Another Recommended Read!

Please forgive my bragging and strutting, but it’s always so gratifying to get one of these! Here’s the review itself:

Boston cop Frank ‘Kaz’ Kazaminsky is in a strip club to meet his date Steve, only to discover that Steve has dumped him. Disappointment turns to desire when Kaz gets an eyeful of sexy stripper Damien, but Kaz is also concerned by the actions of one of Damien’s fans, Lance. Suspicious of Lance, Kaz follows him and prevents Lance from raping Damien.

Damien’s been through tough times before and he refuses to be a victim again. He’s attracted by Kaz’s protective nature and before long the two men become lovers. But then a call comes through to Kaz-Lance has been found dead outside the club. At first Kaz is worried that Lance’s death is related to the fight they’d had earlier, but then he learns that Lance was drugged a couple of hours before his death. But who would want to murder Lance and why? As Kaz works through the investigation, Damien becomes one of the suspects…

Barely Covered is the prequel to Barely Undercover, and I’ve got to say Sedonia Guillone made me fall in love with these guys all over again! She’s an expert at creating hot, very masculine men who can show their tender feelings in a believable and compelling way. I loved Damien’s uncertainty about reconciling his two sides-the stripper and the college student-and Kaz’s family background explains his need to protect people but also to protect himself. The detective story is just as exciting as the red-hot romance. Barely Covered is a tense, emotional and very romantic read, and I thoroughly recommend it.


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