New yummy projects

Now that Acts of Passion and Fallon’s Jewel have been turned in (still waiting, fingers crossed to hear back), my muse has blessed me with the creative energy to work on a couple of m/f/m menages, one of which is already in progress (title: She Belongs to Them All excerpt.

The other came to me this morning, title, characters, scenario and all. This is always a great thing because when such an inspiration occurs, I can basically sit down and write the story, beginning to end, in a way that just flows from my hands. One example of this is A Man for Michael which poured out of me not long after having watched Jet Li’s film, Unleashed.

Anyway, the title for this new one is Delicious Love Triangle and will be my first men/woman menage in which there’s sex between the guys too. For whatever reason, my stories haven’t had that and this one, by its nature includes that. Please be sure to check back in the next few days for blurb and teaser!

Also, coming this month, Yin Yang, part of my White Tigers series, is coming out both in AUDIO and single title e-book! Yay! I’m so excited. I can’t wait to “hear” the book. Releases will be announced as soon as they happen. Hugs, Sedonia


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