Hot new cover!! (And other things)

I’m really excited about this latest cover by Lyn Taylor! She did an incredible job! The guy in the forefront couldn’t be more how I envisioned Quan Chan. I also love that his skin is wet in this photo. Very hot!! I hope you like it too.

I haven’t been posting much lately only because I’ve been so busy, first, writing Barely Covered. I’m almost to 25k and busy writing. Also I made my first book trailer, having stumbled across the video making software in my computer. The trailer is for the White Tigers series, complete with all book covers, music by Gackt (“Love Song”) and rolling credits at the end. I wanted to share it here on my blog but I haven’t yet figured out how to embed the file into the text. It seems Word Press has updated their format and in my humble opinion, have made it more difficult to add media to the blog. In any case, I have plans to upload the trailer to Youtube and to make another attempt to post it here. I’m excited about it and want to share it even though it’s probably very amateurish-looking. lol


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One thought on “Hot new cover!! (And other things)

  1. That’s a nice cover, Sedonia. Congrats. I’ll look forward to seeing your book trailer when you figure out how to show us it. I hate it when blog sites make things difficult.

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