Researching…men’s hairstyles? Yes!

I’ve just begun writing a new m/m suspense, murder mystery as part of a collaboration with wonderful erotic romance author Carol Lynne. Yay! I’m really excited about this project. Stay tune of course for a blurb and sneak peek of my story.

The only hint I’ll give for now is this: for those of you who’ve read His Beautiful Samurai, you may remember that the hero Toshi, refers sometimes to his first lover back in college, a young teaching assistant in the psychology department, Michael. Well, in this current piece, Michael is one of the heroes. It’s time for him to have someone special and to have some attention.

Okay, so you’re wondering, where does the hairstyle part come in? Today while I was working on the description of both heroes, Michael and Jack, I said to myself, I need to really see pictures of different men’s hairstyles so I can describe them vividly and really bring the two heroes to life. Well, I found this amazingly cool website, that has just about every conceivable men’s style and lots of pictures of adorable men to go with it. I’ve had a ball just looking at each of the styles and the pics that go with them and found the perfect hairstyles for both heroes in the story. Sometimes research can be a lot of fun!


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