Eek a snake!

I swear the place we live in in Georgia is on legs! I capture and release at least three to four spiders per day from inside the house or on the porch (one was a black widow) as well as the occasional millipede.

The topper was last weekend though. I’d gone outside just for a few minutes to spray some bleach on the terrace (we’re practically in a swamp and everything gets moldy). I went back onto the porch, started to push my feet back into my slippers and eek! A tiny snake wriggled out of my right slipper. Now, I was only off the porch for three minutes and had just been wearing the slippers, so you see how fast these things can happen. I don’t mind snakes at all, HOWEVER, this little guy was something poisonous with its diamond shaped head and venom sacs. I think I got lucky he didn’t bite. He was terrified and might have done that to defend himself. I escaped a near miss…Which means I live on to write some more naughty tales. For the moment.


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One thought on “Eek a snake!

  1. Hey Sedonia,

    Whereabouts in GA are you? North, South, East or West? Curious, as I’m on the Ga/SC border….
    Shoot me a line, if you get a chance. I’m always curious to meet fellow romance writers close to home…

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