My author moment!

It finally happened, the moment I’d been hoping for. I was in Barnes and Noble yesterday and went to the romance section to see if it was finally there on the shelves. All I saw was volume 26. I was so disappointed, sure that they’d skipped over vol. 25 completely. It wasn’t fair! I went through the entire romance section searching, but no Secrets, vol. 25.

I went back to the new romance section and stared at the two rows of vol. 26. An impulse seized me and I lifted away some of teh 26s and there they were! Secrets, vol. 25: Wicked Delights! Five copies! Oh my gosh, well you can imagine I was practically happy dancing right there in the store, immediately whipped out my Blackberry and started taking pictures of it on the shelf and calling people to gush with my exciting news.

Then, to make it even better, a woman approached the romance section and was looking at the shelves. When she realized what I was talking about on the phone, she turned to me and asked, “Which one is yours?” I pointed excitedly to said book and answered, “That’s me!” She picked it up, looked through it and said, “I’ll just have to buy it.” I was tickled completely at this point and offered to sign it for her. She accepted. Then I said, “maybe you should buy it first and then I’ll sign it.” What if she changed her mind? I couldn’t just go signing a book right off the shelf. But she said, “No, sign first and then I’ll buy it.” We were both tickled. It was my first book signing in a store and I was the first author she’d ever had sign a book.


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