Great news!

I just heard from my editor at Ellora’s Cave this morning and they accepted Acts of Passion Yay! I’m so thrilled!

In case you’re not familiar with it, this is my latest m/m suspense story. Here’s the blurb and teaser again:

In an aprtment in Boston, a body is found, presumably having committed suicide in tradition Japanese hara kiri fashion. However, forensic evidence suggests it’s not suicide and Boston homicide detective Jack Cade suspects murder. He calls on the criminal profiler he’s always relied on but the doctor’s health is failing. The older man sends in his protege, a new arrival from California, a promising, brilliant criminal psychologst, Michael Di Santo. Cade is skeptical of the new guy. He seems so absent-minded and neurotic to be effective. But he is brilliant and hot and Jack finds himself falling, hard and fast both in lust and in love. The attraction is mutual, although Michael’s past demons haunt him, keeping him from getting too close. Together, they begin to unravel Michael’s emotional knots even as they close in on the killer, another brilliant wily person whose sights are now set on Michael…


Jack noted down the information, thanked Tyson and went downstairs. At the front entrance to the building, he noted a security camera trained on the glass door. Aside from that, there seemed to be no other security. The building only had twelve apartments in all. It was in a nice area on Boylston Street. Not cheap. Kent drove an expensive car according to the key ring Mallory had found in his pants pocket, and yet the furnishings in the place aside from the TV and stereo the neighbour said Kent used a lot of the time, were cheap and ugly.

He went down the front walk of the apartment building and turned to face it. The stone walk to the glass front doors was lined on either side by planter boxes full of purple and pink impatiens. Crime lab workers and patrol officers moved around on either side of the yellow crime tape, keeping the front of the building cordoned off until Jack gave the instructions to clear out and retain only the apartment as the crime scene.

Jack stepped aside to let someone go past him and bump! Smacked into something.

“Excuse me.” Or, rather, he’d bumped into someone.

Jack turned and saw who it was. A man adjusting the glasses Jack had just apparently knocked off his face. “You’re in a crime scene,” Jack said, just as the guy straightened his glasses and looked at him.

“Yes, I know.” The skin on his forehead crinkled. The almond-shaped brown eyes seemed to study him from behind his round lenses. He looked Asian and sort of…not Asian at the same time. Dark brown hair styled in a conventional way, parted on the side, short layers which reflected the light. Crumpled navy suit, diagonally-striped tie against a light blue dress shirt, as if his mother had dressed him for a spelling bee at school.

Jack blinked. He was taking absolutely too long to find out who this man was. Then light dawned, tipped off by the professorial look of the guy. Of course. “Dr. Di Santo.”

“Detective Cade?”

“That’s me. Hope I didn’t break your glasses.”

Di Santo touched them on each side as if to check. “No, they’re fine.”

Jack watched the man’s hands as he gingerly touched the frames. Nicely shaped fingers. Clean trimmed nails. “Sorry I bumped you that way.”

“No problem.” Di Santo cleared his throat. “I hope I can be of help to you.”

Jack started. “Yes.” He cleared his throat also. “This way.” He led Di Santo into the building and up to the apartment. “As I told you on the phone, I’m not so sure this was a suicide.” He let Di Santo precede him into the apartment and followed him, observing the way the slim man took in the surroundings in his way over to the victim.

For what seemed a long time, Di Santo wandered about then stood in the centre of the room, his gaze on the coffee table. His hand went into his jacket pocket, pulled something out which he popped into his mouth.

Jack watched him. Watched the man’s cheek bulge on the side while he sucked on whatever it was in his mouth, his gaze intent on the coffee table and victim. He then approached Jack and Jack heard the click of hard candy against the guy’s teeth. Very strange.

“You’re right, Detective Cade,” he said, still peering around him. “You observed well. This man probably didn’t kill himself.” Without waiting for a response, he turned and knelt by the body, now covered with a thin sheet.

Jack watched him. He saw the professor’s eyes widen, especially on the victim’s hands around the hilt of the knife. “What is it?” he asked Di Santo.

Di Santo seemed to ignore his question, staring at the knife. “Please open the robe, so I can see the wound,” he said to Murphy.

Murphy did as he asked and Di Santo gazed for what seemed five straight minutes at the vicious cross-shaped cut in the centre of the wound.

