This and that…

Hmm, seems like these little slumps come more frequently, periods in which I’m not able to write. I can’t help but think that it’s due in part to the fact I’ve been writing longer novels and digging deeper so that the energy required is greater, leaving me more drained. I mean, Sudden Heat is over 80k which is the equivalent of a 320-page novel. That definitely takes a great deal of energy! Plus, if I consider the releases I have coming up, it makes me realize that maybe I’ve just been working hard and that my muse demands a break now and then, lol.

This is what’s happening in my publishing world:

December 1 ’08 “Enter the Hero” in Red Sage Secrets, vol 25
December 12 ’08 A Werewolf for Christmas – Ellora’s Cave

January 5, ’09 – Danny’s Dragon – Total-E-Bound
January 28, ’08 Between Two Captains – Ellora’s Cave
March 31, ’09 – Men of Tokyo: Sudden Heat – Total-E-Bound

April 4, ’09 – Kiss of the Werewolves – Ellora’s Caveimg

In the meantime, my boyfriend has turned me onto an incredible writer, Howard Fast, perhaps best known for his novel Spartacus which was made into a film in 1960 with Kirk Douglas.

Okay, aside from the fact that Kirk Douglas looked damned good playing his role as the slave-turned gladiator-turned leader of a large-scale slave revolt in Rome, this novel is UNBELIEVABLE! It’s really a shame it never won any major literature awards because this man could really write! It’s the third novel I’m reading of his right now and all I can say is I’ve rarely read a writer who can so deeply capture the deepest essence of human beings with simple, beautiful language, evocative and riveting.


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