Great reviews!

Five cups from Coffeetime Romance:
Sedonia Guillone once again showcases her amazing talent with Barely Covered. Damian is a wonderfully developed character that Sedonia makes all too human to the reader and clearly shows that being a stripper is more than the sum of their job. The investigation into the would be rapist and ultimate victim is conducted wonderfully and it is so very hot that Kaz puts his career on the line for the stripper he only spent one night with. Frank is a hero truly worthy of praise. Barely Covered should be savored; it is as delicious as the finest wine.

Flying Fish is the first book by Sedonia Guillone that I’ve read and I’m glad that I took a chance on an author that is new to me. Successfully packing a lot of emotion and story in a small space, FF is a gentle romance that is unusual in its setting; I’ve not read any stories set in Japan, much less feudal Japan of several centuries ago. I am certainly no expert in Japanese culture, so I cannot speak to the authenticity or accuracy of the book, but it worked for me, and the little bit I looked into further as I read seems correct. I found the story to be well-written and -paced with three-dimensional characters.


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