Turning 40 among other things

Yes, tomorrow the 26th, I turn 40 and Jet Li too, turns another year older. I love having the same birthday as such a cool and talented person! I’m very grateful that at this milestone birthday, my life, both inner and outer, is what I’d envisioned it to be when I was younger. However, when I was younger, I didn’t have hope that I could have my life be as I’d wanted it to. I can only give the credit where its due, to the man in my life whose inspired me, helped me feel the confidence to write and given me the support necessary to accomplish my goals. He also taught me to meditate, without which, I’d never be able to concentrate in the way necessary to write, for writing a book takes so much discipline once the inspiration has bubbled up.

In that vein, I finished writing Flying Fish yesterday and I think it turned out pretty well. My critique partner Ruth, is looking at it right now and then I’ll go through it again and send it to my editor. Yes, it’s found a home at Loose Id. Yay! And will come out this summer, I believe, but I’ll keep you posted as far as release dates. I can’t wait to see the cover for this one!

I did not get to attend Romantic Times convention this year even though it’s in Orlando, just a few hours’ drive from me. However, I did get to speak to Claire from Total-E-Bound, on the phone. She’s absolutely lovely and intelligent. Unfortuantely, at the same time, I’d just come from having lunch with my mother and she’d given me birthday checks the envelope of which I’d dropped in the parking lot of the restaurant and driven over. I discovered the envelope was missing while speaking with Claire. After we hung up, because she had to get back to the events and I had to search for my envelope, I went back to the restaurant and found it, tire treadmarks and all right in my parking space. Shew! What a relief. lol

All that said, my other big news is that next week I need to get two crowns put on two cracked molars because I can no longer chew on that side without bad pain. This is a bummer but fortunately, correctible. Yes, life is busy but at least tomorrow I spend my birthday with friends and cake. :grin:

Computer woes and other bits

Damn these freakin’ viruses and trojans and DNS hijacks! I had a nasty one in the computer earlier this month and it cost me 100 USD to get it cleaned out. Two weeks later, another one has come in and now it’s blocking the virus software from scanning the C and D drives of my computer. I just didn’t have another hundred to blow on it but thank goodness my brother-in-law is a computer tech person and he has agreed to clean it out for me tomorrow. I really am going to need to learn more about secure and insecure websites, etc. to eliminate the chances of getting this damned thing again. Nasty! I also downgraded back to Internet Explorer 7 from 8 because the problems began right after I upgraded. What was the point?

In other news, though, I’m nearing the finish of working Flying Fish. I’m pretty happy with it overall and hope it works out. Feudal Japan has got to be one of the most challenging genres to write in! But I felt after 30 episodes of Furin Kazan plus my detailed book on the Samurai, research on Kabuki including watching a video of a performace online, and all the other research I’ve done, I felt informed enough to tackle it. lol. In my perception, Genji has touches of Albin from La Cage Aux Folles.

Eek a snake!

I swear the place we live in in Georgia is on legs! I capture and release at least three to four spiders per day from inside the house or on the porch (one was a black widow) as well as the occasional millipede.

The topper was last weekend though. I’d gone outside just for a few minutes to spray some bleach on the terrace (we’re practically in a swamp and everything gets moldy). I went back onto the porch, started to push my feet back into my slippers and eek! A tiny snake wriggled out of my right slipper. Now, I was only off the porch for three minutes and had just been wearing the slippers, so you see how fast these things can happen. I don’t mind snakes at all, HOWEVER, this little guy was something poisonous with its diamond shaped head and venom sacs. I think I got lucky he didn’t bite. He was terrified and might have done that to defend himself. I escaped a near miss…Which means I live on to write some more naughty tales. For the moment.