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Something happened over the last couple of weeks that has got me writing m/f again. It’s just one of those things that happens on the inside, a clock or something that says now it’s time to do this, etc. NOT that I won’t write anymore m/m. I have several on the writing queue over the months to come, but right now I’m working on an m/m/f/m menage that takes place in the same sci-fi world as Fallon’s Jewel. The title? Here it is: She Belongs to them All. I love it, courtesy of my boyfriend. Blurb and excerpt to come in the days that follow.

The lineup of things to come:

October: Touching Forever, Total-E-Bound
Men of Tokyo: Sudden Heat PRINT, Total-E-Bound
December: Yin Yang single title e-book, Total-E-Bound
????? Fantasy Thief, Red Sage

In progress:

She Belongs to them All m/m/f/m
Thai’ing the Knot m/m
Hidden Love m/m (in a joint project with Carol Lynne)
Blind Passion m/m; historical
Plus a couple of others that are in the idea stage.

Now, the man in the picture? One of my favorite actors, Robson Green. We’ve been watching his crime drama series Wire in the Blood in which he plays psychiatrist Dr. Tony Hill, a criminal psychology lecturer who’s a genius profiler and helps the police in the fictional town of Bradfield catch one psychotic killer after the next. I like his looks, kind of a strange-looking yet sexy guy who’s a wonderful actor. I enjoy everything I’ve seen him in and this series, though rough as hell, is fascinating and has inspired some romantic suspense stories, both m/f and m/m, which I intend to start writing when I get a couple of these other projects out of the way.


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