“Jumonji giri,” he said, nearly in a whisper.

“What?” Jack looked between the knife wound and Di Santo.

The hot-yet-nerdy man was still staring down, seeming to ignore him. The bulge in his cheek clicked several times against his teeth.

“Dr. Di Santo?”

Michael Di Santo looked at him, his eyes seemingly far away yet intent at the same time. “What kind of movies did this man watch?”

“What?” Jack felt a jolt of annoyance under his collar. “What does that have to do with anything?” Dr. Wittig had never worked like this. He’d had his quirks while doing his profiling work but he was at least…normal.

“I saw some DVDs on his shelves. He obviously spent a lot of time watching films, probably over and over again since he actually spent his money on purchasing them instead of renting from the library. What are they? I assure you it matters.”

Jack exhaled. If Wittig had recommended this guy to replace him, he’d at least humour him until he saw a reason to do otherwise. Rising, he went over to the shelves and looked at the titles. Tough guy action films, a few dippy romantic comedies, and heavy metal music concerts from the eighties made up the selection. Everything very ordinary. He went back and reported what he’d seen.

Thank You!

I just wanted to take a moment to thank all of you who visit my blog. I really appreciate it! Have a healthy happy holiday and I’ll post again very soon! Hugs, Sedonia

Delicious Love Triangle – sneak peek

As promised, here is the blurb and excerpt from my new m/f/m menage. Hope you like!

No sex between roommates! This is the rule that Hana and her two best friends, Hiko and Shinji live by. So, Hana decides, it’s not really breaking the rule to ask her two handsome buddies to pose in erotic positions for her while she sketches what she hopes to be the manlove graphic novel that will launch her career as a manga artist. After all, Hiko and Shinji are both straight. Even better, they’re both agreeable to the plan. It’s the perfect arrangement until…

Seeing Hiko and Shinji together arouses Hana to no end. How will she be able to control herself watching their naked bodies entwined, watching them engage in acts that are the stuff of her wildest fantasies? What’s more, bit by bit, the three of them are starting to break their most important rule.

Hiko and Shinji have both been in love with Hana for a long time and out of their love for her, they’ve respected her stupid rule about no sex. But when Hana asks them to pose for her, they see their perfect chance to do away with regulation and get the woman they love into a position of their own.

Content warning: Contains male/male sexual acts, voyeurism, exhibitionism and multiple partner sex.


