the lush erotic pleasure he’d given her. But he frightened her, the way he wanted to force her to love him.

She pressed her hands more deeply into Gareth’s cloak, inching her body closer until her breasts pushed lightly into his back muscles. The moment her body made full contact with his, Lascaux’s spell was severed, clearing her mind.

Gareth’s arm moved, emerging from underneath his cloak. Rose-colored streaks now stained the gray sky, reflecting the glint of a gold cross in Gareth’s hand.

Lascaux cringed, but with a guttural cry, reached out and swiped it out of his hand. The crucifix soared downward, lost in the depths of the castle bailey.

Darelle gasped.

“Squeeze your arms around me, Darelle,” Gareth ordered her, not taking his eyes off Lascaux.

“If you leave, Darelle, you will be lost forever,” Lascaux said. “You need me.”

Darelle clutched at Gareth’s cloak. Each time Lascaux spoke, her mind filled with confusion.

“Hold tight!” Gareth shouted.

Darelle squeezed her arms tightly around his torso of rock-hard muscle. He was so broad, her hands barely met around his waist. She rested her cheek against his back, her eyes shut tight.

He jumped, and once again Darelle experienced that sensation of weightlessness. She felt them dropping downward and screamed out when a familiar pair of hands, Lascaux’s, clutched her suddenly from behind.

“Hold on, Darelle!” Gareth landed on his feet on the soft grass, standing like a pillar of rock against Lascaux’s tugging grip on Darelle’s shoulders.

In her struggle, she caught a glimpse of another cloaked figure, identical to that of Gareth. This man wedged one powerful arm between her and Lascaux who released her as if that man’s arm were burning him.

As Lascaux backed away, the man stood in his place and he and Gareth enclosed Darelle between them. To her surprise, she grew completely calm, the tension draining from her body in spite of Lascaux, a mere few feet away, prepared to snatch her back to the castle. She closed her eyes, her cheek resting against Gareth’s chest. The other man stood behind her, a strong, protective force against Lascaux’s thrall.

Neither Gareth nor his companion budged. Like statues, they stood, holding her between them. Behind them, Darelle heard Lascaux hiss, his frustration and anger filling the air around them. The sky lightened from gray to pink. Fuchsia streaks of light splashed out above the horizon beyond the rolling hills.

Lascaux hissed again, retreating as if from fire. She witnessed the daylight repel him as the cross had. He began to retreat, his gaze boring into hers.

She drew a long deep breath, her body sagging against Gareth.

“I’ll find you, petite,” Lascaux said, his voice like molten iron. “I’m in your very soul. You’ll never be able to let me go.”

Darelle squeezed her eyes shut tight against his words and the guilt he churned up in her.

He turned and ran, disappearing through an opening in the château wall.

Another minute passed before Gareth stirred. He and his companion moved slightly apart, keeping her safely between them.

Gareth put his large hands on her shoulders. “Are you all right, my lady?”

Darelle felt her cheeks redden under his gaze. In her entire life, she could never have imagined being addressed with such respect, especially by a man so handsome. In the waxing daylight, she could see his face much more clearly, the chiseled angles, the rich brown of his eyes. Though his cheeks and jaw were clean-shaven, the masculine roughness of his whiskers showed through, framing his graceful, strong bow-shaped lips. His skin was a smooth olive tone, his dark hair shorn close to the scalp. Wordlessly, she nodded.

Gareth studied her face with a stern expression darkening his eyes. “Good. You are a brave young woman. Minhotep is very powerful.” He looked at his companion. “Meet your other guardian, Kane.” He turned her gently to face Kane. Darelle found herself gazing at Gareth’s mirror image. She blinked several times. “Vous êtes jumeaux?” she asked softly.

Kane chuckled. “Yes, my lady, we’re twins.” He stepped back and bowed to her, smiling gently. A large dimple formed in his right cheek. “I’m Kane Princelli and this is my brother, Gareth. At your service.”

Gareth cleared his throat. “We’re your guardians.”

Available in print!!

I ‘m very excited that Touching Forever is available in print. Yay! I loved writing this book and I’ve always felt it has a hot yet tender love story to tell. I hope others feel the same way. Not to mention that the hero, Tenzin, is delicious! Available at Total-E-Bound

Tenzin will pleasure Lily, taste her and caress her with every erotic art he possesses – and prove to her that not all vampires should be slain.

