Computer woes and other bits

Damn these freakin’ viruses and trojans and DNS hijacks! I had a nasty one in the computer earlier this month and it cost me 100 USD to get it cleaned out. Two weeks later, another one has come in and now it’s blocking the virus software from scanning the C and D drives of my computer. I just didn’t have another hundred to blow on it but thank goodness my brother-in-law is a computer tech person and he has agreed to clean it out for me tomorrow. I really am going to need to learn more about secure and insecure websites, etc. to eliminate the chances of getting this damned thing again. Nasty! I also downgraded back to Internet Explorer 7 from 8 because the problems began right after I upgraded. What was the point?

In other news, though, I’m nearing the finish of working Flying Fish. I’m pretty happy with it overall and hope it works out. Feudal Japan has got to be one of the most challenging genres to write in! But I felt after 30 episodes of Furin Kazan plus my detailed book on the Samurai, research on Kabuki including watching a video of a performace online, and all the other research I’ve done, I felt informed enough to tackle it. lol. In my perception, Genji has touches of Albin from La Cage Aux Folles.


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