Finished just in time…

No sooner had I finished writing Men of Tokyo: Sudden Heat than the edits for Kiss of the Werewolves came into my mailbox the very next morning! So, I’m in edit land for a few days. Nothing much I can say about that except for when I’m working on edits, I always feel pressed even though it’s not like I’m being put on a deadline.

After I turn that in, however, I do plan to work on Fantasy Thief. However, I’ll prbably end up getting more edits for Danny’s Dragon and then, I just want to work on the prequel to Barely Undercover that I started penning a couple of months ago, Barely Covered. .
First of all, I love Damien and Kaz and wanted to spend more time with them. They have a great rapport, sweet and humorous in addition to the fact that the events which brought them together are, in my humble opinion, worth another story. Basically, the premise is that Kaz first sees Damien up on stage, doing his strip tease and falls in love with the sight of him. Unfortunately for Damien, there’s a big drunk galoot in the audience who takes a shine to Damien and tries to get close to him in a very bad way. Kaz comes to the rescue and Damien, whose been afraid to get close to anyone because of hurts in his past, has found someone he feels safe enough to let go with and give a private performance to. The only problem is that Kaz is hard to pin down. He’s in love, but not so sure that a romance with a guy will fit with his up and coming career as a detective. Will he have to choose or can he have both? The choice is his alone and we can only hope he’ll do the right thing.


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