Lily Tan is a Tigress, an immortal practitioner of the erotic arts. She gives men erotic pleasure in return for their life force, but gives her heart to no man. When she wins a mysterious and handsome Tibetan wanderer in an underground poker game, Lily’s control over her heart and body begin to slip. His potent maleness and gentle caresses prove a combination that may tame even the wildest Tigress.

Ex-monk Tenzin Gayatsu has a secret – he was attacked by a demon and made a vampire. A living vampire. The raging desires for blood and flesh send him looking for a teacher, one who can teach him to make desire his ally. He finds that teacher in Lily, but cannot reveal his secret shame especially once she tells him of her hatred for vampires.

Tenzin’s loving hands and kisses ease away the wall she’s built around her heart. He brings her to heights of ecstasy she’s never known before. Yet just as she’s beginning to trust him, a tragic event reveals that Tenzin is a vampire, a member of the race that once enslaved and tortured her.

Lily wants to push him away but she cannot. Another vampire is out to kill everyone Lily loves and she needs Tenzin’s help. She must trust him and pray he is the man he claims to be. She must hope he will truly be the jade dragon she so desperately needs…

Reader Advisory: This book contains violence, voyeurism, and exhibitionism.

Publisher note: This book has previously been released with another publisher under a different title. It has been re-edited and expanded for release with Total-E-Bound.

Lily led Tenzin to her bath chamber where Fei Liu had filled the tub with steaming, scented water. Fei Liu stood, her head bowed, an empty bucket hanging from her hands. From the corner of her eye, Lily saw her favorite Tigress cub steal a glance at Tenzin.

A sliver of guilt stabbed Lily that she was keeping Tenzin to herself. Normally, she gave Fei Liu a chance to practice the exercises with a man of whom she had approved. Lily told herself that Tenzin was too green, too in need of preparation, and must remain with the experienced teacher.

“Do you need anything else, Mistress Lily?” Fei Liu’s voice was soft and conveyed her admiration of the man before her.

“No, thank you, Fei Liu.” Lily made certain her tone dismissed the woman, gently but firmly.

Fei Liu nodded and shuffled from the room on her bound feet.

Alone with Tenzin, Lily was eager to see his body naked. Her heartbeat sped up slightly, and she took a deep breath before turning her attention to him. When she did, the Tibetan stood, hands at his sides, his gaze humble yet still simmering.

She appraised him a moment longer. So far, the fortune sticks had spoken the truth. Tenzin’s eyes radiated compassion and devotion while his body emitted a sense of coiled strength and power, even through the worn, baggy clothing.

Before having him undress, she scanned every inch of his sleek, muscular body, lingering on the sheen of his dark golden skin, the carved strength of his arm muscles, his high dignified cheekbones, as well as the sensuous pout of his lips surrounded by the darkness of clean shaven cheeks and jaw. Lily’s body tingled, and already she felt her yin dew rise, as it had in the gambling parlor. Her female energy rendered her body softer and more pliant in accord with his male hardness. “Undress, please,” she said, affecting the silky tone customary for a Tigress in the process of seduction.

Tenzin’s hands went to the frog closures of his vest. Thick, strong fingers worked open the wooden toggles until the rumpled fabric fell open, revealing his smoothly muscled chest. His pectorals were wide and round, topped with dark, cocoa brown nipples.

Lily watched him slide the vest off, down his strong arms, gazing at him with the appreciation intended to bolster his confidence. In this instance, her enjoyment was entirely sincere, and when his cheeks colored slightly, she averted her eyes enough to allow him to collect himself.

Unlike most other men she’d practiced with, Tenzin shed his clothes slowly, with a sense of modesty that made him seem vulnerable. With each small movement, the cords of muscle in his forearms flexed, as did the carved muscles of his abdomen. Her heartbeat rising, Lily stepped forward and took his vest from him. She folded it and set it on a nearby chair before turning to watch him remove his pants.

