Getting better

My cold is finally almost gone. It seems to have taken up residence in my chest, right behind my sternum and at about 8 p.m. every night, I start hacking away until I’ve sucked on enough cough drops to calm it down and let me sleep. Finally though, I’m almost up to my regular energy level (which isn’t abundant to begin with. I’m a bit cow-like in my movements, maybe because I’m a Taurus?) and able to get some things done I couldn’t while bogged down and feeling like complete crap.

One of those things is edits for Men of Tokyo: Sudden Heat. I’m currently on page 139 of 209 pages and planning hopefully to finish it and send it back to the editor by this evening. Other than that, I have to go grocery shopping and pick up my cat’s thyroid medicine. Her thyroid is hyperactive so if she isn’t properly medicated, the poor kitty gets painfully thin and can’t keep any food down.

Other than that, still resting some and making progress in watching Fuurin Kazan. This show is fabulous and I highly recommend it.


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