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I stumbled across a review for this antho on a site called Erotic Horizons. It’s always niuce to stumble onto favourable reviews. I’ve happened to come across some real vicious ones at times. Thankfully, those have been in the minority! Anyway, this was what the reviewer had to say:

Fifteen years earlier Tim and Basho, the most unlikely of boys, were in the first phase of a romance that had so much potential. Basho is killed and Tim is left with not only heartache and ‘what ifs’, but also a sense of unfinished business. He decides to close that chapter of his life and goes to Tokyo to visit Basho’s grave. Staying at the White Tiger hotel Tim not only learns more about himself and the boy he was in love with but also gets the surprise of his life.
A short story involving two gentle souls that have lost so much, but gain a whole world of experience from all the trauma and upheaval they have gone through their entire life. Both are quiet men, who have known and accepted that the other is their one true and life long love. YIN YANG is Sedonia Guillone at her best….All in all FABULOUS BRIT is a fun Anthology by six great authors. The stories are short enough to keep you on the go and contain enough depth for you to see the best of the respective authors. A read everyone will enjoy.

Just finished edits for this one a few minutes ago and sent them off to my editor. That’s always a nice feeling. Edits get me stressed because there’s a deadline. This book was cut especially close since the release date is January 5, 2009. Yay!

And, as far as M/M books go, I’ve been reading a wonderful murder mystery, Death Trick by Richard Stevenson. (Recommended to me by my dad of all people.) It’s a series with a gay private investigator in Albany New York who solves murders. There is sex in the books and they’re incredibly written, fun as hell to read with great, vivid characters. Unfortnately, however, they were written in the seventies, pre-AIDS era and so I’m reading the stories, thinking, these poor men, they don’t know what’s about to happen in a few years! I lived through that period with my father’s friends. It was heart-wrenching. Nearly every day we’d have another friend who was dying. In fact, Danny’s Dragon is dedicated in part to one of my dear friends, Logan, who was one of the victims. I’m sorry to mix a recommendation of a good read in with such sad memories, but in my life, they were inextricably linked.


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