I don’t have much to say today. I’ve had a cold since last week and even though it’s not been one of those horrible nasty colds where I feel like utter crap for weeks, I’m tired enough not to have the energy to work.

I’m so close to finishing Barely Covered but the two scenes I have left to write require a certain kind of energy I just don’t have. I COULD sit and edit if I needed to, something that’s already been written and doesn’t require the same kind of creative force. I’m waiting on edits for Men of Tokyo: Sudden Heat but I haven’t received them yet. The law of averages, or Murphy’s Law (one of those) would dictate that while I’m sitting around with not much to do, the edits won’t come in. As soon as I’m better and have a million things to do, the edits will be in my inbox. I speak from experience.

However, in spite of that, I must admit that things have a way of working out. While waiting for these edits, I’ve hit upon some important character developement that would not have been added had I gone through edits sooner. It’s just that I have too much time to worry about it. Feeling under the weather combined with the horrible drugs that are put in cough syrup are affecting my thinking process and making me feel depressed in a way that I usually don’t. I should probably heed my boyfriend’s advice and just stick to the hot water, lemon and honey. It works almost as well without the disturbing side effects.

Well, I guess I had more to say than I thought I did.


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