With his eyes downcast, he pulled the drawstring of his pants and held the waist so they wouldn’t drop at his feet. His thigh muscles clenched as he lifted each foot and carefully stepped out of his pant legs. Again she reached out and retrieved his pants, resisting the urge to stare blatantly at his round, hard buttocks.

He surrendered his clothing, an uncertain look moved across his eyes. Lily allowed her fingers to brush against his, enjoying the surge of yang force she sensed in him. The musky scent of his skin mingled in the air heated from bath water and herbs. Her insides jumped, and she took a deep breath as she set the remainder of his clothing on the chair.

She turned and nearly gasped. Yin surged in her body, and she felt her feminine instinct to melt against Tenzin’s hard physique. It wasn’t time yet for that. She turned halfway from him and gestured toward the tub. “I hope the water is to your liking,” she said in a silky voice.

“It looks very nice,” she heard him say. “I am grateful for the luxury.”

His gratitude sounded genuine, and this only fueled her natural instinct to join with him. Lily surreptitiously squeezed her hands into fists, and dug her nails into her palms, anything to stem her yin tide and distract herself from staring at his naked physique.

The lower part of the man was as beautifully formed as the top. His trim waist tapered into narrow hips, which drew her gaze to what was in the center. His dragon was thick and full, just as the contours of it through the loincloth had hinted. The reddish-gold shaft stood in a partial erection, and the tapered head, plump and very suckable, had already seeped a glistening dragon’s tear at the tiny opening. The yang droplet made her very mouth water to lick it off.

Tenzin’s dragon twitched as if aware of her gaze on it. His body was nearly hairless with the exception of a small ebony thatch around the base of his dragon. That sight roused the most intense need within her to taste him, to feel what looked like velvety skin over the hardness of male muscle.

Lily allowed herself a brief perusal of the full sac of his yang pearls below his dragon, then slid her gaze down his thick, sloping thighs and calves.

She cleared her throat. “Go on. Get in.”

He nodded. “Thank you.” His eyes reflected uncertainty, but he turned, obedient, and stepped into the tub, giving Lily a perfect view of his bottom.

She moistened her lips with the tip of her tongue. Tightening her fists, she wondered at the effect he was having on her. The only explanation certainly was his overabundance of yang, causing the imbalance happening within her own body.

Tenzin held the sides of the tub, strong fingers gripping as he lowered his powerful build into the water. Judging by the delicious scent that emanated from him and his obviously clean appearance, he didn’t need a bath, but the ritual of washing a man, relaxing him, ministering to him as she was about to, was what a Tigress did with her partner. The more at ease he was and comfortable, the more freely his yang would flow.

She knelt by the tub. Tenzin’s male scent, diffused into the air by the steamy water, surrounded her. She cleared her throat with as delicate a sound as she could, in spite of the sudden tightness.

Picking up a washcloth, she dipped it into the hot water and smoothed it across his back. The water streamed down his muscles. She wet the cloth again and ran it over his neck.

A tiny sigh escaped the Tibetan’s throat. He took a deep breath, and his shoulders sagged ever so slightly. His eyelids fluttered, and his fingertips relaxed their grip on the sides of the tub.

She frowned. Could he be nervous? She never thought of men as nervous, especially with women, the power-wielding creatures the other sex were … she couldn’t imagine it. Men had the power to determine whether a girl underwent the painful, harrowing process of having her feet bound, or of being enslaved for life to a man who could beat her with impunity. And yet, she was forced to admit, she’d never met a man who’d bowed down before her as this one had. She could only imagine he would be nervous about being with a woman again after his long abstinence.

Lest he see her musing, she worked her lips into a smile and continued to wash him. With a hand on his shoulder, she bid him to lean back in the tub. The hard muscle quivered under her fingertips, but he yielded under her touch, letting her guide him to recline in the tub.

A slice of heat went through her middle, and Lily avoided his eyes until she could collect herself. When she did look at him, his gaze locked with hers. He regarded her through half-closed lids. His amber irises simmered with the strangest blend of wonder and need. Droplets of water beaded off his skin, and a sheen of moisture from the steam made his skin glow. He parted his full soft lips as if he were about to speak but remained silent, and she could hear the steady pulse of his slightly ragged breaths.

Swallowing past the dryness in her throat, she lifted her hand from his shoulder. “Give me your hand,” she said softly.

