Funny and cool incident with a book

Finally after a long while, I have a chance to update here. I’ve been so busy with one thing after the next that I’ve not had time to write anything more extensive than a grocery list for the past ten days or so! I hope to get back to it soon even though life seems to have other plans for me at the moment. lol.

Anyway, today I was in the waiting room of the doctor’s office (my boyfriend had to have a catscan on his ribs due to a falling off a ladder incident a couple of days ago – he’s actually really okay, just checking to make sure) and a woman was there, waiting for her husband. She was chatting with me and Mitch and he told her what I do (Mitch is so sweet – he brags to everyone about my writing) and I just happened to have one of my books with me (the one pictured above) because as some of you might know, I’m narcissistic that way and love to read my own books. So I said, “this is one of my books.” I figured she’d take a look and probably be turned off by it since not everyone is into M/M erotic romance.

Well, after a couple of minutes she turned to me and said, “Can I buy this from you?” That was completely unexpected! So, she bought the book from me right there in the doctor’s office (it was one of the ones that is supposed to be sold anyway) and I signed it for her. She stuck it in her bag and said, “I’m not going to show this to my husband.” I hope she enjoys it! In any case, it was a nice thing in the midst of a trying and verrrry long day!


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