Chapter One

Hana blinked as if smoke from a bomb were choking her. There was no smoke, no bomb. Only her boss, Toshiko, seated at her glass top desk in the boutique’s office, telling her that she’d just lost her treasured position as their in-house designer.
Time slowed down, funneling into a fierce lump in her chest. Her heart started pounding. This couldn’t be. She was doing a great job. Her designs were being worn all over Harajuku. Her Gothic Lolita and New Generation Punk designs were among some of the most popular on the streets.
Toshiko frowned. Her eyes looked genuinely sad. She sighed. “I’m so sorry, Hana-chan. If it were up to me, I’d keep you forever. You’re the best.” She shrugged. “But it’s the owner, Tanaka. His new wife. You know.” Toshiko’s look said what they both new. The girl’s designs were nowhere near as good, but Tanaka had to live with her. “I’m so sorry,” Toshiko said again. She tried a smile. “Of course, you’ll receive your commissions for the designs in the works right now.”
Hana nodded, her vision blurred.
“The good news,” Toshiko went on, “is you’re very young. You’re talented. There are a million boutiques in Harajuku alone, never mind Ginza, Shibuya…”
Toshiko’s voice droned on, blotted by Hana’s upset. Yes, she was young, but twenty-six wasn’t that young, considering the blood, sweat and tears she’d poured into this work for the last four years. She’d probably worked enough hours for a person twice her age at this point to get where she was.
“…and you have that wonderful boyfriend…oh, what’s his name? Hiko, yes. He’ll take care of you while you look for another position, I’m sure.”
Hana pasted on the smile she used for her parents where Hiko-kun was concerned. It would be impossible for anyone else to imagine that she and Hiko were anything but best friends because they all considered her pretty and Hiko was…well…hot. A carpenter with the strong build of someone who works hard, along with that rugged yet intelligent face of his, her friend had agreed to let her parents and the rest of the world believe he was her boyfriend so that she could live with him instead of being stuck in her parents’ home and so that they wouldn’t pester her about not meeting her future husband. No one but she and Hiko knew about the “no-sex”rule. Well, except for Shinji who also lived with him. The other best friend. Shinji was ultra-easy on the eyes as well and was a musician and chef on top of it. The “no-sex” rule kept everything clean and easy. “Yes,” she murmured finally, tears threatening in her eyes, “Hiko-kun will help me for sure.” So would Shinji-kun, but she didn’t advertise that there was a third roommate.
Toshiko was still smiling, working so hard to make her feel better. It wasn’t working. Perhaps after a good cry and a talk with her roommates she’d feel better. Hiko and Shinji had a talent for making her feel better when she was upset. But for now, all she wanted was to get out of there and to somewhere she could cry. With her hands clasped properly in front of her, she bowed to Toshiko, thanked her and gathered her portfolio and purse.
However, once out on the street, she didn’t head toward home, as she’d thought she would. Shinji and Hiko were both working and wouldn’t be home yet and she found that she didn’t want to be there right now without them. She’d felt that way since grade school when the three of them had first become friends back in high school and she felt that way now.
Aimlessly she walked down one colorful street to the other. The world of cafés, clothing stores and fashionably dressed young people passed by her, the world she’d thrived on since high school and which now represented only her failure. A young guy whizzed past her on a skateboard in a flash of red t-shirt and orange, spiked up hair. He passed so closely, the breeze from him caressed her face. Normally, she’d watch someone like that, examining his outfit for ideas, or seeing if he caught her eye as someone she’d keep in her imagination for her unfinished manlove graphic novels. Now, she barely gave him a glance and trudged on.
Her path took her meanderingly all the way to Yoyogi Park. The late afternoon sun slanted down over the stretches of green grass and the air resounded with laughter and the rolling grind of skateboard wheels on the pavement. Hana found an unoccupied bench and stared at the swirling figures, rolling and leaping. With a sigh, she checked her watch. Hiko and Shinji would both be getting home soon.
Her stomach tightened. No doubt, they’d be willing to help her, but she hated asking them to let her sponge until she found another position. Rising from the bench, she made her way to the nearest subway stop.
The ride home was equally as unexhilerating. She’d never realized before how much time she normally spent studying the people around her, fixing their outfits in her mind, designing for each person the style that would fit him or her better if they weren’t already perfectly done up. At other times, her eye roved, searching for the perfect male models to sketch for her manga. Either way, life was a creative feast.
Not today.
Hana got off at her stop. At their building, she took the lift to the top floor. Hiko-kun had remodeled the entire top floor of the warehouse building into a cool, large apartment for the three of them. He was great at building soji screens and had used them to make three separate bedrooms so they each had their own little space. The lift took whoever was riding it right into the apartment. Pulling back the lift door, the kitchen immediately came into view with its stainless steel cabinet doors, utility shelves and appliances.
Hana took two steps and froze. Shinji was there, his back to her, smoke rising from a sauté pan in which he was cooking something. Delicious smells of garlic wafted to her senses and for the first time since her bad news, she forgot how miserable she was feeling. But not because of the food.
Shinji was cooking naked. Wearing only his underwear.

New yummy projects

Now that Acts of Passion and Fallon’s Jewel have been turned in (still waiting, fingers crossed to hear back), my muse has blessed me with the creative energy to work on a couple of m/f/m menages, one of which is already in progress (title: She Belongs to Them All excerpt.

The other came to me this morning, title, characters, scenario and all. This is always a great thing because when such an inspiration occurs, I can basically sit down and write the story, beginning to end, in a way that just flows from my hands. One example of this is A Man for Michael which poured out of me not long after having watched Jet Li’s film, Unleashed.

Anyway, the title for this new one is Delicious Love Triangle and will be my first men/woman menage in which there’s sex between the guys too. For whatever reason, my stories haven’t had that and this one, by its nature includes that. Please be sure to check back in the next few days for blurb and teaser!

Also, coming this month, Yin Yang, part of my White Tigers series, is coming out both in AUDIO and single title e-book! Yay! I’m so excited. I can’t wait to “hear” the book. Releases will be announced as soon as they happen. Hugs, Sedonia