He slid up a bit in the tub, giving Lily a glance of his dragon, harder than it had been before. The plump lobes of the head were visible even through the depths of the water. With that wondrous gaze still on hers, he lifted his hand, surrendered to her hold.

Lily took his hand between hers, smoothed her fingertips gently over the callused skin of his palm, and then looked at it. Tenzin’s fingers were wide and strong, the hands of a man who worked hard, yet whose nails were perfectly clean and trimmed. A strange blend of contradictions, this man was. He appeared poor, but his worn clothing was clean and smelled of the spicy musk that he carried on his skin. Perhaps he’d simply cleaned himself up before presenting himself as a prize in the card game. That seemed the most logical answer.

She began to massage the palm of his hand, pressing gentle circles into the soft flesh below his thumb. Again, he sighed, the soft whoosh of breath almost a moan. His fingers curled slightly, and his hand grew more slack between hers. Lily couldn’t help the flush of pleasure she felt in seeing that he seemed to enjoy her ministrations so much.

My characters’ world

Like other authors, I’m one of those writers who likes to keep my stories in a consistent world. I thought about this when I look at the body of books I’ve written which is over 30 at this point. When I write one story, you can bet that it takes place in the same world as most of my other stories, regardless of which publisher has published any given book.

In other words, you could play six dregrees of separation and usually find connections just about anywhere. Perhaps that point isn’t organically interesting. After all, it’s just one writer’s world out of soooo many writers on the market, but for each individual person, his or her world is crafted with love. So much time goes into the characters and stories, working to get it just right, a story that one can feel proud of presenting to the world and which holds the keys to what makes that particular author tick. On that level, I feel, it’s fascinating.

For me, the biggest connection has been through my White Tigers series. Beginning with His Beautiful Samurai and Beautiful Samurai, White Tiger (Torquere Press), the world has expanded into the books which directly take place in the White Tiger hotel e.g. Men of Tokyo: Sudden Bliss and Men of Tokyo: Sudden Surrender et al), the place where John and Toshi go undercover is Beautiful Samurai, White Tiger.

However, most recently, that world has expanded into Boston with Acts of Passion. You wouldn’t even have to past two degress for the connection. Michael Di Santo was Toshi’s lover long ago in Berkley. There are no active scenes between the two men in any of the books, but they remember each other very strongly and their romantic relationship was the first significant one for each of them, leaving a long-lasting impression after their separation. And, although I don’t mention the other characters from completely unrelated books and they don’t appear in those books, the world is uniform. It wouldn’t take much for their paths to cross.

Just a little vision into this writer’s psyche. Thanks for reading! Sedonia

I’m on the radio!

Today, Wednesday, January 13 at 2 p.m. Pacific time/5 p.m. EST, Courtney Breazile of Total-E-Talk will interview me. She’s asked me a bunch of interesting questions and we had a great talk. I hope you’ll come and have a listen. If you’re not able to listen to the original broadcast, there will be a link so that you can listen later or download to I Pod.

Click here to listen. Thanks! Sedonia

Bragging time

I am so thrilled to share that Yin Yang has gotten a couple of very sweet reviews including a Recommended Read from Fallen Angel Reviews! Yay!
Ms. Guillone has written a poignant and loving story about the power of first love. I couldn’t stop crying over the heartache that Basho and Timothy endured and how they reacted when they first set eyes on each other again after all of those years. I was touched by Ryu, another man at the White Tiger, who was very understanding of everything that Basho endured and was determined to unite them when he realized who Timothy was. The way that Basho and Timothy held onto their memories of each other was very beautiful. Thanks go to Ms. Guillone for an inspiring story.

And Five Stars from Rainbow Reviews:

“Yin Yang” is the fourth book in Sedonia Guillone’s on going White Tiger series. While this novella is a fast read, it is also a very satisfying one. For fans of this series the characters will be familiar, as Basho and Timothy finally get their story told. Friends since early childhood the two are only separated after a violent attack. The author tells their tale of love, tragedy, and loss in such a way that the reader can not help but be drawn in. The author also brings back one of my favorite characters, Ryu, to help bring these two back together.

Thank you to both reviewers for such kind reviews.