Five Kisses for Barely Covered – yay!

Kaz is a Boston Police Detective. He is in a gay stripper bar waiting for his date. When the dates calls and breaks up with him he is about to leave. That is when he sees Damien, a stripper and the stuff of Kaz’s dreams. Kaz cannot take his eyes off his breath taking beauty. Later, when he sees the same man being harassed in the back alley of the club, he rescues him. He takes Damien back to his home and stays, not wanting him to be alone after such a trauma. Damien has never had the basic human kindness that Kaz offers. People have always wanted something from him. To have Kaz helping him for no reason makes Damien fall hard and fast for the gorgeous detective. The more they both get to know each other the more in love they become. When Damien’s torrid past comes back to haunt him can Kaz save Damien and the future they both crave?

Sedonia Guillone brings back her lovers Damien and Kaz in the prequel Barely Covered. I loved these two and was really happy to read how they met. I already know from reading Barely Undercover that they have been together for 15 years but to see how it all started out is really beautiful. Kaz is a tough Boston detective who is so kind and giving he has a innocence to him that is refreshing for Damien. Damien has seen the seedier side of life. He is not used to the basic human kindnesses that come so naturally to a protector like Kaz. I loved how just being nice to Damien brought out the sunshine inside him.

If you are a fan of these two lovers this is a must read. If you have not met them before this is a great introduction into the sexy steamy world they both live in.


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